Trust Us, This ’80s Baby Name Will Be Making a Big Comeback in 2024

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Liam and Noah may be the most popular monikers on the playground, but we’re calling it now—a new favorite baby boy name is going to take over, and it’s a total throwback: Travis.

If you grew up in the ’80s, you probably knew at least one Travis, but it’s been on the decline for the past decade. According to data from the Social Security Administration, the name (which is French in origin and means “toll collector” or “to cross”) peaked in popularity in 1979, when it was the 39th most popular boy’s name. According to The Bump, that ranking has dipped to 759 in 2024.

But hear us out: We think the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce obsession is just the thing to push this ’80s name back into favor. After all, basically everything T. Swift touches turns to gold. (Not to mention, another famous Travis—namely, Travis Barker—has returned to the, uh, semi-zeitgeist.)

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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Sure, the name isn’t likely to jump to no. 1 in a year’s time, and it’s not like Travis will outnumber the Olivers and Henrys in your kiddo’s classroom—but pop culture does have an effect on baby names. Look at Charlotte: It was ranked at 289 in 2000. Kate Middleton’s daughter was born in 2015 and, boom, the baby girl’s name has maintained its spot in the top ten for the past eight years.


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