6 Creative Accessories We Saw at NYFW (That We Actually Want to Wear)

Anklets, bucket hats and square-toed sandals might still be having a moment, but there were many more exciting trends to be spotted at NYFW 2020. From sassy-slogan hair clips to duchess-approved headwear, here are the six most creative accessories we spotted outside this year’s fashion shows.

creative accessories word hair clips
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1. Word Hair Clips

The barrette trend is nothing new. But 2020’s version is worn in unexpected places (like up the back of the crown) and takes the clips to a new level with cheeky, Insta-worthy phrases that’ll give your ’do some serious ’tude.

clutter couture bag ziploc
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2. Clutter Couture

Blame it on the clear-bag trend of late (and the fact that everything we toted around was on display), but “clutter couture” made its debut on Rachel Bilson’s arm at the front row of Christian Siriano’s runway show. Created in partnership with Ziploc brand, the hot-pink bag features real items found in the handbags of Siriano’s family members. One simple way to keep your bag clutter in check? Ziploc brand’s new reusable accessory bags, found in the cosmetics and beauty aisle at Walmart. (Psst: The designs are cute enough to get a runway show all their own.)

creative accessories athletics hats
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3. Baseball Caps

Break out your college ball cap and channel your best off-duty supermodel look. Athletic-themed hats were seen outside many fashion week events this year. From this R13 topper to a Yankees-logo beanie, we’re calling it: This is the breakout headwear trend of spring.

pearl necklace and earrings nyfw
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4. Pearls

Outside the shows, Gran-approved pearls popped up in places both expected (necklaces and earrings) and unexpected (belts, bags, headbands and sunglasses). BRB, raiding our attic for any ancestral gems.

creative accessories sheer socks
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5. Sheer Socks

The socks-and-heels combo is still going strong, but this year’s iteration features an elegant twist: sheer hosiery in place of chunky cottons and colorful yarn. The result is a surprisingly sexy take on an otherwise unsexy garment.

creative accessories hatband
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6. Hatbands

We can all thank Kate Middleton for this regal accessory trend, which was seen in metallic, printed and embellished varieties outside NYC’s runway shows this month. FYI: The headband crosses over into hat territory the larger it gets, but those padded headbands from your middle-school days will work just fine (as long as they still fit, of course).

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