Bet You Haven't Tried This Hard-Boiled Egg Trick

To keep your shells from cracking


The hard-boiled egg is pretty much the O.G. of the grab-and-go-breakfast category. If only it weren’t a super-delicate process trying to prevent the shell from cracking just as it’s about to boil. You could bake them in the oven. (Really.) Or you could try this fail-safe trick that will take you all of ten seconds.

What you need: Lemon juice and a pastry brush (or paper towel)

What you do: Brush the lemon juice all over the eggshell before you pop the egg into the pot of cold water on the stove. Then proceed as usual boiling your egg for your preferred amount of time.

Why this works: The acidity of the lemon juice helps keep the shells intact as the eggs cook. Bonus--it also makes them easier to peel when you’re ready to eat.

Breakfast on the go is served!