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Rain: Not so great. Oppressive heat: Pretty sucky, too. Rain that coincides with oppressive heat: Is this what hell is like?

On these kinds of days, we’re often at a loss for what to wear. The balance between cool and waterproof isn’t an easy one to strike. Luckily, we found a few magical pieces that will make a stormy, 100-degree day much more bearable.

summer rain bag

a pvc purse

This isn’t the time to tote your finest leather handbag. Instead, go for something with a zipper that will repel raindrops (and won't exacerbate sweaty-shoulder syndrome). The bright candy color might even boost your mood.

Furla ($248)

rain gear baggu

a bag bag

If you must use a water-unfriendly bag, throw it into a waterproof Baggu while you?re outside. 

Baggu ($9)

summer rain jacket

a packable jacket

This anorak from ASOS comes in tons of prints and colors, is super lightweight and folds up into its own zipper pocket for easy storage and transporting. 

ASOS ($40)

summer rain dress

A Breezy Frock

Try to wear something that hits above the knee. No offense to umbrellas, but they kind of leave calves high and not dry. A cotton racerback dress is a great hot-weather option, and is office-appropriate when topped with a blazer. (Once you’re indoors, of course.)

Banana Republic ($110)

summer rain shoes

the new wellies

Tall Hunter boots, you’re great, but whenever we wear them we look more hot-and-sweaty-mess than Kate-Moss-at-Glastonbury. A cooler alternative? The brand’s shorter, sneaker-ish version.

Hunter ($125)

summer rain shorts

not see-through shorts

This is not the day to rock your favorite white pants. Stick to darker colors or prints to avoid an embarrassing see-through situation. These ultra-comfortable jogger shorts should do the trick.

Gap ($45)

summer rain umbrella

a cheeky umbrella

We?ll leave the translating to you.

Raindrops ($45)

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