17 Things Our Parents Allowed That We Would Never (Ever) Let Our Kids Do

Want to feel like Marty McFly for a minute? Think back to your childhood. Before Instagram envy and Facebook FOMO, when you simply roamed the neighborhood on your bike without a helmet (or a helicopter parent), and watched MTV for hours while munching GMOs. We polled a dozen parents to ask what they did as kids that they would instantly outlaw for their own. Get ready to laugh your Z. Cavariccis off.

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1. “Trick or treat alone.”—H, Dad of 3

2. “Drink soda with dinner.”—L, Mom of 2

3. “Eat sugary cereal for breakfast. Remember Cookie Crisp? It was literally cookies for breakfast.”—E, Mom of 3


4. “Prank call people’s houses as a primary after school activity. ” –J, Mom of 2

5. “Sell Girl Scout Cookies door to door by myself.”—L, Mom of 3

6. “Watch TV from the moment I got home from school until I went to bed.” –L, Mom of 2

7. “Ski, snowboard and ride snowmobiles without a helmet.” –R, Dad of 4

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8. “Ride in the back of a station wagon backward with no seatbelt. Were there even carseats back then?” —E, Mom of 2

9. “Sit on the trunk of my stepdad’s convertible with my legs dangling into the backseat…while it was moving.”—H, Dad of 3

10.“Attach a little note with my full name and address to any helium balloon, along with a request for a pen pal, and release it in the woods. What were the chances that another ten-year-old little girl was going to find it and not some murderer?” —J, Mom of 2

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11. “Walk to a creek that had alligators…by ourselves. Go Florida!!!”—E, Mom of 2

12. “Sit on the bar of my dad’s bike on a towel. No safety seats hooked to the back. I was 3.” –L, Mom of 3

13. “Baby oil > Sunblock.” —S, Mom of 2

14. “Vandalize with impunity on Halloween. My parents would watch us use pins and lighters to rig cans of Barbasol shaving cream to spray long distances, without saying a thing.”–J, Mom of 2

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15. “Watch Married With Children when we were, like, 8. I feel like that show raised me. I don’t know where my dad ends and Al Bundy begins.” —J, Mom of 2 

16. “Two words: Fun Dip.”—M, Dad of 2

17. “Eat McDonald's five times a week. It was glorious.”—J, Mom of 2