Congrats—you and your spouse made it to the one-year mark and that’s no small accomplishment. The first year of marriage is filled with challenges and obstacles (like the honeymoon blues, combining finances and, um, realizing that you’re stuck with your in-laws forever), but you guys got through them all. And now, it’s time to celebrate your beloved with a gift.

The traditional first-anniversary gift is paper, while the modern option is a clock to commemorate the passage of time. But you don’t have to stick to what’s expected. You can also choose something personalized or totally unique. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. With that in mind, here are 35 one-year anniversary ideas to celebrate your relationship.

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Paper Gifts

1. Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

Why is paper the traditional first year anniversary gift? Some say it’s because paper symbolizes the blank pages upon which you’ll write the newest chapter of your life (how romantic). Others say it’s because, well, paper gifts are budget-friendly and therefore ideal for couples just starting out. (On that note, you might want to start saving now for the 50th anniversary gift—gold, baby). Whatever the case, this lasting keepsake fits either definition. The diary provides a question for every day of the year (like “What feels vitally important right now?” or “What does your partner's laugh sound like?”), with enough space for two people to jot down a short response. Then after three years you can flip back over your answers and see how much you’ve changed (or not).

$24 at Amazon

2. Love Letters of Great Men

Remember that scene in Sex and the City where Carrie is lying in bed and reading love letters by famous men? It turns out that the book didn’t actually exist at the time but the letters were real—including the Beethoven one quoted by Mr. Big at their wedding ceremony (“forever thine, forever mine, forever us”). Those sweet words and more in this collection of love notes.

$14 at Amazon

3. A Customized Portrait

Moved into a new space and have some blank walls to fill? Get a customized portrait of that snap you love (you know, the one where neither one of you is blinking and your hair is perfection) and hang it up for all to see.

Buy It ($50)

4. Personalized Cards

Nothing says “I’m a grown-up” more than personalized stationery. Gift your one and only this chic set (because come on, how cute is that dog?) and he’ll never have an excuse not to send a thank you card again.

Buy It ($65)

5. Scratch Off Map

Show off your past adventures (like that fabulous two-week honeymoon to Hawaii, for example) with this cool map. Simply hang it up, scratch off where you’ve been and use the remaining, unscratched spots as inspiration for your next trip.

Buy It ($34)

6. Recipe Tin

You guys have whipped up some pretty impressive meals together (remember last weekend’s beef bourguignon?) and are sure to create many more delicious dishes in the future. Keep your favorite recipes organized with this adorable tin. And remember to earmark the meal you made for your anniversary dinner, so you can cook it again next year.

Buy It ($34)

7. Personalized Business Cards

Your partner would love to set up her own business. And now that you’re officially a duo, it’s your job to encourage her to do exactly that. Step one: Help her visualize the dream by printing out some chic and professional business cards.

Buy It ($45)

8. Gold Playing Cards

Will you guys be the type of couple that plays Bridge with other married couples on the weekend? Hey, never say never. Work on your card skills with this luxury set that’s totally washable and waterproof, making it the ideal game to bring with you on your trip to the beach next weekend.

$13 at Amazon

9. A Yearly Planner

Looking for a gift that’s both useful and beautiful? You’ve found it. Bonus points if you go through the calendar before wrapping it up and mark important dates (ahem, like your next anniversary).

Buy It ($17)

10. Polaroid Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

You love all the cute snaps your spouse has of the two of you on his phone—it’s just too bad nobody else ever gets to see them. Until now that is. Gift your guy this mini printer and he’ll be able to print our polaroid-style photos straight from his phone or social media accounts.

$80 at Amazon

Anniversary Gifts for Him

11. Monogrammed bar set

Nothing says “Let’s celebrate!” like a monogrammed bar set. Need some inspiration for tonight’s happy hour? Here are 15 easy cocktail recipes—all of which you can whip up with ingredients already in your kitchen

Buy It ($88)

12. Aerin Classic Shagreen Frame

You’ve been so busy this past year that you haven’t even had time to print out and display your wedding photos yet (hey, no judgement). This chic frame is just the encouragement your S.O. needs to get the project done.

Buy It ($275)

13. The Smart Garden LED Grow Set

May your love grow as lush and wild as this herb garden. Or something like that. Because, thanks to this guy’s LED lights, built-in water tank and special pods design, it doesn’t matter if you live in a four-story walk-up or white-picket-fenced Colonial—this garden is guaranteed to thrive. Just chose your plants, plug it in and enjoy the fruits basil of your labor.

Buy It ($99)

14. Classic Leather Strap Watch

If a paper gift feels too boring for your honey, opt for a clock instead to serve as a constant reminder that time is precious—just like your relationship. (And it may also serve as a helpful reminder to, you know, actually be on time.) This one features a minimalist aesthetic and classic leather strap.

Buy It ($95)

15. COWIN E7 Active Headphones

Maybe he’s working from home more often these days. Or maybe you’ve recently welcomed a tiny new addition to the family. Either way, these noise cancelling headphones are guaranteed to be a hit.

$60 at Amazon

16. Super-plush Robe

We know, we know: Cotton is the traditional second year anniversary gift. But how comfortable does this robe look? And every time your spouse puts it in, he’ll think of you.

Buy It ($98)

17. JBL Charge 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Before getting hitched, your guys’ dinner parties were epic. And now? Well, they’re just as awesome but with nicer dinnerware (thanks aunt Jean). Upgrade your soirees even further with this top-rated speaker that can play for up to 20 hours. Oh, and it also has the ability to wirelessly connect to two smartphones so you can take turns listening to each other’s playlists.

$130 at Amazon

18. Winc Wine Subscription

Speaking of dinner parties, here’s a clever gift that your hubby, your friends and even you can enjoy. Here’s how it works: You answer six questions to help nail your tastes. Then, each month you get sent a box of three or more wines specifically chosen to match your palate. You can rate your wines to get better recommendations. Cheers.

Buy It (from $13/bottle)

19. iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

You’re not proud of it, but the biggest fight you’ve had in your first year of marriage was over whose turn it was to vacuum the bedroom (his, obviously). Gift your guy this clever device and those silly spats will be a thing of the past. Sure, it’s expensive but that’s the price you pay for marital bliss.

Buy It ($450)

20. Relaxed Fit Cotton Knit Lounge Jogger Pants

The truth is that since you guys got hitched, you’d rather stay at home order takeout and watch Netflix than go out to the latest hip restaurant opening. Hey, there’s no shame in hanging out with your favorite person every weekend. Maximize your movie nights and your hubby’s comfort with these soft jogger pants.

Buy It ($29)

Anniversary Gifts for Her

21. Le Creuset

Even if the stew is a little dry, the Le Creuset presentation is guaranteed to impress guests (yep, even your mother-in-law).

Buy It ($360)

22. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

She deserves a zen-like space to unwind in after a stressful day. Fill this diffuser with her favorite scent (lavender is ultra soothing), pour her a glass of wine and ahhh. Bonus: This device is chic enough to show off in your living room.

$98 at Amazon

23. Ryanne Heart Necklace

We get it—buying jewelry for your sweetheart isn’t easy. But you can’t go wrong with this understated, elegant and dainty piece that goes with everything. Oh, and it’s available in gold or silver.

Buy It ($78)

24. YnM Weighted Blanket

Once you read up on the benefits on weighted blankets, you’ll become a total convert. And she’ll love you forever if your gift manages to cure her of the relentless tossing and turning every night.

Buy It ($50)

25. BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

Yoga pros recommend this mat for its thickness (better to cushion spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors) and no-slip grip. It also comes with a strap so she can take her practice to the studio, park or backyard.

$17 at Amazon

26. Kimkoo Jade Roller for Face-3 in 1 Kit

Here’s the skinny on this device: You roll the gemstone over your face and reap the skin-boosting benefits like increased circulation, reduced eye puffiness and improved skin elasticity. It also mimics a facial massage, making it ultra soothing. In other words, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And here’s a pro tip: Keep it in the fridge for even better results.

$20 at Amazon

27. Apple AirPods with Wired Charging Case

Well, aren’t you a thoughtful spouse getting your other half the gift of the year? These guys boast excellent noise-cancellation abilities plus a super-comfy fit. And thanks to the transparency mode, she can easily oscillate between noise cancellation and the ability to hear her surrounding environment.

$139 at Amazon

28. Nordstrom Gift Card

Just because you’ve been married for a year doesn’t mean you know her style. Let her choose exactly what she wants this anniversary with this clever little card.

From $25 at Amazon

29. Kalina Genuine Shearling Slipper

So soft and fuzzy, she may never take them off. Team these cozy slippers (that are also available in black) with a silky pajama set and she’ll be thrilled she married the whole package.

Buy It ($93)

30. Beautiful Dreamers Pajamas

Speaking of PJs, this floral set is lightweight, machine-washable and oh so pretty.

Buy It ($59)

Anniversary Gifts for Couples

31. Origami Clock

Clocks are a go-to one-year anniversary gift but there’s nothing boring about this geometric timekeeper. Available in white, grey, blue, orange, yellow and pink so you’re bound to find a style that matches your home.

Buy It ($46)

32. Greenfield Collection Deluxe Picnic Hamper

What could be better than spending an afternoon outdoors with your one and only? Wiling away the day with this picnic hamper, that’s what. It has everything you need for an alfresco feast including plates, cutlery, a wooden cutting board (so don’t forget the Brie), napkins, a tablecloth, wine glasses, a wine opener and salt and pepper shakers.

$99 at Amazon

33. Champagne Glasses

Yes, the happy couple has the set they put on their wedding registry but oops, three of them broke already. These can be used as special occasion glasses, reserved exclusively for anniversaries.

Buy It ($170)

34. Royal Craft Wood Bath Caddy Tray

Gift this with a jar of soothing bath salts (we like these lavender ones)—then pour yourselves two glasses of wine and hop in the tub for some couples therapy.

$50 at Amazon

35. Rococo Noir Cake Stand

Traditionally, the couple tuck into a piece of their wedding cake on their first anniversary. But don’t worry if you forgot to freeze yours—you can whip up a fresh cake (with the same flavors) and serve it in style thanks to this chic stand.

Buy It ($78)

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