Janties, towelkinis and Crocs: The weird fashion trend world knows know bounds.

Add to the list: upside-down sunglasses.

These Sunglasses Can Be Worn Upside-Down and...WHY?!
Opening Ceremony

For whatever reason, Mykita and Martina Rose debuted this pair of "reversible" sunglasses that can be worn regularly (which results in a perfectly fine pair of cat-eye rims) or upside-down (which results in a sort of circular pointed shape that is not only aesthetically displeasing but also off-putting). 

The Mykita x Martine Rose SOS sunglasses retail for $550 on Opening Ceremony...which we guess is rationalized by the fact that you're *technically* getting two pairs of shades.

The "two-way" style boasts "patented spring hinges" that help the sides of the sunglasses, called the "temples," adjust so they can be worn both ways without sliding off your face.

While we could only see the benefit to those who easily tire of styles so quickly that they need to switch up their sunglasses look on a moment's notice, we do appreciate the fact that putting on a pair of glasses has never been easier when you don't even need to choose which way they should go.

The biggest question we have: Will people think you look drunk because they think you put your sunglasses on upside down? That's a risk we're not willing to take...

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