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The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Winter

Whether winter leaves you knee-deep in snow or simply reaching for a couple of extra layers, it’s the perfect time to experience fun through a different lens. We’ve partnered with Athleta Girl to help you and your girl(s) enjoy it to the fullest. From soft tights that help her stay warm to sherpa pullovers and moisture-wicking sweats, Athleta Girl makes outfitting solutions perfect for cooler weather. Below, a bundle of ideas to help you and your girl make the most of the season, because a little cold weather shouldn’t stop you from getting out there and saying “yes” to discovering some everyday magic.

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Ready-for-Anything Style

The days might be short, but we firmly believe the fun should never end. Prepare her for whatever snowball fights and snow-bound flights that may come with cold-weather gear from Athleta Girl. Each piece is created with comfort in mind, so she can move and play (and stay warm) without worry, all while being empowered to feel her best.

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Athleta Girl

Long Distance Bra 2.0

The high-neck racerback and extra-long length provide lots of comfortable coverage, and sweat easily moves through fabric to evaporate so she stays dry underneath multiple layers.

in your element hoodie
Athleta Girl

In Your Element Hoodie 2.0

All-around stretch means ultimate comfort and mobility, making this hoodie an ideal middle layer for playtime or practice outdoors.

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Athleta Girl

Crazy Cozy Wrap 2.0

The Cozy Karma plush interior is extra warm and soft, and a zipper makes the mock neck easy to slip on and off. We love the unique detailing on the front for style that stands out.

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Athleta Girl

High Rise Stash Your Treasures Tight

Buttery-soft PowervitaTM fabric. Moisture-wicking. UFP 50+. Quick-drying. These tights are made for working up a sweat in the great outdoors, and staying comfortable while doing it.

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Athleta Girl

So Snug Sherpa Half Zip

Bundle her up in this oh-so-fuzzy pullover, complete with pockets for storing her necessities and thumbholes for keeping her sleeves in place. Don't be surprised if she practically lives in it all season long.

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Athleta Girl

So Snug Printed Sherpa Hoodie

Outdoor play is more enjoyable when she's nice and toasty. Soft from hood to hip, this colorful pullover will kickstart a great mood while making sure she's temperature ready.

power up top
Athleta Girl

Power Up Top

The fabric is non-chafing and seamless, and the thumbholes will keep her sleeves in place when she slips into her favorite coat. We stan the cheery color too.

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Athleta Girl

Chase the Chill Jogger

This pair of pants is made with Featherweight Stretch™, a recycled polyester that feels light as air. It's wrinkle- and abrasion-resistant, so she can play her hardest and feel secure while doing it.

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Outdoor Activities She'll Love

Remember when we said not to let a little chilly weather stop you from enjoying the season? Here’s exactly how to help your girls accomplish just that. Bundle her up in her cozy Athleta Girl wear, then send her outside to experience all the season has to offer.

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Snow Bomb a Friend’s Front Door

Cut out snowflakes of all shapes and sizes, grab some tape, and head to a neighborhood friend’s house. Cover their front door in snowflakes for a friendly “snow bomb,” then ring the doorbell before dashing away in the Athleta Girl Feelin' Great Joggers. It’s all about the joy of surprise.

ice bubbles
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Blow Ice Bubbles

Bundle her up in the Athleta Girl So Snug Sherpa Hoodie 2.0, then head outside and blow bubbles until they freeze. It can take some trial and error (sun and wind can often foil the plan), but that’s the best part. The experiment to find the perfect bubble-freezing conditions might last them all winter long (score).

scavenger hunt
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Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Create and print list of seasonal items (or nab a pre-made one) to hunt down, from animal tracks and mittens to berries and multi-colored lights. Reward a successful mission with hot cocoa and marshmallows to enjoy back at home while wearing her comfy Athleta Girl High Rise Powervita Chit Chat Tights (they never roll down).

popcorn garland
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Make Popcorn Garlands

This one’s a classic, but for good reason: It’s crafty and rewarding. String plain popcorn and fresh cranberries onto a long strand of thread to create a garland, adding a few pinecones dipped in peanut butter then rolled in seeds here and there. Then, head outside to hang them up and watch the winter wildlife enjoy.

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Warm Up From the Inside Out

No day spent enjoying the outdoors is complete without a delicious treat once back inside. We’ve got a few ideas—savory and sweet—to keep you busy in the kitchen together. Psst: It’s the perfect time to slip into those comfy Athleta Girl leggings, if you ask us.

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Giant Cinnamon Roll

This cinnamon roll is ooey-gooey, deceptively simple and ready in to serve in under an hour.

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Sicilian-Style Pizza with Jalapeños and Honey

Athleta Girl High Rise Rib Chit Chat Tights are soft, lightweight and ideal for helping mom and dad in the kitchen, and then chowing down on homemade pizza. Psst: The secret lies in the crust.

gingerbread pancakes medium

Gingerbread Pancakes

Festive pancakes + Athleta Girl So Snug Printed Sherpa Hoodie = A cozy match made in heaven.

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Chicken and Cheddar-Waffle Sandwiches

Psst: You can make the waffles ahead of time and freeze them for later.

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Staycations and Destinations

Everyone vacations in the summer, so break the mold with a winter getaway. If you’re looking to get out of town, we’ve rounded up some of the top locations to consider across the country. And when it comes to packing, you already know Athleta Girl has you covered with the perfect adventure-wear to keep her comfortable, warm and ready for anything—from hiking and skiing to snow angels and sightseeing, plus all the hot chocolate in between.

quaint airbnbs northeast maine timber frame

The 27 Quaintest Airbnbs in the Northeast

A cozy, wintry cabin? Yes, please. Don't forget to pack a pair of Athleta Girl Polartec Tights so she feels prepared and comfortable while out and about.

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The 23 Best Ski Resorts in America

The Athleta Girl Power Up Top makes for a great base layer, as well as an ideal après ski ‘fit (especially when worn under the Wrap 'N Roll Sweatshirt).

best mountain towns cat

The Best Mountain Towns in the U.S.

Strap on her snowshoes, zip her into the Athleta Girl So Toasty Tugga Sherpa Jacket and take a winter wonderland hike.

The 13 Most Beautiful Places in the Midwest

Has she ever seen a frozen waterfall before?

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