Every Kind of Egg Order Finally Explained

Be honest: You have no idea what "over medium" actually means

“How do you like your eggs?” It’s the question asked by brunch servers (and lovers) the whole world over. But every time you hear it, you freeze.

Never fear, here are 11 different ways to answer that question, so you can feel like a total eggs-pert. (Come on, we had to.)

14 Delicious Ways to Use Up Leftover Egg Yolks

plate of scrambled eggs with toast
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We’ll start easy. This is when egg whites and yolks are whisked together to create soft and fluffy goodness, best served with a dash of salt and pepper and a side of toast.

plate of hard boiled eggs
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These guys are cooked with the shell on for 9 to 12 minutes until the whites and yolk solidify.


It’s the same as hard-boiled, except you only cook the egg for only five to seven minutes so that the whites are solid, but the yolk stays drippy. (Bread dipping required.)

Sunny-side Up

This un-flipped egg is delicious and Pinterest-worthy. What to expect: Whites that are cooked all the way through, but a yolk that stays runny and shiny and bright.

over easy fried egg on toast
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Over Easy

The big difference here is that the egg gets flipped, but only for a few seconds--long enough to set the whites but keep the yolk runny.

Over Medium

More flipping--for a solid two minutes--resulting in whites that are cooked and a yolk that’s creamy but not runny.

Lucy's English

Over Hard

And…even more flipping, this time until the yolk is fully cooked and basically the consistency of a hard-boiled egg.


Meet the star of your eggs Benedict. Here, the egg gets tossed in boiling water for three to five minutes, resulting in a lovely, little egg blob that typically sits atop your toast and runs yolky when you pierce it with a fork.


As the name suggests, these guys get cooked in the oven (typically with extra ingredients like avocado and tomato sauce) and come out runny and piping hot--ready to be swirled around on your plate and consumed pronto.


OK, fine. You know what an omelet is.

Low And Slow

Basically scrambled eggs, except you cook them on the stovetop on low heat for 20 to 30 minutes. The result? A cheese-like texture that pairs perfectly with asparagus…or bacon.

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