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If only your marriage were like [insert your favorite power couple here]. Le sigh. Here’s the thing: It totally can be. You just have to let go of five common marriage myths first.

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Myth: Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

False. You have to say sorry—a lot. Here’s why: Fights happen. And it’s actually a sign of a healthy relationship that the two of you are able to respectfully hash things out (ahem, no name calling) and admit when you’re wrong. (Think of it as the more sincere version of you were right.)

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Myth: The Kids Come First

Sure, the kids may command your attention first, but your relationship with your hubby deserves equal priority. A good rule of thumb: Carve out time once a week for date night—like a DIY wine tasting or binging Netflix on the couch.

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Myth: Sex Should Happen Exactly Two Times a Week

Yes, a healthy sex life is important for your relationship, but life—and too much red wine at dinner—can make you sleepy get in the way. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, do your best to prioritize it. (Psst…scheduling sex is trending and A-OK.)

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Myth: True Love Means You Do Everything Together

Sure, you guys got married because you’re each other’s best friend, blah blah blah. But spending time solo with your other best friends doesn’t means there’s a break in your bond. You get different things from different people, which is why it’s totally normal that you need to call in backup to watch The Bachelor.

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Myth: Never Go to Bed Angry

Sleeping on the couch is the worst. But sometimes, you just need space after an argument—and that’s totally fine. What’s not fine is holding a long-term grudge. Speak your mind and, assuming the fight is over something minor, let it go after a good night’s sleep. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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