3 Heartwarming Easter Eggs Hidden in the 'Bluey' Special Episode 'The Sign'

How many did you spot?

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Last weekend Bluey fans were treated to the show’s longest episode ever, titled “The Sign.” In the 30-minute special on Disney+, the Heeler family are preparing to sell their home—something Bluey is definitely not on board with. What else happens in the episode? A wedding, lots of feels and a ton of Easter Eggs for loyal viewers. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Aunty Brandy Is Pregnant

Fans will remember the heartbreaking revelation in Season 3 episode "Onesies," where we find out that Chilli's older sister, Aunt Brandy, is dealing with fertility issues. But wait—towards the end of "The Sign," right as guests are arriving for the wedding, we see a pregnant Aunt Brandy! It’s a blink-and-you'll miss it moment, but Aunt Brandy is definitely sporting a large belly and Chilli even lovingly rubs it. A new cousin for Bluey and Bingo—hurrah!

2. There's a New Couple on the Scene

Winton’s dad has found love at last! Remember in the "TV Shop" episode in season 3 where Winton’s dad and the Terrier triplets' mum seemed to hit it off? Well, in "The Sign" we see that their love has blossomed. A key moment at the end of the episode is when the prospective buyers of the Heeler home see another house that just went up for sale featuring the pool that they've always wanted. Take a closer look and guess who’s selling that particular house? Winton's dad and the Terriers' mom! You can even spot all four kids (Winton plus the three Terriers) outside the house in the car together.

3. “Greeney” Comes Back

At the end of the "Mum School" episode in season 2, Bluey is sad because her green balloon ("Greeney") has floated away and she can't get it back. And so she learns an important lesson, that sometimes things happen that we don't like but everything will still be OK in the end. This, of course, is the big takeaway from "The Sign," a lesson that's brought home when Bluey comforts Bingo (who didn't really understand that selling your house meant you had to leave it), and the camera pans up into the clouds to where dear Greeny is floating in the sky. Cue the waterworks!

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