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Mom, aunt, grandma, best matter what her title is, one thing is clear: She’s been there for you through everything. These strong, smart, fun-loving women have weaved a special place into our lives, so why not show them we care with a special little something? We’ve handpicked seven gifts to surprise her with throughout the year. 

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For the One Who Loves the Outdoors

Once the temps are above 60 degrees, you’ll rarely find her wasting a day inside. Whether she’s tending to her newly planted vegetable garden or working on a crossword puzzle poolside, the only thing missing is this updated Panama hat from Cuyana. Its wide brim will keep her face in the shade, and the style will keep her raking in the compliments.

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For the One Who Never Misses a Beat

To say she’s detail-oriented would be an understatement. She arrives (at least) ten minutes early to every engagement. She remembers everyone’s birthday, including your college roommate from sophomore year. And she’s the first to text you after you’ve had a first date. Show her you acknowledge that she’s always been there for you by gifting her a timeless Citizen Chandler Watch. Its mother-of-pearl face and sleek stainless steel finish is only fitting for a woman of this stature. We have a feeling she’ll never want to take it off.

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For the One Who Bakes a Mean Soufflé

Every time you walk into her kitchen, your nose is hit with a wave of sweet, sweet goodness. And, yes, whatever she’s making tastes as good as it smells. Surprise your personal baker with a set of Staub Mini Cocottes that’ll last for years to come. These little guys are durable, reliable and a must-have for any home kitchen. Plus, they are pretty enough to be displayed on a kitchen shelf.

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For the One Who Loves Interior Design

Gift her a coffee-table book she’ll gladly display. Mother and Child by Claiborne Swanson Frank captures the bond between 70 iconic mothers (think Carolina Herrera, Aerin Lauder and Delfina Figueras) and their children through a series of stunning portraits and interviews. But we have to admit the cover is our favorite part.

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For the One Who’s a (Self-Proclaimed) Sommelier

She can detect the notes of most wines with just one whiff, and while she won’t be reaching master status anytime soon, you can still help her on her way. To increase the depth of her palette, gift her a subscription to Vinebox—a personalized monthly wine flight that contains three handpicked glasses. This way, she can taste to see what she likes before purchasing full bottles.

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For the One Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

We wouldn’t necessarily call it bragging, but she brings you up in every conversation she can. (OK, it’s a humble brag.) She’s your biggest cheerleader and your confidant, so what better way to celebrate her than by giving her something that’s a discreet reminder of you? This Tiny Tags Skinny Bar Name Necklace is perfect for any mom, new or veteran. It can be worn alone for a minimal statement or layered among her favorite pieces.

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For the One Who *Actually* Loves Candles

Our office has a polarizing stance on this topic: Half believe there’s nothing better than a delightfully luxurious candle. The other? Well, let’s just say the word useless has been thrown around a few times. If you happen to know that your recipient stands in the first camp, bougie parfumerie Skylar just the ticket.

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