7 Workwear Trends I've Been Seeing Everywhere in NYC This Summer

Here’s what locals are wearing to the office

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nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing a pale green vest and white pants.
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Dressing for the workplace can be tricky, especially during warmer temps. Many office dress codes can be restrictive, and while PureWow editors and folks in similar creative fields have a bit more leeway, dressing for this heat (and the office’s blasting AC) is still proving to be a challenge. As an avid people watcher and trend-spotter, I’ve been paying close attention to what the women of NYC are wearing to the office this season—whether it be on the train commute in the early morning or during the lunch rush. From all things linen to Chanel-inspired tweed jackets, here are seven summer workwear trends you can easily sport before the season ends.

The Shoes Every Woman in NYC Is Wearing This Summer

nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing a white textured blouse and matching pants.
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1. Matching Sets

Matching sets are one of my favorite fashion hacks. They take the guesswork out of picking a full outfit and sometimes that’s just what I need early in the morning instead of spending 30 minutes standing in front of my closet hoping it spits out an outfit combo for me. While some sets can give off upscale PJs, adding your fave accessories and a chic work tote will, for sure, spruce it up.

nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing a beige vest and matching trousers.
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2. Vests

Vests are one of the top fashion trends taking over this year and not only in the workplace. They’re extremely versatile, can styled with any pair of bottoms and still look fabulous. You can go the Parisian route and style them with a trusty pair of jeans or the tailored route and pair them with sleek trousers. Either way, you’ll still be the star of the break room.

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nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing a black matching set with bright red mesh flats.
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3. Mesh Flats

Ballet flats are back in style and now there’s a lot more to choose from than the typical pair you wore in middle school. Mesh flats are the latest shoe craze sweeping through NYC boroughs. I have yet to try a pair myself, but I imagine local fashionistas love them because they provide the freeing comfort of a sandal without being considered open-toed.

nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing brown trouser shorts, a white tee, and a cream blazer.
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4. Trouser Shorts

I’m all for tailored trousers in the workplace, but in this weather, wearing full-on pantaloons feels more like a chore rather than a cool business casual fashion choice. Enter trouser shorts, which provide the polished look of trousers without all the extra fabric. One of my favorite ways I’ve seen them styled was with a crisp white tee and a cardigan tied around the shoulders, leaning more into the Tenniscore or country club vibe.

nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing linen pants, a white tee, and a white button down.
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5. All Things Linen

It’s no secret that linen is a true summer mainstay and I can’t sing its praises enough (seriously, ask anyone). City streets are filled with any and everyone rocking a slightly wrinkled linen piece—tops, dresses, shorts, you name it. But if we’re talking office fashion, you can't go wrong with a pair of linen trousers (or trouser shorts). I love the way they’re styled above with a sharp white button-down and solid accessories to tie it all together. *Chef’s kiss*

nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing jeans, a white tee and a navy tweed jacket.
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6. Runway-Ready Cropped Tweed Jackets

Now, imagine my surprise, walking down the city streets in 95-degree weather and seeing poised businesswomen effortlessly don tweed jackets like it’s nothing. Instead of looking weighed down or stifled, they looked polished, confident and fresh off a Chanel resort runway. Their trick: shorts and tanks. I’ve seen these chic jackets paired with with matching shorts and solid-colored tanks. Tweed isn’t the typical fabric for summer heat, but these gals may have changed my mind.

nyc-workwear-trends: a woman wearing a cropped white button down and an asymmetrical full white skirt.
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7. Full Skirts

I don’t think there is anywhere in the world right now where you won’t see a full skirt, whether it’s your local farmer’s market or city parks on a nice day. The return of the peasant skirt isn’t to be feared and can be a chic option for the workplace—tiered, maxi or midi. Like above, this asymmetrical, high-waist skirt is paired with a cropped button-down, leaving the midriff almost fully covered. Or, if you want to simplify your choices even more, there are plenty of dress options with full skirts to help you live out your Regencycore fantasies.


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