Brilliant Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas for Every Wedding Anniversary

You and your other half are marking off another year of marital bliss. How do you commemorate the occasion? These days, you’ve got options. Buck tradition and go with one of these totally 2017 gifts instead.

There Are 4 Types of Couples Which Are You?

anniversary painting

1 Year

Survey says you should get your significant other something simple: a book or an art print. We say make it an experience. How about a BYO painting class?

anniversary cuttingboard
Uncommon Goods

5 Years

Traditionally, you're supposed to opt for something sturdy to show the strength of your commitment. Instead of wooden furniture, go for a personalized cutting board ($159). You know, for all those home-cooked meals you are definitely going to make.

anniversary grillset
Crate + Barrel, Cuisinart

10 Years

Aluminum or tin is typically designated as the metal for your decade of togetherness. A stainless-steel grill set makes for a gift that keeps on giving.

anniversary wineglass
Uncommon Goods

15 Years

It’s allegedly all about crystal for this anniversary, but you know what? We want to keep it casual. Let's just split a bottle of Chianti via these aerating wine glasses and call it a celebration.

anniversary blender

20 Years

Apparently you're supposed to go for "china ornaments or home goods." We think a new Vitamix is the perfect way to say “We’re in this for the long haul.”

anniversary hawaii

25 Years

Traditional folks typically favor silver for the big 2-5. To which we say, sure, or…you know, a trip to Hawaii.

anniversary garden

30 Years

Celebrate your green anniversary with a jaunt into nature. Whether that’s tilling a plot of land for your spouse to start a garden or going on a long hike together, it’s never a bad idea to slow down and appreciate how far you’ve come.

anniversary trip
Getty Images

35 Years

Historically, couples have celebrated this anniversary with coral-themed gifts. Go one better and book a weekend getaway to the nearest body of water.

aniversaey roses

40 Years

You’ve proven that you’ve got the other’s back through thick and thin. A dozen red roses may be a tried-and-true tradition, but it’s the kind of classic that never gets old.

anniversary blues

45 Years

Congrats! It's the sapphire anniversary. Take that "rock" concept to the next level by snagging tickets to the reunion tour of your sweetie’s favorite band.

anniversary champagne

50 Years

Whatever your partner-in-crime wants, he or she gets. Cheers to 50 years, guys!