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Just as you can never go wrong with a little black dress, you’ll never feel out of place in a pair of classic white sneakers. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, suits or even your wedding dress and strut with the confidence that you look as good as your feet feel.

Of course, there are hundreds—if not thousands—of different sneaker brands to choose from and after just a few minutes of research, you might find that they all start to blend into one generic white shoe (but seriously, what was the difference between those two again?). To make your life easier, we rounded up the ten absolute best white sneakers on the internet, plus four runners-up to keep on your radar. So no matter which one you pick, you’ll know you’re getting a great shoe. 

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In a quick poll of the PureWow offices, Adidas very clearly stood out as the preferred sneaker brand, with the most popular style being the classic Stan Smith. They’re durable and fairly easy to clean (pro tip: use a Magic Eraser for any tough scuff marks), plus the removable insole means you can insert your own more supportive orthotics, should you need them.

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2. Cariuma White Canvas OCA LOW

These lace-up kicks are one of the absolute best eco-friendly options out there. The shoes are entirely vegan with the upper made from fair-trade cotton canvas, and the soles from rubber tapped from trees using a method that ultimately leaves the trees unharmed. They're not just animal-friendly, they're also sustainably made and 100 percent carbon neutral. What more excuse could you possibly need to snap up a new pair of feel-good, do-good kicks?

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“These are hands-down my most favorite sneakers. I have six pairs in all different colors and I wear them on rotation pretty much every single day. Unlike previous pairs of Converses, they have much more cushion and support. I love the fact they're zero frills but are still super cute. Oh, and they are machine washable,” says one PureWow editor who is also a die-hard Cotu fan. The cotton canvas upper is a bit more casual than a lot of the leather pairs on this list, but is just as versatile and looks great with everything from jeans to a flowy midi dress.

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These easy slip-ons beloved by skaters require little to no break-in period and won’t cause a hit to your wallet. They don’t offer a ton of support but have just enough so you don’t feel like you’re walking around barefoot. However, they are incredibly lightweight, a major bonus for frequent travelers or those who don’t like the feel of heavier soles.

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If you’re looking for a sustainable pair you can feel good about, Veja might just be the ticket. Since the brand’s inception in 2003, the founders have been focused on using eco-friendly materials and giving back to the communities of Brazil where the sneakers are made. Many of Veja’s shoes require multiple wears to really break in, but according to reviewers the Esplar seems to need the least amount of time to feel molded to your feet. They’ve also been recommended for those with wider feet due to a slightly roomier toe box.

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One of PureWow’s graphic designers finds these classic kicks so comfortable, she wears them nearly every day. The soft terry inner and padded foam sock liner make it so you can even get away with wearing these without socks, if you’d like. Although it doesn’t look like an athletic shoe, the Princess comes with a lot of the same technical design elements as Reebok’s true running and training kicks, meaning you can expect a good deal of support.

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Like most of the other pairs on this list, GREATS sneakers are known for their comfort and quality, but the standout reason mentioned by so many is that they look way more expensive than they are, particularly the OG Royale style. These are the brand’s best-selling sneakers to date and are handmade in Italy using premium leather (i.e., the super-soft stuff that only gets better with age).

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Yes, it’s expensive, but the Achilles also has a devoted cult following due to its impeccable construction, high-quality materials (the upper is made from real leather) and timeless no-frills design. Many reviewers preferred these over the brand’s other leather style, the Retro, because the Achilles features a lower rise and is a bit easier to break in. One thing to note: Many reviewers said these sneakers tend to run a little large, so if you’re in-between you might want to consider sizing down.

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High-top Chuck Taylors will always hold a special place in our heart, but it’s the low tops that win out for everyday wear. They’re a bit more flattering (high tops run the risk of making your ankles look wide), easier to pair with a larger variety of outfits and require very little break-in time (no weird rubbing at your calves here). And if the minimal pops of red and blue at the sole bother you, there is an all-white option, as well.

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This editor’s personal favorite, Keds Champion Originals have a wonderfully nostalgic retro vibe. They’re incredibly simple, fit well and are inexpensive enough that I don’t feel bad about having to buy a new pair once my current kicks turn gray and can no longer be considered truly white sneakers (which is usually around six or seven months).

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“I wasn’t super excited about the higher price point, but having worn and loved other shoes from M.Gemi before, I figured I’d give the Palestra a try and I’m really glad I did. They look and feel fantastic, although they were a bit squeaky on the first day. And after wearing them on a particularly long day running errands around the city, I have to say they’re wonderfully supportive, too. My feet didn’t hurt at all by the time I got home,” says one NYC-based fan. Of all M.Gemi’s sneaker options, the Palestra looks the most traditional and has a sturdy rubber sole for true all-day wear.

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This Italy-based, American-run company has been slowly but surely becoming ever more popular (seriously, Koio’s Instagram following has grown by over 173 percent in the past year alone), and we think it won’t be long before you see these easy kicks all over town. Compared to Koio’s other basic white sneakers, the Capri is by far the most minimalist, meaning it’s more likely to stay en vogue longer than some of the more intricate or busier styles.

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This Swedish brand has been around since 1891, so you can bet they know a thing or two about creating a well-fitting, comfortable sneaker. The Nylite first came out over 50 years ago and was intended as a sport shoe for tennis players, but when new technologies and innovative fabrics came around, Tretorn reworked it into a perfect, lightweight everyday sneaker with a highly breathable canvas upper and a surprisingly cushy insole. And while the brand has released other styles over the years, the Nylite Plus continues to be its top seller and a cult favorite.

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No, it’s not as starkly all-white as the other styles on this list, but it’s tough to beat in terms of comfort and sustainability. As part of a new collaboration with New Balance, Reformation revamped one of NB’s best-selling sneakers to create an eco-friendly shoe that pays homage to the current chunky sneaker trend without going overboard. And because the partnership is with New Balance, you can bet these will be incredibly comfortable and supportive enough to go for a spontaneous jog if you’d like (you know, to catch the bus or your wily nephew). 

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