7 Dinners You Can Make This Week with a Dozen Eggs

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Half Baked Harvest

Eggs for dinner usually means you didn’t have time to get to the grocery store. But no one said it couldn’t mean a delicious meal…or seven. So if you’ve got a crate of eggs in the fridge and a healthy appetite, you can easily crack through that dozen. Oh, and guess what? We recently read it’s actually totally OK to eat two eggs every day. Eggcellent news.


Rotisserie Chicken Ramen

A few key shortcuts mean you’ll be slurping up noodles in under an hour.


Bacon-Wrapped Eggs

Now you could run through more than half your eggs with this recipe alone, or you could make a single serving. Decisions, decisions.


Baked Eggs and Zoodles with Avocado

Ready in just 25 minutes. 


Turkish Fried Eggs in Herbed Yogurt

You had us at naan. And then again at spicy coconut butter.


One-Pan Eggs with Asparagus and Tomatoes

Not your average breakfast-for-dinner.


Green Shakshuka

Sure, this is delicious. But we have to admit: We’re in it because we only need one skillet.


Eggs Baked in Tomatoes

We’re pretty sure you have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.


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