Ditch the Razors: This $12 Tool Is the Absolute Best for De-Pilling Sweaters

It’s a hack your mom taught you way back when to extend the life of your sweaters, which—mid-winter season—are covered in pills and looking a little worse for wear: Use a razor. But, these are modern times, ladies. That’s why we were thrilled to discover this tool: the Conair Fabric Defuzzer ($12).

What you do: Simply pop in a couple of AA batteries and run the device gently over your sweater’s sleeves, armpits, sides—basically, anywhere that’s subject to pilling.

Why it works better than a razor: Not only does it have a three-setting depth control that you can customize for a better fabric “shave”; it’s the speediest and most efficient way to remove fuzz, lint and pilling fast.

Love your new sweater! What, this old thing?

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