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Quiz: Are You in a One-Sided Relationship?

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It’s a miracle that any of us ever fall in love to begin with. You both have to be head over heels at the exact same time—without moving too fast or too slow. But if you’re in a one-sided relationship, which is when one person is more invested than the other, a romance can begin to unravel. Is your partnership rock solid, or is there a major unbalance that could cause you to crash and burn? Take the quiz to find out.


It’s The Holidays And You’ve Spent Weeks Searching For An Amazing Gift You Know Your Partner Will Adore. They Give You…

A book that admittedly looks pretty good…but it’s still in the Amazon box. 

“Wait, we were exchanging gifts?”

A 15-question scavenger hunt, with a gift card to your favorite restaurant at the end.

A massive diamond necklace you know they can’t afford. 


You’ve Had A Long Day At Work, And So Has Your S.o. You Come Home To Find Them…

In their underwear, eating yesterday’s leftovers. And they didn’t save any for you.

Preparing an overly elaborate three-course dinner. The table is set—with candles.

Whipping up a pot of spaghetti with the sauce you both love. 

M.I.A. (They went out with their friends and forgot to text.) 


You Spent The Weekend At A Bachelorette Party In Sonoma. When You Get Home, Your Bedroom Looks Like This:

Carlina Teteris/Getty Images

Carlina Teteris/Getty Images

Justin Paget/Getty Images

Dan Tentler/Getty Images


Your Parents Are Coming To Visit Next Weekend. Your Partner’s Response:

“I told my friends I’d watch the game with them. Is it OK if I come to breakfast with you and your parents, then leave early?” 

“Ugh, weren’t they just here?” 

“I know, I talked to your dad on the phone this morning! I’m so excited.” 

“Great, have fun. I’ll see you next weekend when they’re gone.”


Pick A Romantic Comedy Couple:

Columbia Pictures

Harry and Sally in When Harry Met Sally

Apatow Productions

Pete and Debbie in This Is 40

Warner Bros

Nick and Rachel in Crazy Rich Asians

Treehouse Pictures

Rick and Kirsten in Set It Up


You’re Sick. Your Partner Brings You…

A bowl of chicken soup.

Three bouquets of red roses.

Hand sanitizer and a mask (so they won’t get sick).

They had to work and weren’t able to stop by.


Describe Your Relationship In One Word:






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