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Brilliant Gifts for Her

Shopping for your mother is no easy feat (just think about how tough you are to shop for...then multiply that by ten). And don’t even get us started on your sister. That’s why we love the idea of a brand that makes it easy to check all your boxes. Here, 15 picks from Karl Lagerfeld Paris that fit the bill for each important lady in your life.

For Your Mother

Who Defines the Word “Ladylike”

Story 1 745x1094 Styling: Lauren Epstein/Photography: Gieves Anderson 

She was your first style icon, and you still look up to her effortless wardrobe today. Gift her thoughtful pieces that complement her signature style, like these Karl Lagerfeld Paris leather gloves—with quilted stitching that speaks to her enthusiasm for details. Or an edgy black handbag juxtaposed with a feminine bow to fit all her daily necessities (and then some). May we suggest wrapping up both for good measure?

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For Your Sister

Who Lives Life to the Limit

Story 3 745x1094 Styling: Lauren Epstein/Photography: Gieves Anderson 

Try as you might to keep up with her, she’s somehow always three steps ahead. So for your sister, a statement pullover and super-trendy slides from Karl Lagerfeld Paris are just the thing. They’re both wearable enough to suit her lifestyle, while still letting her maintain an air of fashion mystery. (“Wait, where did you get those?”) Oh, and did we mention that the feline graphic is modeled after none other than Choupette?

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For Your Best Friend

Who’s As Steadfast As She Is Fun 

Story 2 745x10941 Styling: Lauren Epstein/Photography: Gieves Anderson 

Her supportive and reliable nature can only be matched by her appreciation for a good time—it’s why you love her. It’s also why she deserves something as multifaceted as she is. This Karl Lagerfeld Paris scarf can be worn a multitude of ways, and topped with a pair of chain-link chandelier earrings, the look is sure to bring the drama (in the very best way, of course).

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