In theory, you want to be the cool girl who likes dry martinis and dark craft beers. But in practice, you kinda always want to order something pink and fruity and covered in cocktail know, girly drinks. (The flirtinis at cousin Tiffany’s bachelorette party? Delicious!)

Here, seven secretly girly drink orders that’ll make you look remarkably sophisticated--no silly umbrellas in sight.


Instead of a Cosmo, go for a Sidecar

Keep the triple sec but switch out the vodka and cran for cognac and lemon, which makes for a drink that's a little less cloyingly sweet and a little more citrusy and adult. Bonus points for knowing that a sidecar is also bar lingo for leftover liquor that gets poured into shot glasses.


Instead of an Appletini, go for a hard cider

All the apple flavor without the cheek-biting tang of the 'tini. Plus, it looks like a beer if you get the bartender to put it in a pint glass.


Instead of a margarita, go for a Salty Dog

You can still sip from a salted rim, but this gin-and-grapefruit combination is healthier and less Cancun-y than its tequila counterpart. (Order it straight up. “On the rocks” is for sorority girls.)

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Instead of a vodka soda, try a Moscow Mule

A vodka soda basically screams, “Hi, I’m on a diet.” A Moscow Mule, made with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, is still pretty low-cal but a lot more flavorful and sophisticated. (And the copper mug goes well with your wine-red mani.)


Instead of a strawberry mojito, try a whiskey smash

Mint leaves, lemon and whiskey come together for a refreshing change of taste--which can also be made with gin or vodka if whiskey is too much for you.


Instead of a mimosa, try a French 75

While there’s nothing inherently embarrassing about a mimosa, a French 75, made with gin, Champagne, lemon juice and simple syrup, will make you seem leagues more adult. Also, it’s delicious.


Instead of a vodka cran, go for a Cape Cod

OK, it’s technically the same thing. But it sounds less embarrassing to say. And hell, if you want cranberry juice, drink cranberry juice.

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