5 Fashion Brands That Are Going to Be Huge…According to Instagram

You know that funny feeling you get when something new catches your eye…and then you’re suddenly seeing it everywhere you look? Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, as it’s officially called, usually refers to words or facts, but it’s totally applicable to fashion, too. And it’s also the perfect way to describe how we feel about discovering that super-cute handbag on Instagram only to have it splashed across our entire feed for the next two weeks. 

Before I knew who Susan Alexandra was, I knew I wanted one of her whimsical beaded handbags. Our first encounter was through a photo of a blogger whose name I can no longer remember but who was wearing simple jeans, a white tee and carrying a rainbow-hued bag in a totally nonchalant manor. The bag immediately struck a chord with me not just because of the vibrant attention-grabbing hues, but for the nostalgia factor as well. I assumed the bag was vintage and moved on. But we kept running into one another. As I kept scrolling, there was a photo of Susan herself with maybe 15 bags lined up and down her arms, then came the street-style photos from various fashion weeks.

The final straw came when one of my favorite Instagram follows, Babba Canales, posted a photo of a bright patchwork style elegantly propped next to a cup of espresso and a delicious pastry. It was official: I no longer simply wanted to know where these bags were from, who was designing them and how I could get my hands on one of my very own; I needed to know.

Surely this scenario plays out daily, so to see whether our current favorite IG discoveries were the work of algorithms or truly the next big thing, we reached out to Social Studies, a social media marketing agency that tracks and analyzes social content to see whose Instagram popularity is for real and the reasons why. The results: A list of five fashionable brands you’ve likely already seen but should learn the names of ASAP—before they become sold-out sensations. Get ready to go on a following spree (and probably a shopping spree, too).

Pyer Moss

Number of followers: 154k
Follower growth over the past year: 222 percent

Kerby Jean-Raymond founded Pyer Moss in 2013, but it wasn’t until he won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2018 that his brand started to become the internationally recognized powerhouse it is now. His collections feel like super-stylish lessons in African-American history and every runway show has featured a live choir performance, with his Spring/Summer 2020 show being his biggest event yet. Sixty-five singers alternated between gospel classics and hits by Missy Elliott and Cardi B, honoring the inventor of rock-and-roll, and Jean-Raymond’s current muse, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. If you want to sound like you’re really in-the-know, this is the brand to follow.


Number of followers: 60.4k
Follower growth over the past year: 395 percent

This brand is singlehandedly responsible for the resurgence of the prairie dress. With fans like Emilia Clarke, Naomi Watts, Aidy Bryant and Beanie Feldstein, Batsheva has become an absolute go-to for puffy sleeves, billowing skirts and an overall Victorian-meets-pioneer-woman vibe. If your vintage-obsessed friend hasn’t already started wearing Batsheva dresses and tops, she will be soon.

Orseund Iris

Number of followers: 271k
Follower growth over the past year: 171 percent

Corsets and drawstrings and ruffles, oh my! Although designer Alana Johnson would choose to use the word “season-less” to describe her line, we think “sexy” is equally applicable. You’ve probably seen bust-highlighting tanks and drawstring silk slip-dresses popping up on your feed, but prepare to see Johnson enter the mainstream as she expands her collection to include skirts, more blouses and even suiting, all with that signature seductive flair.


Number of followers: 153k
Follower growth over the past year: 173 percent

The trend of wearing sneakers to anything and everything on your agenda isn’t going to fade any time soon. And while some people like chasing those instantly recognizable styles, the rest of us just really want a classic, well-made pair of shoes that will last as long as the comfy-footwear craze. That’s where Koio comes into play. Made from Italian leather, Koio’s kicks are simple, easy to wear and won’t feel dated by 2020.

Kim Shui

Number of followers: 66.8k
Follower growth over the past year: 259 percent

If you keep up with the Kardashians then you’ll likely already know of Kim Shui and her namesake label. Kylie Jenner’s 1-year-old daughter, Stormi, even has her own custom red and black tie-dye dress to match mom’s. Shui’s designs truly reflect her life as an American-born Chinese woman who grew up in Italy. In particular, we expect to see her romantic blouses showing up in the closets of more and more influencers in the coming months.



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