5 Surprising Omelet Fillings That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Like chili...or mashed potatoes

Sure, peppers and mushrooms are the obvious choice, but these next-level omelet fillings will totally change your brunch (or brinner) game. Another way to transform your favorite egg dish? Try making it in a waffle iron (yes, really).

7 Dinners You Can Make This Week with a Dozen Eggs

Chili Cheese Omelet

Our new favorite comfort food.

Scallions And Soy Sauce Japanese Omelet

Simple, salty and best served on a rectangle-shaped serving platter.

Pesto And Roasted Tomato Omelet

Tastes like summer. Yay!

Hash Brown Omelet

Who needs a side of taters when you can put your spuds right inside?