These Must-Have Collectibles Are Designed to Inspire Your Kids’ Imagination

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When it comes to toys, we prefer imaginative play vs. mindless entertainment. Of course, there are those moments when the remote-control car is the only distraction that works but generally speaking, we prefer our littles to foster their own creativity with toys that allow for open-ended play over and over again. Turns out, Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, and especially the new Family theme, fit the bill. These fun collectibles are designed to leverage kids’ instincts to nurture and create family moments through creative storytelling. And speaking of family, what’s a better way to celebrate National Siblings Day on April 10 than with eight brand-new Hatchimals Families? Plus, pop these in their Easter basket for an egg-citing (sorry, we had to) treat.

Here’s a quick primer, in case you’re new to Hatchimals:

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are small eggs that you “hatch” by gently cracking open their shell. Inside, you’ll reveal an adorable surprise (parents, baby, brother, sister, siblings) that opens an entirely new world for kids to dream up.

What types of Hatchimals Families are there?

There are eight, to be exact. You’ll meet the Unicorn Hair Stylists, Bunny Bakers, Cat Dancers, Lion Artists, Racoon Photographers, Bat Musicians, rare Dog Pilots and super rare Fox Pageant Stars. Each family has a unique look and theme inspired by their favorite activities. To complete all eight families, you’ll need to collect over 60 new Hatchimals and these packs will help you:

  • Family Pack: Each Family Pack includes an egg home playset, a small Hatchimals egg with a surprise inside, two Hatchimals parents, one little kid and three accessories. Don’t forget to decorate the interior and exterior of the family’s egg home with fun stickers. Psst, the Unicorn Family Carton is an exclusive way to get the *entire* Unicorn family. It has ten characters, two play accessories and the ultimate pool party playset.
  • Sibling Pack: Inside this Hatchimals egg you’ll find one big kid, one baby and one pair of big kid wings. Plus, an extra reusable egg serves as a sibling hangout with a themed backdrop.
  • Playdate Pack: This egg has a unique double-sided hatch that transforms into a two-story play area. In each one, you’ll get three little kids, one baby and two accessories. These are the only place to find characters from different Hatchimals Families, so your kids will be eager to collect all ten packs.

OK, and how do these inspire imagination exactly?

While each Hatchimals egg gives you another character to add to your collection, it also gives you a new family story to dream up and a whole new way to play. Think: the Unicorn Hair Stylists help the Fox Pageant Stars get ready for their big show or the Racoon Photographers document the Bat Musicians latest gig. As each shell becomes a home or playset, kids will find ways to connect each family together.

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