10 Pet Trends Pups, Cats & Humans Alike Will Pounce on in 2024

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As 2023 comes to a close, we can’t help but reflect on last year’s pet trends and look forward to the gadgets and goodies we’ll see everywhere in 2024. Get ready for eco-friendly everything, dog names from the ‘90s and ways to help your pet live forever (or as long as possible). One of our favorite pet trends of 2024 is the emergence of upscale vet clinics and holistic pet care. Since a staggering 97 percent of pet owners see their animals as true family members, this makes total sense. Who doesn’t want to treat their pets to the best care possible? If you can’t find a swanky clinic or pet masseuse in your neck of the woods, don’t worry. There are tons of diagnostic tools and healthy treats on our list to have the best year yet with your pet.

1. Eco-Friendly and Clean Pet Products

Eco-friendly and chemical-free pet products are taking the pet industry by storm. Not only are these products better for the environment, they are better for our pets. Brands like DOG by Dr. Lisa offer grooming products for cats and dogs that are biodegradable and recyclable. Plus, the products don’t contain any synthetic chemicals, fragrances or scents. Fan faves are the Soothing Balm ($18) for paws and the Dog Wash ($33) for baths.

Dog food and pet supplements are also becoming more sustainable. Badlands Ranch, an ultra-premium nutrition brand for dogs created by Katherine Heigl, boasts responsibly-raised beef freeze-dried with a slow cooking process that helps ingredients retain more nutritional value. Badlands Ranch supplements, like the Super20 ($60) that fuels everything from joints to vision, come in 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic containers.

If you need a clean, plant-based, cruelty-free wipe to quickly clean your pup post-walk or post-meal, Kaley Cuoco’s recently launched pet care brand named after her late pup, Oh Norman!, offers just that. The Clean The Eff Up! Body Wipes For Dirty Dogs ($12) don’t contain sulfates or phthalates and are easy on coats and skin.

2. Plant-Based Pet Products

Pet parents are aware that their carnivorous canines and meat-focused felines have an impact on the environment. There are several brands completely breaking this mold by focusing on plant-based products and food. Big disclaimer here: Talk to your vet before you transition your dog or cat to a vegan or vegetarian diet. This is new territory and drastic changes in diet could upset your pet’s constitution.

That being said, brands like Bramble are working with vets to formulate plant-based meals for dogs and cats. Human-grade ingredients that meet The Association of American Feed Control Officials standards make up Bramble’s recipes. The company tries to replicate the same meat flavors and textures dogs are used to. Dogs with high cholesterol or poor digestion may benefit from a plant-based Bramble diet.    

Then, there’s WagWell, a dog wellness brand featuring plant-based products to keep your pup in tip top shape. WagWell’s Ahiflower Omega Oil ($39) is their all-star product. It contains plant-based omega oils that help reduce inflammation in joints and improve coat shine. Reviewers also love their Calming Chews ($32), made with melatonin, chamomile and magnolia bark.

3. High-End Pet Travel Products

Because our pets are family, they’re accompanying us on more outings and vacations. This means we need better, more durable and transportable pet gear. Enter: Tavo Pets, the new pet travel system from Nuna, the company most people know for their baby strollers and car seats. Tavo Pets’ 3-in-1 protection system comes with a stroller and carrier that doubles as a car seat. The car seat is tested against the United Nations ECE child restraint standard, so you know your pet is safe in the backseat.

Once you reach your destination, Le Dog has the perfect portable bed for your pup (or cat). Le Mat is a lightweight version of Le Dog’s orthopedic leather bed. Stick it in the car on long rides or bring it along for vacation stays in new locations to keep your pet comfy.

4. Early Disease Screenings

According to the American Veterinary Association, “almost half of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer.” This is a scary statistic, but early detection can dramatically increase survival rates. Oncotect is a start-up company making at-home testing kits for dog parents who want to screen their pups for cancer risk factors. It’s a vet-approved urine test that some vets have relied on after tumor removal to ensure the cancer stays away.

Though Oncotect isn’t designed for cats, we highly recommend Wisdom Panel’s Complete Cat DNA Test (on sale for $91 right now). This test checks your kitty’s DNA for more than 45 genetic and medical conditions. Plus, you get an in-depth look into your cat’s breed, which can offer even more insight into their overall health and dietary needs. You can even discover your cat’s blood type, which is helpful info if they ever need an emergency infusion!

If you’re debating which DNA test to try for your dog, be sure to check out our reviews of different brands.

5. AI Tech Gadgets

There are tons of AI tools pet parents and vets will use in the coming year to improve pet care. We asked Alexandre Douzet, CEO of Pumpkin Pet Insurance, to tell us where he sees AI taking us in 2024. He said that while wearable tech like smart collars (including the Halo collar backed by Cesar Millan) are already booming in popularity, smartphones are truly a pet parent’s most powerful AI tool.

According to Douzet, many pet parents are turning to VetGPT to help diagnose ailments. He added that vet telehealth options will also continue to trend upwards because they are convenient, especially in non-emergencies. “Virtual vet visits can also save pet parents thousands of dollars over the years, especially when coupled with pet insurance that can cover fees for both in-person and virtual vet visits,” Douzet said.

In terms of in-home AI gadgets, you’ll see interactive play and training items like Companion, which, unfortunately, has a waitlist until 2025, and health monitoring tools like Petivity, which works with simple litter boxes to track cat bathroom habits.

“It’s important to stress that AI is a tool that can make veterinary care more efficient, but it cannot replace the expertise of veterinarians,” Douzet said. That means don’t skip your pet’s annual exam. VetGPT can’t draw your pet’s blood or check for early signs of gingivitis.

6. Homes Designed Around Pets

Interior design can be beautiful and functional, even if you have pets who run on the hardwood and roll on the couch. Shaw Floors is one company leading the in pet-friendly flooring. Their PetPerfect Carpeting is durable as is, but feel free to add their LifeGuard® Spill-Proof Technology if you’ve got extra messy pets. They also offer waterproof vinyl flooring that looks like real hardwood.

Even puppy pee pads are getting an upgrade these days. Pupiboo makes 100 percent waterproof pee pads that aren’t complete eyesores—in fact, they look like colorful mini rugs. And households with shy cats? There’s Purrfect Portal, a cat door you can install throughout your house to make sure your cat has free reign and can get where they need to go, even if the door is closed.

Finally, modern furniture company Joybird understands life with pets means cuddling on the couch. Which is why they’ve created their line of pet-friendly fabrics. Designed to withstand pets (and kids), Joybird’s collection is gorgeous and resilient. As someone with a Haine Modular Sectional in her living room, I can also say these are comfy pieces of furniture.

7. Upscale Vet Clinics

If you’ve ever wanted to make a spa day out of a vet visit, Vetique has you covered. This upscale vet clinic in Chicago has a wine bar for humans full of vino made especially for the clinic (try the Pinot Meow or the Pawsecco). Veterinarians and BFFs Dr. Jessica Trice and Dr. Jennifer Remnes also partnered with Opulence Chicago so you can get Botox while your pet gets a check-up. While this is certainly a stand-out space, clinics all over the country are moving towards more luxurious decor, amenities and offerings.

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8. Holistic Pet Care

How good does your body feel after a massage? Well, this year, extend that sense of well-being to your pets. Pet massage therapy is a thing and practitioners like Shelby Conrad at Pet Massage Plus who are certified in this type of care know how to improve your pet’s movement, immune system function and post-surgery healing. Both the American Kennel Club and VCA Animal Hospitals recommend pet massage therapy to alleviate other ailments like anxiety and chronic pain.

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9. Taylor Swift—and 1990s-Inspired—Dog Names released their annual dog name trends and we are loving the results. First of all, the top trending dog name in the U.S. right now is Kelce and we won’t pretend we don’t know why (Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s romance has given us a new appreciation for football). Swifty is also gaining popularity, along with Eras-inspired names like Cardigan, August and Betty. For millennials entering their nostalgia era, the growing popularity of 90s-themed dog names is very fun. Alanis, Ginger Spice, Snoop, Tupac and Missy are all trending way up. Expect to meet lots of dogs in 2024 with names that bring you right back to middle school.

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10. Beyoncé- and Barbie-Inspired Cat Names

Seems like cat owners were more likely to attend the Renaissance tour this summer. Rover reported that the name Beyoncé is up 160 percent in popularity among cats and Blue Ivy is up 243 percent. Beyond that, cat parents are all about Barbie-themed names: Barbie, Barb, Allan and Greta are trending (and we imagine pink collars will be too). The one trend cat parents can’t let go of is naming their kitties after food. Chive, Dijon, Prosecco and Morel are among the favorite food-inspired cat names Rover’s survey uncovered.

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