The 20 Best (and Not Scary) Movies for Toddlers

Real talk: If you watch one more episode of Paw Patrol, you’re going to go f***ing postal on those cartoon canines. You need a selection of movies for toddlers that your kid and you will love. And you need it NOW. Here, 20 great flicks that are all appropriate for the under-five set.

The 30 Best Family Movies of All Time

the red balloon movie for toddlers
Films Montsouris

1. ‘the Red Balloon’ (1956)

This Oscar-winning short about a red balloon following a young French boy named Pascal around Paris is pure magic. With little dialogue and beautiful scenery, this film will captivate little kids (and grown-ups, too).

Scary moments: A little bit of bullying where a group of kids chases the boy to try and steal his balloon.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 34 minutes

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the peanuts movie best toddler movies
Twentieth Century Fox/ Peanuts Worldwide LLC

2. ‘the Peanuts Movie’ (2015)

The popular comic strip comes to life in this family-friendly flick starring the whole Peanuts gang. While Charlie Brown tries to win over the love of his life, Snoopy is determined to defeat the Red Baron.

Scary moments: No scary moments although Lucy is her usual rude self so you might want to make sure your kid doesn’t pick up any of her sass.
Recommended age: 4+
Run time: 93 minutes

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the gruffalo todder movie
Magic Light Pictures/ Studio Soi    

3. ‘the Gruffalo’ (2010)

This TV short is based on the classic children’s book about a mouse walking through the forest and outwitting predators along the way. A cute animation that will let your mini know that smarts are more important than size.

Scary moments: There are a few imaginary scenes where the mouse is being eaten by other animals, but the little creature triumphs in the end.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 40 minutes

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my neighbor totoro film for toddlers
Studio Ghibli

4. ‘my Neighbor Totoro’ (1988)

Two sisters move into a new house, where they encounter plenty of weird and wonderful creatures (the soot spirits at the start of the film may be a little frightening for some, but they’re not around for long).

Scary moments: The girls’ mother is sick in the hospital, but these scenes aren’t sad or distressing.
Recommended age: 4+
Run time: 86 minutes

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toddler movies cars
Walt Disney Pictures

5. ‘cars’ (2006)

When Lightning McQueen, a famous race-car, gets stranded in Radiator Springs, he makes some new friends and discovers that there's a lot more to life than being famous.

Scary moments: There's some mean behavior and the use of words like "idiot," "fool" and "moron," so copycat toddlers may need some supervision while watching.
Recommended age: 4+
Run time: 116 minutes

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the many adventures of winnie the pooh film for toddlers
Walt Disney Productions

6. ‘the Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh’ (1977)

Based on the classic tales from A. A. Milne, this movie follows Pooh Bear and his pals on a series of fun-filled shenanigans around the Hundred Acre Wood. There’s some mild danger here (think: Pooh getting chased by a swarm of bees) but no scary monsters or ghouls to speak of.

Scary moments: Rabbit gets lost in the woods by himself, which may upset some sensitive kids.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 74 minutes

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thomas and friends the adventure beings toddler movie
HiT Entertainment/ Arc Productions

7. ‘thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins’ (2015)

All aboard this train-filled adventure that follows a fearless young tank engine getting to know his new home, the Island of Sodor. Features lots of great themes about friendship, hard work and cooperation.

Scary moments: There’s nothing scary here, although the bickering amongst the engines may cause adult viewers to require extra vino.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 45 minutes

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the snowman best movie for toddlers
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/ TVC London

8. ‘the Snowman’ (2014)

There’s no dialogue in this animated adaptation of the classic children’s book—just beautiful music, a sweet storyline and short run time for more distractible viewers.

Scary moments: None. (The snowman does melt at the end but the child isn’t upset about it.)
Recommended age: 2+
Run time: 26 minutes

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toddler movies adventures of elmo in grouchland
Columbia Pictures/Jim Henson Pictures

9. ‘the Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland’ (1999)

When Elmo’s blue blanket accidentally gets thrown away, he embarks on a journey to Grouchland to get it back. Kids will love the catchy songs and parents will love the valuable lessons about sharing and working together.

Scary moments: There’s a bad guy who wants the blanket for himself…but that’s about it.
Recommended age: 4+
Run time: 73 minutes

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curious george movie for toddlers
Universal Feature Animation    

10. ‘curious George’ (2006)

The man with the yellow hat (voiced by Will Ferrell) travels to Africa in search of a rare artifact but returns with a stowaway. Now back in New York, he must look after his pet monkey while halting plans to demolish the museum where he works.

Scary moments: There’s nothing scary about this funny tale although impressionable kids may need reminding that some of George’s whacky antics are for monkeys only.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 87 minutes

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toddler movies blues big musical
Nick Jr.

11. ‘blue's Big Musical Movie’ (2000)

Steve and his four-legged friend, Blue, are stepping away from their classic red chair to throw a big musical in their backyard. The movie includes useful lessons about empathy and perseverance while musical segments will teach children about tempo and rhythm.

Scary moments: While each character does face a specific challenge, there’s nothing scary or concerning in the movie.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 78 minutes

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toddler movies lost and found
Contender Entertainment Group

12. ‘lost And Found’ (2008)

In this adaptation of Oliver Jeffers' picture book of the same name, a little boy embarks on an exciting new adventure with a penguin that he finds on his doorstep. The importance of love and having compassion towards others are some takeaways you can expect from the film.

Scary moments: There are two to keep an eye out for. One is a giant, scary storm that happens out at sea, while the other involves a giant octopus that rises out of the ocean to speak with the boy and the penguin.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 54 minutes

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toddler movies stellaluna
Tundra Productions

13. ‘stellaluna’ (2003)

The movie follows a lost baby bat who’s determined to find and reunite with her family. The movie not only teaches kids about different types of animals, but it also encourages children to be kind and accepting of other people’s differences.

Scary moments: An owl appears and chases the bats away, causing Stellaluna to fall and lose contact with her mother.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 41 minutes

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toddler movies veggietales
Big Idea Entertainment

14. ‘veggietales: Lord Of The Beans’ (2020)

When a young Flobbit, Toto, inherits a magical bean with great powers, he goes on a quest to discover what his amazing new gift should be used for.

Scary moments: There's some spooky music (that clearly pokes fun at Lord of the Rings) and a few villainous forks (yes, forks) with glowing eyes.
Recommended age: 4+
Run time: 52 minutes

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toddler movies tiger family trip
9 Story Media Group

15. ‘daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Tiger Family Trip’ (2017)

Get ready to join Daniel and his family as they go on a journey to visit Grandpere. The movie is as educational as it is entertaining, since it teaches kids important skills like how to ask for help, how to deal with certain social situations and how to manage their feelings.

Scary moments: No scary scenes here, but you'll probably identify with Daniel's parents as they deal with some challenges of traveling with kids along the way.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 51 minutes

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toddler movies lotte from gadgetville
Rija Films

16. ‘lotte From Gadgetville’ (2006)

In this delightful movie, we get to see Lotte's hometown of Gadgetville, a place that's filled with inventors and their exciting new creations. The movie addresses friendship, family and the importance of working hard.

Scary moments: Expect a bit of suspense when Lotte's father goes missing for a little while, but aside from that, nothing seriously scary occurs.
Recommended age: 4+
Run time: 78 minutes

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toddler movies maya the bee
Studio 100 Film

17. ‘maya The Bee Movie’ (2015)

Maya, a freshly hatched bee, must prove her innocence when she’s accused of stealing the Royal Jelly. A sweet flick that helps kids learn the importance of friendship, trust, and team work.

Scary moments: The hornets might appear intimidating, and there are moments when it seems like a character is hurt. But these scary moments are pretty mild and they're resolved quickly.
Recommended age: 4+
Run time: 79 minutes

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toddler movies royal monkey
Imagine Entertainment

18. ‘curious George: Royal Monkey’ (2019)

Chaos ensues when George accidentally switches places with Phillippe, the Kingdom of Simiana's royal monkey. The movie offers a fun take on how people can understand new perspectives while they're in another person's shoes.

Scary moments: None—but there are a few moments of mild awkwardness and tension.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 86 minutes

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toddler movies meet the small potatoes

19. ‘meet The Small Potatoes’ (2013)

Though it's mostly silly and humorous, kids will love learning about music, interpersonal relationships and how fame can change someone's life.

Scary moments: No scary moments, but since a few of the characters have a snarky attitude, you might want to make sure your toddlers don't copy that behavior.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 115 minutes

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toddler movies miffy the movie

20. ‘miffy The Movie’ (2013)

In this movie (which features an inclusive group of bunnies), Miffy and her pals go on a fun treasure hunt, using riddles about movement, color, shapes, numbers and sounds to help them find the mysterious prize.

Scary moments: There are no scary moments here, only minor setbacks that the characters learn to overcome during their journey.
Recommended age: 3+
Run time: 68 minutes

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