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A classic silk scarf can add polish or a dose of cool to just about any look--but this season it goes beyond neck and arm candy. Here, three styling tricks for putting one on any handbag in your arsenal.


Knotted on the Strap

The easiest of the bunch, this draped style works equally well on a tote, smaller cross-body bag or clutch. Simply tie a loose knot and let the hems hang low.


Wrapped Around the Handle

This approach is best suited for a structured lady bag. To achieve the look, fold your scarf into a triangle and then roll into a straight line. Knot one end of the scarf around the base of the handle, then wrap around until complete. Want to see it in action? Watch this video.


Tied in a Bow

Best for larger scarves (and not just the silk variety), this one requires a bit of finesse. Make sure that your bow looks casual and effortless, as opposed to perfectly knotted. After all, cool girls never want to look like they're trying too hard.


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