The No. 1 Rule for Wearing Combat Boots With Dresses

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If we had to select the trendiest footwear choice for fall and winter 2020, we wouldn’t hesitate even a single second before nominating combat boots. The ‘90s throwback is literally everywhere this season and—despite the time it takes to lace them up—they’re unbelievably easy to wear. Obviously, you can toss them under your straight or skinny jeans, but what exactly is the best way to rock combat boots with a dress (or even a skirt)?

Well, you’ve got to find a dress that’s not too long and not too short. The goldilocks length of a dress should be a midi that ends approximately two to three inches above the top of your boots. Why’s that the magic number? Because showing off a sliver of skin between the two will add a few inches of height while offering a flattering peek at your gams. It helps balance out the clunky nature of lug-soled boots, which is sometimes needed if you’re rocking them with a floaty, feminine frock.

If your dress goes any lower than the top of the boot, all that excess fabric will weigh down your bottom half—not to mention, it has the tendency to appear sloppy. And while you can, of course, try combat boots with a mini dress, you’ll find that the duo will make your legs look shorter and rounder. So, if you’re going for the tall, lithe look this fall, you’ve got to nail your proportions.

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