6 Things All Couples Should Do in Their First Year of Marriage

Despite all that talk about post-wedding blues, after you get hitched (and go on your honeymoon) there’s another emotion no one talks about: relief. Gone are the days when you and your partner turn every lunch/dinner/Saturday CVS run into a logistical chat about seating charts and song options for your first dance. Instead, you can go back to nurturing your relationship (yay!) beginning with these seven first-year-of-marriage must-dos.

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Settle Back Into Your Routine

We’re not kidding: It’s easy to lose yourself in logistics during the year leading up to “I do.” After you get back from your honeymoon, take a beat and give yourselves time to rediscover (or reinvent) your pre-engagement routine. Because think about it: After-work hours and weekends are no longer lost to Pinterest searches and general wedding to-dos. This leaves a void that you and your spouse might want to fill with a new hobby or house project—it’s up to you.

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And Make Your New Last Name Official

If you kept your maiden name, you can skip this point. If not, you’ll need to head on over to the DMV and jump-start the process of updating everything from your license to your social security card to your passport, not to mention your credit cards, voter registration and mailing address. Cue the time-suck. 

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Set Up New Financial Goals

The financial pressure of paying for a wedding has been lifted. (Whoa, you can breathe again.) But the money conversations are just getting started. For example: Do you and your partner have a plan for merging finances? Have you updated your tax info? And what’s on the horizon for you both? (Kids? A new home?) Whatever financial hurdle is coming next, now’s the time to talk about it—and budget for it. (You may even want to seek the counsel of a financial advisor. Your call.)

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And Plan A Post-honeymoon Trip

“The honeymoon’s over.” The three saddest words ever uttered. Soften the blow by fantasizing together about the top three places you’d like to go for your next trip. Even if you don’t book it immediately, you can target a few dates—say, six months from now or perfectly timed for your one-year anniversary. Even if the tickets haven’t been booked, it’s something to look forward to, right? (Plus, you can team up to keep your eyes peeled for airfare deals.)

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Host The Friends You've Neglected For Dinner

Sure, you’ve thrown a soiree in your time, but a dinner post getting hitched? That just feels next level. The main reason? You’ve now got tons of cool registry items to bust out (like that pretty glass platter from Aunt Edna and those stemless wine glasses that make you feel like you actually have your life together). Plus, you’re kind of over being the center of attention for a bit. A dinner party is the easiest (and most fun) way to catch up with close pals.

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Set Up A Google Calendar Alert For Your Anniversary

True story: The first year of marriage goes by quick. You’d be surprised how easy it is to blow right past it, which is why it never hurts to pop a couple of reminders in your phone. We recommend one two weeks out and one day of. (The goal is to give yourself plenty of time to plan something thoughtful—and maybe pick up a paper-themed gift.)

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