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As a mom of twins, you’re well-versed in the ways of double strollers and double temper tantrums. But you can still use all the help you can get. We checked in with fashion entrepreneur and mom of four-year-old twins Shoshanna Gruss for her six best tips for raising multiples.

Let them share a room throughout their toddler years. “That way there’s only one messy room to clean, and you aren’t running back and forth at night if they wake up at the same time—and they will!”

But give them separate areas. “Having twins is a 24-hour playdate, so make sure they have space for a little ‘me’ time.”

Don’t panic if one is doing something and the other is not. “I called my pediatrician many times in full freak-out mode, and he just kept reminding me, they are different people, give them time. He was right.”

Buy gender-neutral, solid-colored clothing. “So their wardrobe is interchangeable, at least when they’re infants.”

Have a go-to activity they can do together without fighting over a toy. “In my house, we love to bake. Each twin bakes and decorates their own cake.”

Don’t call them the "twins." “I always address them by their names, and I really try to play with each one, every day, alone, with no compromising. I think it makes such a difference in creating an individual bond with each.”

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