Tiffany’s Just Opened a Temporary Flagship Store, and You Need to See Inside

tiffanys flagship nextdoor
Courtesy of Tiffany & Co

Calling all Audrey Hepburn and fine-jewelry aficionados! Tiffany's has just opened their newest NYC pop-up shop: Tiffany Flagship Next Door. After its 10-story flagship store closed its Fifth Ave doors last spring for renovations, the brand has relocated its primary brick-and-mortar experience over to a temporary location until 2021.

But this is no ordinary temporary store. The pop-up flagship shop, located on 6 East 57th Street, is basically a four-story sneak peek at what's to come after the two year reno project. First having opened its doors in December 2019, this new temporary location seems like Breakfast at Tiffany's hopped in a time machine and headed straight towards the future (2020 Audrey says hello). For starters, it'll be hard to miss Tiffany's modern in-store visuals. Each time you step off the elevator, you'll feel as if a different edition of a Tiffany's catalogue exploded on to the store's shelves, fixtures and floor-to-ceiling digital walls. The visual variety changing from floor to floor will have you asking "Wait, is this actually a Tiffany's Museum?" One thing is for sure: They know what they're doing when it comes to branding.

tiffany flagship nextdoor square
Courtesy of Tiffany & Co

Since two years can seem like a long time to wait, Tiffany & Co. plans to launch designer collaborations which will be showcased in its store via a floor-to-ceiling glass atrium. Although the design partnerships haven't been officially released yet, the promising selection of glitzy yet timeless pieces, ranging from everything from engagement rings to houseware, is enough to pique our interest. The shop even features private shopping rooms and a VIP salon if you're planning on turning your visit into a more special occasion.

And just when you thought the pop-up couldn't get any better, you realize that there's even a floor dedicated for the fellas! A trip to the second floor of this condensed store reveals the recently launched men's collection, which means your boo has no excuse to stay home. Pro tip: Take him to gaze over the men's selection, then subtly drop those Valentine's Day gift hints.

You know what they say, absence can make the heart grow fonder. And while we're patiently waiting on the return of our beloved Fifth Ave flagship, the Tiffany Next Door offers just enough to keep us satisfied.