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Dr. Harvey Karp Says There Are 3 Types of Toddler Temperaments—Take This Quiz to Find Out Your Kid’s

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Toddlers are an opinionated bunch, that’s for sure. But before you write off their mood swings as “a growth spurt,” heed this advice from Harvey Karp, M.D., renowned pediatrician and author of The Happiest Toddler on the Block. While it’s tempting to focus on developmental milestones, temperament is actually a better predictor of how a child will handle change long-term, he explains on his site, Even more interesting, toddlers can turn out to be carbon copies of their parents when it comes to temperament—or they can be the polar opposite. (That might explain why Liam’s parents are calm and reserved, but he’s always wild and fearless on the slide at the playground.)

So, which temperament is your toddler? Dr. Karp says there are three different types: easy, shy or spirited. Take this quiz to find out the temperament that best defines your kid.


Most Mornings, Your Toddler Wakes Up...


A. Groggy, but happy


B. On the right side of the bed…until it’s time to get dressed


C. Late (he tossed and turned a bit last night)


Breakfast Is Served! As Soon As You Plate Your Toddler’s Waffles, She...

tatyana_tomsickova/Getty Images

A. Throws bites of them on the floor

tatyana_tomsickova/Getty Images

B. Requests syrup, but eats quickly


Time For A Few Errands At The Mall. You Let Go Of Your Toddler’s Hand And Look Into One Of The Stores. Your Toddler Reacts By...

B. Grabbing your coat and starting to cry

C. Running ahead without looking back


A Woman Is Making Playful Faces With Your Chime. Your Little One...

A. Is enthralled

B. Loves it—but only for 30 seconds or so

C. Is into it one minute, over it the next 


It’s Playtime! But Your Toddler Wants To Put His Stuffed Elephant In The Toilet. When You Take It Away, He...

Manu Vega/Getty Images

A. Laughs

Manu Vega/Getty Images

B. Cries

Manu Vega/Getty Images

C. Goes on with his day 


Btw, Your Toddler’s Activity Of Choice Is...

Carol Yepes/Getty Images

A. Playing make-believe in the kitchen 

Jurgita Photography/Getty Images

B. Reading a book

Fran Polito/Getty Images

C. Running laps at the playground


Whew, Bedtime Already? Your Toddler Falls Asleep...

Oleksandra Korobova/Getty Images

A. Like clockwork 

Oleksandra Korobova/Getty Images

B. After taking some time to unwind

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