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7 Signs Your Guy Is Going to Be an Amazing Dad

You (and your sacred circle of highly critical girlfriends) have already deemed your dude worthy of your time. But is he future-father material? Here, seven signs he’s going to make an amazing dad.

1. He shares chores. You do the cooking; he does the dishes. You walk the dog; he gets the laundry started. We’re not saying he needs to be a saint, but a general aptitude for chore-sharing bodes well for the world of public onesie changes and on-the-fly diaper runs.

2. He can de-escalate conflict. You freaking out over your cable bill and a toddler having a pre-nap meltdown? Not really all that different. In other words, an ability to calm you down now might be an indicator that he’ll remain cool and collected when your future child goes bonkers.

3. He values work-life balance. This isn’t just a “women’s issue,” people. When push comes to shove, you’re going to want a man who can tear himself away from his email long enough to read a bedtime story…or 12.

4. He can keep a dog/fish/plant alive. OK, it’s not a prerequisite for being a good dad, but it’s proof that he’s capable of responsibility.

5. He takes pride in his home. Nesting! It’s a thing. And every time he builds a bookshelf or even just mows his lawn, he’s showing you his capacity for settling down.

6. He’s silly. Because children love tickle wars and funny-face contests.

7. He’s remarkably lucid at 3 a.m. Because it weirdly takes brainpower to master the middle-of-the-night swaddle.

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