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It’s your mini-me's birthday this week, and sure, you’d love to whip up some epic fairy-themed cupcakes from scratch. But honestly? It’s too damn hot out to turn on the oven. In fact, it’s too damn hot out to do much of anything.

Sprinkle-dipped ice-cream sandwiches to the rescue. We recently stumbled upon this crazy-easy dessert hack by our friends at Paige’s Party Ideas and found it too great a godsend not to share. They’re basically the most festive, lazy mom-approved crowd-pleaser of all time.  

Step 1: Remove a box of store-bought ice-cream sandwiches from their wrappers.

Step 2: Gently roll the exposed ice cream onto a plate of rainbow sprinkles.

Step 3: Slide those babies back into the freezer to let the sprinkles set.

Step 4: When it’s “happy birthday” time, pull them out and watch those delighted kiddos go to town.

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