Celebrations of all stripes are looking very different this year, and the Super Bowl is no exception. What hasn’t changed, however, is the widespread excitement that surrounds this yearly sporting event...but how do you give a nod to game day without throwing your usual invite-everyone-you-know football party? Easy—you celebrate the occasion virtually with a big Zoom bash or party in-person with just your household. But, aside from a safe celebration, the most important thing is that you pull out all the stops to ensure game day doesn’t feel like just another football season Sunday—and that’s precisely where Super Bowl party games enter the picture. Read on for our top picks of things to play (virtually or with your pod) when the big day rolls around.

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1. DIY Shuffleboard Game

All you need is a piece of wood, some paint and a pen for a pre-game craft that promises to deliver plenty of half-time entertainment. This DIY shuffleboard is quick and easy to make, and the edible shuffleboard pieces (M&Ms) are sure to make the friendly competition even sweeter for everyone. Bonus: The candy factor will keep little kids coming back for more play, which means parents can retire to the couch and watch the game.

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2. Rate the Commercials

Chances are not everyone in your family or pod shares the same degree of enthusiasm for football itself; Super Bowl commercials, on the other hand, are reliably entertaining for all. Equip everyone with these printable score cards and turn every commercial break into a rousing game of “rate that ad” for a major improvement on the typical passive viewing experience.

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3. DIY Cozy Craft

Kids (and anyone else who prefers a crafting event to a sporting one) will be happy to turn their attention to a game day decorating project. This festive cozy craft comes together with only a few inexpensive materials and the process is completely kid-friendly. Most importantly, the finished product promises to keep everyone happy by preventing the major bummer that is a lukewarm beverage.

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4. Super Bowl Bingo

Some like to scream at the flat screen, while others have a more subdued way of enjoying the Super Bowl—you know, like with one eye on the screen and the other on a bingo card, for example. Keep those in the latter category engaged in the game with some free printable Super Bowl bingo, which covers everything from what goes down on the field to the commercials in between.

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Kid Friendly Things to Do

5. Football Doughnuts on a String Game

Keep the party going after the game is finished with a hilarious race in which players compete to be the first to take a bite out of a dangling doughnut...with their hands behind their backs. To set this one up, you can do some pre-game baking or just add white frosting laces to store-bought chocolate donuts instead. Either way, the winner gets a sweet reward. Best of all, if guests are willing to bring and string their own doughnut, this game is just as much fun to play at a virtual party, too.

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6. Mini Football Cornhole

You don’t need to have pro-footballer skills to enjoy a game of hand-eye coordination. Case in point: This crowd-pleasing, football-themed cornhole game. Try your hand at this DIY for a party attraction that members of your family or pod can play at their own leisure, and kids in the group are sure to love. (And don’t worry—it’s not that difficult since you start the craft with a ready-made cornhole board.)

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7. Football Squares Pool

No athleticism is required to join this football pool, a printable party feature in which guests (yep, that can just be your immediate family) compete for prizes in a game of luck. This one’s as family-friendly as gambling gets (i.e., the prizes can be candy bars) and since the outcome is tied to the touchdowns happening in real time, everyone is guaranteed to be watching the big game with bated breath from start to finish.

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8. Super Bowl Word Scramble

Keep yourself (or the kids) occupied with a little brain teasing challenge in the form of a Super Bowl word scramble. This game day puzzle is challenging enough to be a quick but fun diversion for adults, but not too hard for kids to unscramble—and since all the words are football terms, it might even set in motion a helpful refresher course on the rules of the game. You know, in case you forgot what a field goal is (*raises hand*).

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9. Flag Football super bowl party games

9. Flag Football

Flag football is a fun family game to play pretty much any time, but it’s a particularly useful activity during the Super Bowl when stir-crazy kids are clamoring to play rather than just watch. Plus, this sport not only promises a breath of fresh air and a much-needed screen time break, but it also ensures the whole event isn’t interrupted by an emergency room visit. (Three cheers for no-contact play!)

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10. Super Bowl Pick ‘Em

If you’re looking for an excellent way to kick off your game day celebration, this free party printable is a good place to start: This guessing game questionnaire can be completed before the Super Bowl starts by kids and adults alike. It’s also an entertaining activity to have available at both virtual and in-person celebrations—just be sure to appoint a referee, lest memories fail regarding the ‘correct’ answers once scores start to be tallied.

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11. DIY Washers Yard Game

This very cool DIY requires quite a bit of hardware (think: mini tube cutter, copper pipes, galvanized floor flanges) and some know-how. That said, if you can pull it off, you and your pod will be rewarded with a challenging ring toss party game in the form of a pretty (yes, really) miniature football field. Neat.

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12. Football Knockdown

Have your family warm up before the big game with a few rounds of football knockdown—a game in which players toss the old pigskin at a pyramid of plastic cups. All you need is some brown cups (or brown paint to give any color cup a makeover), a white pen, a football...and voila, a festive and entertaining activity that will get the party started.

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13. Football Charades super bowl party games
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13. Football Charades

While you’re waiting for the game to get started, gather your family together for a round of football charades, which is actually just charades with an added challenge: players are limited to acting out football-related words. Hint: It’s the participants who know the least about football that make this game such a riot to play.


14. Inflatable Football Toss Target

So, you’re too busy whipping up Super Bowl snacks to tackle a DIY game board—we get it. Just buy some readymade game day amusement instead. This inflatable football target is a budget-friendly option that can be used indoors or outdoors—but no matter where you set it up, we’d wager that the Super Bowl enthusiasts in your life will be eager to give it a whirl.

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15. Pin the Football Game

Feature this birthday party favorite at your family’s Super Bowl bash and your kids will thank you (as will the adults who want to watch in peace). This set comes complete with everything you need—blindfold, adhesive footballs, poster—to get the young ones legitimately excited to play with a wall for a few.

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