Anyone else tired of scrolling on screens all day? There are only so many pictures of dogs in cute sweaters that a person can take, although the limit is high. With the flowers blooming, the sun shining and tank top season approaching, we want every and any excuse to get outside to enjoy the weather.

That’s where these outdoor games for adults come in (because hey, we’re not letting the kids have all the fun!). From one-on-one tetherball to group laser tag, these picks are all pretty portable, so you can go from a game at the beach to an evening by the barbeque. Don’t be surprised if neighbors begin to stop by more frequently.

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1. Spikeball Standard 3-Ball Kit

Best for evenings in the park

Have you ever passed a college campus? Then you have most definitely seen Spikeball. This quick, two-on-two sport provides the adrenaline rush of a volleyball spike without the bruised wrist. If you missed the Spikeball class back in the day, you can still enroll now and be guaranteed an “A” by the end of the summer.

$60 At Amazon

Dicks Sporting Goods

2. Wicked Big Sports Verasapong

Best for transportability

Fact: No game day is complete until at least one red Solo cup is crushed on the ground and no one knows where it came from. Now, with the Verasapong pack by Wicked Big Sports, not only will you be able to play beer pong just about anywhere (without having to haul a 60-inch table), but you will now know the source of that crushed Solo cup.

Buy it ($60)


3. Rechargable Laser Tag Set

Best for group events

Do you want to be the coolest person in your friend group? Us too, which is why we’re getting this rechargeable laser tag set. The lasers and vests work together to keep score, so all you need to focus on is your stealth and aim. Just book a weekend getaway, bring your laser set and you’re pretty much guaranteed to go down as a legend.

$200 At Amazon


4. Deluxe Heavy-Duty Backyard Tetherball

Best for one-on-one

Tetherball used to be equated to middle school gym shorts and unavoidable sweat stains, but, as an adult, it equals delicious bbq parties and a chilled beer. With no need to run far to retrieve a ball, you can play this game while still chatting up your grilling buddy.

Buy it ($79)


5. GIGGLE N GO Limbo Outdoor Games

Best used at summer parties

Grab a drink, put on some jamming music, and get ready for limbo! This Giggle N Go Limbo set brings the classic limbo game to a new era. With its lightweight material and easy setup, you can carry this iconic game everywhere and anywhere this summer. Better start stretching now.

$30 At Amazon

L.L. Bean

6. L.L. Bean Bocce

Best used on flat grass terrain, sand or turf

Wanna go to France? Yeah, me too. But since that is a little difficult right now, here is the game that can help transport you to the home of baguettes and berets. The goal of Bocce is to get your team’s balls closest to the white ball, also known as the Pallino. This set by L.L. Bean not only has a customizable carrying case, but beautiful, quality balls that will last for many summers to come.

Buy it ($109)


7. ApudArmis Giant Tumble Tower

Best for laid-back gatherings

Expect every family member and friend to be coming over when you pull out your new Giant Tumble Tower game. Putting a regular-sized tumble tower to shame, this wooden stacking tower holds true to the saying that bigger is better. Each block that is removed must be put back on the top until the tower falls (and whoever makes it tumble loses). To spice up this tumble tower set, we recommend writing different truths or dares on the blocks. Whichever block you pull, you have to answer the question or take on the challenge. It’ll make for one unforgettable night.

$43 At Amazon


8. Vera for Anthropologie Picnic Travel Croquet Set

Best played in open spaces

Croquet goes from drab to fab with this set by Vera for Anthropologie. With these boldly colored mallets and pine wood pegs, you will be transported to the English countryside. Don’t be surprised if you take on an accent and embark on a dramatic love triangle.

Buy it ($58)


9. Franklin Sports Badminton

Best for active groups

From the beach to the backyard, badminton is always a favorite for a beautiful, sunny day. This set comes with four steel badminton rackets and a deluxe carrying bag to transport all of the game’s components. We recommend teaming up with your favorite couple to have a sporty double date!

$32 At Amazon


10. Chipster Chipping Portable Practice Net

Best for the solo gamer

We all know it’s fun to drive a gold ball as far as the eye can see, but a golfer’s short game is just as important. The Chipster Chipping Portable Practice Net will help you improve your chipping any time, anywhere with its lightweight, collapsible net.

Buy It ($25)


11. Sunnylife Summer Games Beach Towel

Best for a day at the beach

We don’t know about you, but we’re upping our aesthetics for hot girl summer and this game beach towel takes trendy to a new level. Not only is this towel beautiful and purposeful, but the design allows for both checkers and backgammon to be played, so grab a friend and some sunscreen and get to it.

Buy It ($39)


12. Tiki Toss Hook and Ring Toss Game

Best for a late-night party

She may be small, but she is mighty! The goal of this tiki toss game is to swing the ring onto the hook. It sounds simple enough, but you will be amazed by the level of skill required. The initial set up may be a little difficult, but once you’re done, you will have a fun game that will be played all summer long.

$30 At Amazon


13. Juegoal Outdoor Game Set, Yard Games Flying Disc Frisbee Set

Best for a spacious backyard

Frisbee is great, but it can be difficult to find a large group to play with and two on two can get old quick. With the Juegoal Outdoor set, Frisbee gains a new competitive edge and focus. The goal: Knock the target off the pole first. The poles are adjustable for adult and children heights so the whole gang can play.

$26 At Amazon


14. Quikset Pickleball Starter Set

Best for easy setup

As one of the fastest growing sports in America, Pickle Ball is the lovable middle sibling to big brother tennis and little sister ping pong. With a short court, you won’t need to cover as much ground as tennis, but you’ll still get the full upper body workout with each paddle hit.

Buy It ($40)


15. EastPoint Sports 2’x4’ Foot Cornhole Outdoor Game Set

Best for big families

S’mores, fireworks, an embarrassing uncle and cornhole. These are summer essentials, and this EastPoint CornHole set will give your backyard barbeque a “summering in East Hampton” vibe. Crafted with solid wood and weather-resistant bean bags and designed for travel in mind, the family might be more focused on throwing bags than throwing burgers on the grill.

$208 At Amazon

Uncommon Goods

16. Uncommon Yard Dominos

Best for a picnic outing

Ever heard the saying, “The party truly does not start without giant dominos”? If you haven’t, you definitely will this summer. Uncommon Goods’s Giant Yard Dominos set is not only handmade, making each set unique, but with its lightweight pine wood material, you will be able to bring the party to every event you attend.

Buy It ($60)


17. Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game Set

Best for a day by the pool

No more losing pieces under the couch, only to be found again months later! With this giant four-to-score game, each bagel-sized piece is big enough that to lose them would be a challenge on its own. But even if you think you could meet that challenge, there’s also a built-in stand to keep all the pieces in one place. It’s never been so easy to stay organized (and still have a good time).

$150 At Amazon

Uncommon Goods

18. Uncommon Home Team Baseball Game

Best for those less active

Love baseball, but don’t like to run? This is the perfect substitute. Although not necessarily categorized as an “outdoor game,” this handmade board game takes the nostalgic feel of baseball and makes it more accessible for all.

Buy it ($68)


19. Sunnylife Table Tennis Game and Net Set

Best for smaller spaces

Come rain or shine, you will be playing this Sunnylife table tennis game most weekends. With the ability to clamp onto any table with ease, the party does not stop with cloudy weather. Just take the net set inside and clamp it onto any table of your choosing.

Buy it ($40)

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