Tie-dye, fanny packs, cowboy boots—there are many trends we started off doubting before growing to love with all our heart. But perhaps our favorite unlikely trend is the comfy, chunky (and to be frank, pretty ugly) dad shoe. How did we ever manage our morning commutes and weekend errand sessions without this delightfully practical footwear?

While we could wax poetic about our love for this gloriously down-to-earth footwear all day, there is a new trend on the horizon primed to steal the crown for most-loved norm-core accessory: the scrunchie.

Yes, the frilly hair tie you used to use to keep your strands at bay while working out in the ’80s or simply stacked on your wrist in the ’90s is back, but not quite in the way you remember. 

The nostalgic accessory had a bit of a glow-up over the past 20 years and now feels more chic than ever before. Satin, silk and other luxe fabrics are propelling this trend forward and helping the retro hair tie feel much more grown-up. Especially in silk iterations with loose ties (like the three above from Donni), the humble scrunchie looks—dare we say it?—rather elegant. 

Wearing the 2019 version of the scrunchie is as easy as ever. Simply use them in place of your basic black hair ties for instant zhuzh. Or you can position two or three or even four along the length of your ponytail for an extra fun ’do.

Get the look: H&M ($6 for pack of two); Sincerely Jules by Scünci ($7 for set of three); Free People ($8); American Eagle Outfitters ($10 for set of three); Ann Taylor ($13); Rhode Resort ($15); Ganni ($15); LilySilk ($30 for set of five); LoveShackFancy ($35 for set of two); Donni ($38); Silk ($45 for set of three)


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