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Shopping for denim is a struggle for everyone, but that rings especially true for curvy gals looking for the perfect pair of plus-size jeans. You have to contend with weird gaps at the waist, styles that don’t hold up against chub rub and weird sagging at the knees and/or rear after just a few wears. Fortunately, more brands than ever are rethinking the way they approach plus-size clothing all together, starting from scratch with new fit and fabric technologies that are made to compliment your body. So, we set out to round up the best of the best, polling real, curvy women on the brands they shop over and over again.

Here are six real women on the best plus-size jeans they’ve ever bought and eight additional brands worth checking out.

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best plus size jeans universal standard
Stefani Nicole


The IRL Review:
“I love these jeans because they were made to fit me instead of the other way around. They’re comfy, come in a dark wash that goes with anything and they fit down my calf without being too loose! They are the perfect plus-size skinny jeans.” - Stefani Nicole

What these jeans are all about:
Size 0 to 40 with tall and petite sizing

Universal Standard offers the largest size range of any brand on this list. But just because it covers a lot of body types doesn’t mean it skimps on attention to detail. Each size is specifically engineered to address the most common fit issues among curvy women, and this particular style also happens to be the brand’s best-selling jean of all time. So, it looks like Stefani’s love for this pair of denim is shared by many.

Buy It ($90)

The Smiling Sweetheart

2. Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

The IRL Review:
“These Levi’s fit so well and they’re unique and fun! They hug my curves really well and even though they’re distressed they're still super chic enough to dress up.” – Mona, The Smiling Sweetheart

What these jeans are all about:
Size 25 to 33

A fantastic classic wash and universally-flattering cut mean these jeans will stay in style for at least a few years to come. Made from Levi’s sculpt fabrication, these jeans are soft and stretchy enough to move with your curves (rather than against them) while still sucking everything in to create one smooth line.

Buy It ($45) ($45)

best plus size jeans asos collusion x 005
Nerd About Town

3. ASOS COLLUSION Plus 005 Straight Leg jeans

The IRL Review:
“These are my current favorite pair of jeans because I am a huge fan of acid wash (it reminds me of the ’90s). They are high rise with rips on the back pocket, and I like how they feel on my legs—super comfortable!” - Stephanie Yeboah, Nerd About Town

What these jeans are all about:
Size 14 to 24

These throwbacks are made from raw denim and have no stretch, but thanks to impeccable construction they’re likely to hug your hips and thighs anyway. A classic cut and high waist make them feel classic enough to wear day in and day out, even if the wash harkens back to the start of Madonna’s career.

Buy It ($40) ($40)

best plus size jeans express
Me and Minnie

4. Express High Waisted Denim Perfect Curves Jean Leggings

The IRL Review:
“My go-to place for plus size jeans is Express. They have a line of denim that's specifically catered towards curvy girls and it hits all the right places! My personal fave from the line are the "High Waisted Denim Perfect Curves Jean Legging." It can be hard for me to find jeans that fit all my curves—some jeans fit in the waist but not so well in the thigh or fit my thighs and not the waist. But these babies work for each part of my body perfectly!” - Shanna Battle, Me and Minnie

What these jeans are all about:
Sizes 00 to 18 with short and long sizing “Perfect Curves” designs are all about embracing your hips, legs and bum. While the size range doesn’t go as high as some other brands on this list, they are specifically designed to eliminate that pesky waist-gap and have room for bigger thighs. BTW, they’re rated extremely high (i.e., close to a perfect five stars) by reviewers.

Buy It ($88)

best plus size jeans wit and wisdom
Something Good, Something Blue

5. Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Stretch Skinny Jeans

The IRL Review:
“I love Wit & Wisdom jeans because they always look amazing, no matter how long you've been wearing them. They have enough spandex to allow you to move around comfortably and wear them all day, but never seem to get the sag that other jeans with spandex do. Also, all of the jeans come with a hidden panel, called the Ab-solution technology, in the front that gives you that little bit of compression to smooth everything out.” - Emily, Something Good, Something Blue

What these jeans are all about:
Sizes 14 to 24

A perfect classic to wear (and buy) on repeat for any possible occasion. As Emily mentioned, Wit & Wisdom’s Ab-solution technology is built into the waistband and back of the jeans to smooth out any trouble areas and give your booty a flattering lift.

Buy It ($78)

best plus size jeans veronica beard
The 12ish Style

6. Veronica Beard Beverly 10” Flare

The IRL Review:
“I love these jeans because they hug your butt, they're high waisted, and the flare is a good change in silhouette!" - Katie Sturnio, The 12ish Style

What these jeans are all about:
Sizes 15 to 24

Secret slim pockets and a lot of stretch work to keep your hips and thighs looking smooth and feeling comfortable. The ten-inch rise is just high enough to give your tummy some extra support without looking comically (or uncomfortably) long.

Buy It ($250; $113)

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best plus size jeans liverpool

1. Liverpool

Sizes 0 to 24

This Los Angeles-based company is all about creating high-quality, easy-to-wear pieces at an affordable price point (most of its styles are under $100). It also incorporates a new type of stretch technology called Dual FX that conforms to your curves without losing shape or support over time. So buh-bye, annoying waist gap and saggy knees!

Buy It ($79)

Good American

2. Good American

Sizes 00 to 24

Since the launch of her brand in 2016, Khloé Kardashian has put a major emphasis on inclusivity and finding the perfect fit—no matter your size. In fact, she recently updated her site to include photos of models wearing every size from her core styles (for some, that means up to 15 different photos) to give shoppers a clearer sense of how the jeans will look on them. The site even has individual size guides for each leg cut. So basically, Good American is ensuring you’ll wind up with a pair that you really love.

Buy It ($179; $90)

Warp + Weft

3. Warp + Weft

Sizes 00 to 24

Warp + Weft isn’t just size inclusive and affordable, it’s also majorly eco-friendly and is constantly working to update its sustainable practices. As it says on the website, a single pair of jeans made in the traditional manner requires 1,500 gallons of water, but a pair from Warp + Weft requires only 10 gallons, with 98 percent of that H20 then being treated and recycled. So not only will you look good, you’ll be doing good as well.

Similar Style ($98)



Sizes 0 to 26

While we love LOFT for its adorable and on-trend workwear selection, it’s not the first name we think of when thinking about denim. But it might be time to change that. The brand has slowly but surely been expanding its plus-size designs and its jeans selection is pretty fantastic. Look to them for comfy classics under $90, with a few special touches thrown in for good measure (oh, hello there, festive gold ankle buttons).

Buy It ($80)



Sizes 00 to 28 with petite sizing

Born in the age of super-low rise jeans and whale-tails (the horror), Not Your Daughter’s Jeans set out to design denim that real women, not trend-focused teens, could wear with confidence. Look for pairs with Lift Tuck Technology, which is built in for an extra smoothing, slimming effect.

Buy It ($129)

Lucky Brand

6. Lucky Brand

Sizes 00 to 26

Lucky Brand is known for its true vintage, worn-in, “oh I’ve had these for years” look and its plus styles are no exception. They also feature a built-in slimming tummy panel to really streamline your silhouette and most styles offer multiple inseam options, so tall and petite ladies can find their perfect length in addition to a waistband that fits like a glove.

Buy It ($90)

Old Navy

7. Old Navy

Sizes 00 to 30

Old Navy is one of our favorite go-tos for easy dresses, adorable workout clothes and colorful accessories. And, of course, denim as well. The plus offerings aren’t just straight sizes with some extra room. Contoured waistbands ensure no gapping and a seamless fit, while secret-slim pockets (a feature included in some straight size jeans as well) give you plenty of room to actually put something in your pocket without adding any extra bulk or bumps.

Buy It ($42)

best plus size jeans lane bryant
Lane Bryant

8. Lane Bryant

Sizes 12 to 28 with petite, short and long sizing

Lane Bryant is entirely focused on creating clothing for plus women, which means all the brand’s energy goes toward problem solving specific issues that plus-size women deal with. It tends to offer simpler, less trendy styles but the fit and feel make up for the lack of originality in design. Plus with most cuts available in regular, long, petite and short inseams, it’s basically guaranteed that there’s a pair that will fit you perfectly, no tailoring required.

Buy It ($80)

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