28 Funny Books for Kids That Will Turn Even the Most Reluctant Reader Into a Bookworm

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There’s no bad time to enjoy a good laugh—or a good read, for that matter. And if the young person in your life is wise to the fact that comedic relief can be found between the pages of a book, they’ll very likely start hitting the library more often. Here, a roundup of funny books for kids of all ages that will have them smiling, giggling and falling in love with reading.

28 Classic Children’s Books That Every Kid Should Read

funny books for kids the book with no pictures by b j novak

1. the Book With No Pictures By B.j. Novak

The Book With No Pictures is a wildly funny and oh-so clever read-aloud that capitalizes on the fact that the person reading has to say whatever is written. In other words, prepare to sound pretty ridiculous while your kid squeals with laughter, because the joke’s on you, parents.

Best for ages 5 to 8

funny books for kids alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day by judith viorst

2. alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day By Judith Viorst

Whether or not a kid finds this classic story about a boy having a bad day funny (as opposed to simply depressing) likely comes down to their temperament and the tone in which it is read. Still, one could argue that those who don’t appreciate the humor will benefit most from the message about resilience in the face of disappointment, so it’s a worthy read either way.

Best for ages 6 to 9

funny books for kids funny girl

3. funny Girl: Funniest. Stories. Ever. Edited By Betsy Bird

This hilarious collection of short stories by female writers boasts girl power vibes and enough silly jokes to keep tweens giggling from start to finish. That said, parents might want to screen this one for age appropriateness, since some of the stories contain puberty jokes, as well as references to everything from fancy bras and boy-crazy behavior to drugs (albeit in the context of a D.A.R.E. class).

Best for ages 8 to 12

funny books for kids someday a bird will poop on you

4. someday A Bird Will Poop On You By Sue Salvi

Here, a humorous picture book with positive messages about resilience, plus the considerable kid-appeal of poop. If Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day didn’t strike your child as terribly funny, Someday a Bird Will Poop on You is a thoughtful, but light-hearted alternative that checks all the boxes.

Best for ages 3 to 7

funny books for kids the girl with the blue hair1
The Bedtime Chronicles

5. girl With The Blue Hair By Derek Siskin

Girl with the Blue Hair—the second installment of the Bedtime Chronicles—is an empowering story about girl power and the importance of not judging a book by its cover. It’s also replete with colorful images and the hip hop rhyming scheme makes it a whole lot of fun to read.

Best for ages 3 to 8

funny books for kids the serious goose

6. the Serious Goose By Jimmy Kimmel

Written and illustrated by late-night funny man Jimmy Kimmel, The Serious Goose is a clever and engaging book that tasks readers with the job of getting a dour goose to crack a smile. Needless to say, being as silly as possible is the key to success, so the process is just plain fun.

Best for ages 3 to 7

funny books for kids interrupting chicken

7. interrupting Chicken By David Ezra Stein

Sweet, funny and brightly illustrated, David Ezra Stein’s Caldecott award-winning book about a young chicken who won’t let his papa get through a bedtime story without interruption is a charming (and relatable) read that’s sure to entertain kids and parents alike.

Best for ages 4 to 8

funny books for kids i don t want to be a frog

8. i Don’t Want To Be A Frog By Dev Petty

A sweet picture book for the younger crowd, I Don’t Want to Be a Frog is driven by hilarious banter between a young frog who wants to be anything but himself and his unflappable father. Best of all, the story’s positive message about self-acceptance ensures that reading time will end on a tender note once the laughter subsides.

Best for ages 3 to 7

funny books for kids we found a hat

9. we Found A Hat By Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen’s clever book about two turtles and a coveted hat is a testament to how perfect pacing, nuanced illustrations and a satisfying narrative arc can be employed to turn what would otherwise be a simple story into a work of comedic genius. Bottom line: If your kid doesn’t yet appreciate the art of deadpan, We Found a Hat will change that fast.

Best for ages 4 to 8

funny books for kids junie b jones and the stupid smelly bus

10. junie B. Jones And The Stupid Smelly Bus By Barbara Park

A New York Times bestseller and long-standing favorite among young readers, Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus is the first in an uproariously funny and highly relatable series of chapter books told from the perspective of a sassy kindergartener with personality to spare.

Best for ages 6 to 9

funny books for kids moo

11. moo By Sharon Creech

After moving with her family to rural Maine, young Reena is struggling to adjust to country life…until she starts to develop an unexpected bond with an unusually grumpy cow, that is. In this sweet and silly novel for tween readers, Newbery Medal-winning author Sharon Creech uses a combination of poetry and prose to craft a story that has a whole lot of heart.

Best for ages 8 to 12

funny books for kids it s all about me ow

12. it’s All About Me-ow By Hudson Talbott

Buddy the housecat takes it upon himself to train the family’s new kittens. The result? One seriously funny guide—complete with vibrant and wildly entertaining illustrations—on how to rule the roost without the humans of the household suspecting a thing. If you’re looking for a quick, playful read for younger kids, It’s All About Me-Ow will be right up your alley.

Best for ages 3 to 7

funny books for kids everyone poops

13. everyone Poops By Taro Gomi

Presenting a potty training classic that really tells (and shows) it like it is. Indeed, Everybody Poops relies on a brilliant combination of simple, matter-of-fact text and, um, colorful illustrations to cover all the basics of bowel movements whilst keeping the toddler crowd mighty entertained.

Best for ages 0 to 3

funny books for kids finders keepers

14. finders Keepers By Keiko Kasza

Quiet, sweet and full of suspense, this book about a humble hat and its journey on the breeze boasts a charming surprise ending, gorgeous mixed-media illustrations and the kind of subdued humor that promises to entertain a preschooler without sabotaging bedtime.

Best for ages 3 to 5

funny books for kids farts in the wild

15. farts In The Wild By H.w. Smeldit

With a title like Farts in the Wild, it should come as no surprise that this foray into the world of flatulence is, well, wildly funny. Our favorite thing about H.W. Smeldit’s potty humor piece de resistance, though, is that the text successfully had us mistaking fiction for zoological fact (but only for a second, we swear).

Best for ages 5+

funny books for kids detective gordon the first case

16. detective Gordon: The First Case By Ulf Nilsson

An ideal chapter book for intermediate readers, this whodunit features a hapless and highly entertaining detective, a go-getter police mouse and an agitated squirrel—all invested (to varying degrees) in cracking a case of stolen nuts. Dive into this one and you’ll be rewarded with excellent writing, full-color pastel drawings and compelling, age appropriate content.

Best for ages 5 to 11

funny books for kids the phantom tollbooth

17. the Phantom Tollbooth By Norton Juster

Milo, a bored and apathetic young boy, is cured of his disenchantment when a tollbooth mysteriously appears in his bedroom and transports him to a whimsical fantasy land where things are far from snoozy. (Downright confusing, in fact.) Hand this classic to the young, independent reader in your home and they’ll be whisked away to a world of wordplay, wit and imagination.

Best for ages 8 to 12

funny books for kids captain underpants

18. captain Underpants By Dav Pilkey

Dav Pilkey’s New York Times bestselling series about two imaginative fourth graders and the adventures they share when their comic book character comes to life is exceedingly silly and undeniably fun to read. That said, parents with an aversion to potty humor should probably steer clear.

Best for ages 5 to 9

funny books for kids president taft is stuck in the bath

19. president Taft Is Stuck In The Bath By Mac Barnett

The over-the-top gouache illustrations do a bang-up job of telling the (historically accurate) story of President Taft’s unfortunate encounter with a bathtub. The content of this one is plenty engaging and sure to elicit giggles from young readers, but it’s worth noting that, due to the nature of the anecdote, the humor in this one revolves around fat-shaming to a degree that many would (understandably) find off-putting.

Best for ages 4 to 8

funny books for kids the wicked big toddlah

20. the Wicked Big Toddlah By Kevin Hawkes

A whimsical story about a giant baby who inadvertently gets into big trouble as he navigates all the normal first year routines. The Wicked Big Toddlah boasts stellar artwork and a storyline that promises to have everyone in stitches.

Best for ages 2 to 6

funny books for kids the bear ate your sandwich

21. the Bear Ate Your Sandwich By Julia Sarcone-roach

A mischievous bear wanders from the forest into the city, steals a sandwich from a park bench and returns back home…or so the narrator would have you believe. Indeed, the surprise ending of this one is as delightful as the lively romp that precedes it.

Best for ages 3 to 5

funny books for kids the midnight gang

22. the Midnight Gang By David Walliams

David Walliams’s irreverent humor delivers big laughs in this imaginative book, which boasts rich characters, detailed illustrations and a compelling storyline about a particularly dreadful children’s hospital ward and the magic the patients make there after dark.

Best for ages 8 to 12

funny books for kids lion lessons

23. lion Lessons By Jon Agee

Lion Lessons, as the name suggests, follows the progress of a human boy as he trains to become a lion—a hilariously absurd premise made even funnier by Jon Agee’s gouache illustrations and sparse, witty text. This read-aloud will quickly become a story time favorite.

Best or ages 4 to 8

funny books for kids grumpy monkey

24. grumpy Monkey By Suzanne Lang

A chimpanzee named Jim finds himself feeling seriously grumpy on a beautiful day, and his friends’ relentless efforts to turn his mood around amount to naught. Light-hearted and humorous throughout—Grumpy Monkey teaches kids an important lesson in emotional literacy (i.e., that all emotions, even negative ones, are OK and sometimes you just need to let them be).

Best for ages 3 to 7

funny books for kids amelia bedelia

25. amelia Bedelia By Peggy Parish

Amelia Bedelia is a charming and well-intentioned housekeeper who always follows instructions to the letter…but has no understanding of figures of speech. As such, you can imagine the hilarity that ensues when she’s asked to perform simple tasks like “dress a chicken” or “draw the drapes.” The takeaway? If side-splitting comedy is what you demand, Amelia Bedelia will get the job done.

Best for ages 4 to 8

funny books for kids the day the crayons quit

26. the Day The Crayons Quit By Drew Daywalt

This deliciously witty story about disgruntled crayons who essentially stage a workplace walkout will stir the young imagination and inspire much laughter in parents and kids alike.

Best for ages 3 to 7

funny books for kids don t let the pigeon drive the bus

27. don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus By Mo Willems

Mo Willems ingeniously flips the script on preschool readers in this uproarious book by giving kids the opportunity to lay down the law when a goofy cartoon pigeon throws a toddler-style tantrum over driving the bus.

Best for ages 3 to 6

funny books for kids i m just no good at rhyming

28. i’m Just No Good At Rhyming By Chris Harris

Fans of Shel Silverstein will delight in this whimsical and cheeky collection of poems. Chris Harris uses wordplay and wit to great effect in his offbeat poetry, and the result is a smart and hilarious read that kids will want to return to again and again.

Best for ages 6+

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