50 Gifts for Teen Boys, According to Actual Teenagers and Their Parents

For the gamer, the musician, the athlete and more

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Teenage boys are, in some ways, a simple bunch (i.e. their near universal obsession with YouTuber MrBeast). And in other ways, they are a complete mystery. (Seriously, what’s up with MrBeast?) Which is why, when it came time to find the best gifts for teen boys, we knew there was really only way to curate a list—we had to ask the teenagers themselves. From a silent basketball to the ultimate insulated water bottle and even a kit of customizable lightstrips, these are the items boys ages 13 to 19 want most.

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The Top 10 Best Gifts for Teen Boys at a Glance


For the Budding Photographer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo Instant Film Camera

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For the Group Gamer

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset

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For the Hot Sauce Lover

Melinda’s Pepper Sauce Challenge Collection

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For the Music Lover

JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth Speaker

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For the Perpetually Dehydrated

Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle

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How We Chose the Best Gifts for Teen Boys

To curate our list we went right to the source and asked teenage boys (ages 13 through 19) exactly what is on their wishlists. We also talked with their parents, aunts, uncles, siblings and teachers to get more insight into all the trends teens are currently embracing. Then we put all that newfound knowledge to work and looked for gifts that would appeal to jocks looking to score their next personal best, musicians who are discovering their own sound and fantasy-lovers eager to snap up all the lore and epic sagas they can get their hands on. Read on for our top gift suggestions.

From Badminton to Wrinkle Reduction, These 9 Trends Will be Huge For Teens in 2024

For the Budding Photographer

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo Instant Film Camera


Polaroid cameras are seriously hot for Gen Z, thanks to the instant gratification of seeing your photos print right away and the nostalgia of physical film. This Fujifilm mini also looks like an old-school camera, and even comes with a leather camera strap, plus it can connect with his phone so he can save a digital copy of all his best prints.

For the Group Gamer

2. HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud

Any avid Fortnite player will tell you the best part of the game is being able to talk to other players while you’re scavenging for resources. This comfortable gaming headset offers surround sound to make the experience that much more immersive, and plugs right into your gaming system. Plus, it has a tough aluminum construction to stand up to frequent gaming.

For the Hot Sauce Lover

3. Melinda’s Pepper Sauce Challenge Collection

Melinda's Pepper

If your teenager has logged onto YouTube practically ever, he’s probably seen Hot Ones, now in its twentieth season (a recent episode is entitled “Pedro Pascal Cries from His Head While Eating Spicy Wings”). This set of six hot spices lets your giftee stage his own challenge, from the relatively mild and tangy Jalapeño sauce to the Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce, which rates two million Scoville units and contains the Trinidad Moruga pepper. These sauces boast fresh garlic, onions, tomatoes, lime juice and carrots among their natural ingredients…just remind your giftee not to touch his eyes after he uses them.

For the Kid with a Duct Tape Wallet

4. Herschel Roy Wallet


“I got my 14-year-old this wallet and it was a hit,” says one Los Angeles-based mom we spoke with. “He liked the camo print, and I liked that it wasn’t so expensive that if his underdeveloped pre-frontal cortex lost it, it would be a tragedy.” This simple folded wallet is a classic and is popular for hipsters of all ages, with six card slots and a money sleeve. Plus, there’s a built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking liner to protect card data, if you’re worried about such things.

For the Music Lover

5. JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth Speaker


“I’m asking for this portable speaker so I can use it to blast music while I shower, or in the basement when my friends come over. I like that it has 12 hours of playtime per charge because I’m horrible about remembering to plug things in,” one 18-year-old tells us. It comes with a convenient wrist strap for easy toting on the go. To crank up the volume, you can also pair it with another JBL speaker that has PartyBoost compatibility for a stereo effect. Reviewers say it’s impressively durable (and waterproof!), just in case your teen isn’t exactly known for being careful.

For the Perpetually Dehydrated

6.  Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle

Hydro Flask

This 32-ounce insulated water bottle is the current top pick among the athletes we spoke to for two important reasons. First, it’s large, but not too unwieldy, and the vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours so he can sip on ice cold water all through practice. Second, the cap is both leakproof and equipped with a flexible straw for easy hydration.

For the Trendsetter

7. Crocs Classic Clogs


It feels like all the cool kids are wearing Crocs these days, so you can’t go wrong with the brand’s classic clogs for the “shuffles out of his room at 11 am every Sunday” guy in your life. Choose from 28 colors, ranging from black to all shades of pink and blue. These iconic shoes are known for being super comfortable, plus, you can accessorize them with Jibbitz (including Star Wars, MLB and Disney charms) for a personal touch.

For the Amateur Baller

8.  Lsotier Silent Basketball


A silent basketball? Count us in! Say “buh-bye” to the days of constant pounding and dribbling in the house with this incredible feat of engineering. It’s designed to have the same weight and feel of a traditional basketball, but is made of foam that absorbs sound to reduce noise. It also comes in three different sizes, 18, 21 and 24 cm.

For the Italian Ice Lover

9.  Dash Shaved Ice Maker


“This shaved ice maker is such a hit with my son and his friends, and honestly the rest of the family loves it too,” says one Long Island mom we talked to. “It’s also really compact, so I don’t have to share my entire counter every time he wants to use it.” All he needs to do is load the top with ice cubes, twist to turn on the motor and then top with fruit-flavored syrups or whatever toppings he likes.

For the Kid with A Lot of Homework

10.  Chrome Industries Ruckas 14L Backpack

Chrome Industries

Upgrade his usual school or sports backpack to this lightweight, eco-friendly model that’s also super sleek. The recycled material is light and incredibly durable to easily hold all his things (no matter how many AP classes he’s taking this year). We also love that it has an extendable pocket for his water bottle, and the ergonomic straps will help take some of the strain off his back.

For the Dungeons & Dragons Player

11.  Fantasy Mapmaker DIY Book

Fantasy Mapmaker

Foster his love of exploring fantasy forests, fields, kingdoms and even dungeons with this super-cool mapmaking book. It’s great for both amateur drawers and more experienced artists, with detailed instructions on how to lay out and illustrate his ideas, whether he simply wants to display them on his bedroom wall or is hoping to up the ante at his next D&D session.

For the Sleepover Crew

12. Squad Hero Laser Tag Set

Squad Hero

This four-piece set gets him out from behind the console and into the outdoors, encouraging action, exercise, socializing and team-building. “This set has been a blast for my boys,” writes one reviewer. “You can play up to 4 people. It has a chest strap for the target. Lots of fun for any ages 5 to 13…or maybe older.” They charge in as little as two hours and have multiple play modes. The 150-feet range lets strike register as a hit on the vest and the front tip of the gun, and there’s an easy team light selector to keep you and your team organized.

For the Gym Bro

13. Ultra Fuego Power Cage Home Gym

Ultra Fuego

“My parents bought this for my brother last year and he and his friends basically never left the garage all summer,” says Associate Editor Marissa Wu. The customizable cage uses a pulley system to work all the major muscle groups with minimal equipment, but can also be combined with barbells, a weight bench or resistance bands if you really want to splurge.

For the Budding Musician

14.  Yamaha FD01S Acoustic Guitar


So, your teen has decided they want to start a band. Or, at least, start playing an instrument. The Yamaha FD01S is listed as an intermediate pick, but is reportedly also a great first guitar for beginners that can grow with the player. Buyers have noted that it’s good value for the money, marrying sound and build quality with a reasonable price point.

Best Accessory

15.  Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie


Keep his noggin nice and warm with the classic Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie, made from 100 percent acrylic and complete with the brand’s logo on the front. It has a 4.8-star rating from more than 161,800 reviewers (!), with one happy buyer dubbing it the “best beanie.” Just note that it’s hand-wash only and throwing it in the dryer will definitely cause it to shrink.

For the Sneakerhead

16. Nike Dunk Low Retro Sneakers


Skateboarders, basketballers and basically every teenage boy we know can’t get enough of the iconic ‘80s Nike Dunks. It retains all the classic details of its glory days, with the vintage look and low-cut collar. The grippy soles make it an all-purpose shoe, whether they’re walking to school, practicing ollies or have a pickup game on the courts. You can even design your own custom pair for a look that’s entirely unique.

For the Arcade Superstar

17. PAC-MAN Ghost Chase Wall Light

Potter Barn Teen

If he’s looking to upgrade his bedroom decor, this neon sign is sure to be a major hit. It comes with everything you need to mount it on his wall (except for a screwdriver), and there’s an easy on/off switch on the plug-in cord. Plus, the LED tape won’t get too hot, even if he keeps it on all night.

For the Science Fair Winner

18. Lego Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit


Not your average Lego set, this wild 526-piece kit demonstrates the orbits of the sun, Earth and moon in relation to one another with a hand-crank motor and rotating gears he can assemble himself. Reviewers say it’s not too complicated to put together (just challenging enough) and looks very cool displayed on his shelf next to all those trophies.

For the High School Grad

19. Timex Easy Reader 38mm Leather Strap Watch


Every guy needs a great everyday watch, and this one will fit with any look he throws on, whether he’s looking to dress up or lives in sweats and joggers. The leather strap is chic and durable, and the watch face even lights up with the press of a button. A true classic he’s sure to love.

For the Skincare Challenged

20. Stryke Club Started Kit

Stryke Club

 “My son is an athlete, and like most boys, he's pretty lazy about taking care of his skin, but he likes products that smell good,” writes one reviewer who got this kit for her 13-year-old. “When I gave him the kit, he immediately opened the wash and said that it smelled really good, and put it in his shower. He asked me for a plastic zip-top bag and put the other items in his gym bag.” The kit, targeted to young men’s needs, includes wipes, body wash and face wash, all with acne-fighting ingredients to help keep skin clear.

For the Tony Hawk Wannabe

21.  Magneto Cruiser Longboard


Your adventurous teen will have a blast cruising down the street on this 9-inch wide, 44-inch long longboard hand-made in California. It has nice, thick, grippy wheels that can handle rough roads and a maple core for stiff durability. Be sure to pick him up a helmet ($39), too, while you’re at it.

For Movie Night Hosts

22. AuKing Mini Projector


“I’m asking for a movie projector this year so I can have my friends over for football Sundays,” says one 17 year-old we spoke with. “When it’s nice out, we can watch the game on the garage door, or project it onto the whole basement wall if it gets cold out.” The projector is compatible with many devices, including smartphones and USB drives, and has dual stereo speakers. It can project up to 200 inches, which means it’ll make for some pretty epic movie nights.

For the Kid Who Just Started Shaving

23. Philips Norelco Wet/Dry Electric Shaver


Whether you want to help him step up his personal grooming routine or send a little nudge that you’re really hoping he gets rid of his wispy “mustache,” this pivoting-head shaver should do the trick. Reviewers note it’s great for beginners because he can use it to shave dry or wet, and the wireless construction is super easy to hold and maneuver so he can get the movements down with minimal nicks. It’s also a breeze to clean—just pop the lid and shake over a trash bin.

Best Room Decor

24. Philips Hue Lightstrip Starter Kit

Philips Hue

“Both my kids are completely obsessed with these,” says a mom we spoke to who has both a teenage boy and tween girl. “They’re so easy to stick anywhere and connect to an app on a phone or tablet so they can go crazy with whatever kinds of colors they like.” You can also link these lightstrips up to an Alexa system to control them with your voice.

For the Kid Whose Backpack is Overstuffed

25.  Kindle Paperwhite


Help that avid reader take some stress off his back (literally) with this Kindle, now with an even bigger display and longer battery life than previous models. Seriously, he can get up to ten week of battery life with just one full charge, and the 8 GB of storage can hold thousands of books at once, so he doesn’t have to carry around the entire Divergent series plus all his English Lit books.

For the Smoothie King

26. Ninja Compact Blender


This compact, easy-to-use blender can whip up single-serve smoothies and shakes in a flash. The cups and caps are also machine washable so he doesn’t have to spend ages on clean up. As an added bonus, multiple reviewers note how quiet the blender is, meaning he won’t disturb the entire household when making his early-morning shakes.

For the YouTuber

27. Feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bars

MrBest Feastables

There’s a reason MrBeast is one of the most successful YouTubers of all time—teenagers are completely obsessed with him and his videos. And while you’d probably be safe picking up just about any MrBeast product, his chocolate bars are surprisingly delicious. There are a range of fun flavors to choose from, like quinoa crunch, chocolate sea salt and mint chocolate, but the OG bars are a fabulous crowd pleaser for any kid with a sweet tooth.

For the Avid Runner

28. Google Pixel Watch 2


This new GPS watch can give him a 360-degree look at his health and wellness to better help him on his quest to set a new personal record in the 8,000-meter race…or 5K or 400 hurdles or really any running distance. According one PureWow tester, the watch face is super easy to navigate, and easy to personalize, and gently encourages you to hit various health goals, like walking more and improving your sleep. The data tracking is also a breeze to analyze, on the watch itself or the corresponding app.

For the Guy on the Go

29. Hover-1 Alpha 2.0 Electric Scooter


The Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter is an amazing gift for any teen boy who loves outdoor activities and is looking for a fun and convenient way to get around. It’s equipped with a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 18 mph, making it an excellent choice for cruising around the neighborhood. It also has a range of up to 12 miles on a single charge, which is perfect for short trips or school runs. Made of durable materials with a sturdy frame, the scooter is capable of handling up to 264 pounds. Need to pick up your scooter rider once they’re done? The compact foldable design makes it easy to store and transport in a car trunk when not in use.

For the Pool Player

30. Best Choice Tabletop Billiards Table

Best Choice

“We definitely don’t have room for a full billiards table in our house, but this tabletop version is super easy to pull out whenever he wants to play and isn’t a total pain to store in the meantime,” notes one mom of a 16-year-old boy. The 40-inch-long table comes with two cue sticks, a full set of balls, chalk and a racking triangle, all of which can be stowed underneath. The legs are also removable and reviewers say it’s pretty darn sturdy, with or without the legs attached.

For the Kid Finding His Personal Style

31.  lululemon ABC Joggers


These joggers have something of a cult following, so we suspect he’ll be more than happy to add them to his growing wardrobe. Reviewers say they’re supremely comfortable, look great for working out or hanging out, and they’re both machine washable and dryer safe, making them easy to toss in with your regular laundry.

For the Guy on a Quest for Clear Skin

32.  Starface Pimple Patches (Pack of 32)


“My favorite YouTuber, Brooke Miccio, has talked about these pimple patches a few times and I’m curious to see if they actually work,” says one 15-year-old with a birthday right around the corner. The fun shape and color makes the patch feel more playful than medicinal and means they could fly under the radar as just a fun face sticker. How do they work, you ask? Well, they’re made of hydrocolloid which works to absorb fluid without dehydrating skin, helping reduce size and inflammation overnight. (Plus, we love this brand’s messaging about ending the stigma around acne, once and for all.)

For the Podcast Obsessed

33. Bose QuietComfort Headphones


Bose’s noise-cancelling headphones come with all the bells and whistles your teen needs to get lost in the music (or the podcast). That means 30-foot Bluetooth range, hi-fi audio with great bass and a battery that lasts up to 22 hours. The customizable audio settings allow the wearer to set the bass, treble and mid-range to their preferences or choose from pre-set modes. Quiet mode cancels outside noise, while aware mode lets the wearer hear their surroundings.

For the Summer Lifeguard

34.  Body Glove Blaster Skimboard

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If your teen likes to spend their entire summer at the beach, they’ll definitely get a kick out of this cool skimboard. It’s a great beginner board to get them used to the movements of surfing (without having to tote a huge board around or going too far out in the waves), and has a built-in rocker to help prevent nose diving while riding.

For the Budding DJ

35. Numark Scratch DJ Mixer


This easy-to-use mixer comes highly recommended by DJs of all levels as a great way for your teen to learn the ropes before launching his career as the next David Guetta. Per one experienced reviewer, “I've been DJing for close to 20 years. I recently acquired a new DJ setup and paired this mixer with the Audio Technica AT-LP1240s. This thing shreds. Faders are buttery smooth, set-up is a breeze (basically plug and play), it was recognized immediately by Serato DJ Pro and I was up and running in a matter of minutes. If you need a simple 2-channel mixer for scratching and beatmatching, this does everything you need it to do.”

For the Outdoorsman

36. The North Face Alpine Polartec 100 Jacket

The North Face

Help him transition away from wearing the same old sweatshirt all winter long to something a bit cooler with this classic North Face zip-up. It’s made partially from recycled materials, and is an ideal weight for layering when temperatures really start to drop. Per one happy reviewer, “Never owned a full fleece jacket [before this one] and I must say it is the most comfortable jacket ever for almost anything.”

For the New Driver

37. LISEN for MagSafe Car Mount


Lesson number one when he gets his license: Don’t be on your phone while you’re driving. Help him stick with that promise with this easy to install magnetic phone mount. Because it uses magnets rather than a clip-on case, it’s impossibly easy for him to get his phone on and off, and even works through most phone cases. The rotating mount can also be adjusted and positioned in a variety of different ways.

For the Mobile Gamer

38. Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch's popularity has soared, in part thanks to the console's easy portability. It’s a perennial favorite for kids who want to game while being chauffeured by their parents or waiting at the bus stop—because playing Mario Kart 8 seems like a way better deal than reading To Kill a Mockingbird to a 9th grader. It supports three play styles—TV mode, tabletop and handheld—with detachable controllers and a battery that can last up to nine hours. Of course, it’s also compatible with all the iconic Nintendo games.

For Everyone

39. Abercrombie & Fitch 5-Pack Essential Tees

Abercrombie & Fitch

He drags his feet whenever he needs to pick up a new pair of jeans or sneakers, so take the guesswork out of investing in basics with this 5-pack of essential tees from Abercrombie & Fitch. The relaxed fit is made from 100 percent cotton (so expect slight shrinkage after washing) and includes neutral colors, including white, black and different shades of brown.

For the Summer Camp Attendee

40. L.L.Bean 40L Adventure Rolling Duffle Bag


“My last adventure duffle died after 12 years so it was time to be replaced,” says one reviewer. “Love that this one stands on end! Still has plenty of room for a long weekend worth of clothes!” While the 22-inch height may be too long for some airlines to allow as a carry-on (users report having to gate-check on Delta, but getting the go-ahead flying Southwest and American, for example), this sturdy duffel’s classic styling and rugged construction mean it will last for your giftee’s teen years, and most likely beyond. In eight bright nylon colors and fitted with reinforcing straps, this duffel is going to keep his stuff secure when he’s away from home.

This 347-piece Lego set is a blast to put together and can be positioned into a range of super-cool poses to recreate his favorite scenes from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sandman moves on a rotating platform for 360-degrees of play, and even comes with Lizard and Electro minis, too.

For the Tennis Enthusiast

42. JellyCat Amusable Tennis Ball


Selfridges says Jellycat’s sales are up 110% compared with 2022, making it the fastest-selling toy brand in its department stores. As for who’s buying them? Surprise: It’s teens, who are going absolutely nuts for the adorable, soft toys whether to snuggle up to in class, or as a reminder of simpler times. Snap up this fun tennis-theme plush for your kid, guaranteed to make him smile every time he sees it in his bedroom.

For the Backyard Games Enthusiast

43.  Spikeball Game Set


Does he need yet another outlet for his boundless energy? May we suggest spikeball, which has players hitting a small ball off the net and trying to get it past their opponents? The net has a unique design that allows for multiple angles and bounces, and we love that this game set is easy to set up and can be played both indoors and out, making it good for family gatherings, parties or a day at the park. It also comes with a handy carrying bag, so your guy can easily take it to any location. We like that it encourages physical activity and social interaction, making it an excellent way for boys to stay active and have fun with their friends.

For the Style Minded

44. TAFT Jack Boots


TAFT makes incredibly cool men’s shoes and boots that aren’t the same old styles he’s been borrowing from dad. These boots come in a whopping 28 different colors, including funky plaids, metallic brocades and multiple two-tone wools, and can absolutely be worn every day in place of his go-to Dr. Martens or athletic sneakers.

For the Beach-Goer

45. Nomadix Original Towel


After a day at the beach, our PureWow tester found that this towel lived up to its claims of being “the only towel you’ll ever need.” It’s made with GRS-certified post-consumer recycled plastic, but feels incredibly soft on the skin, and is durable enough to hold up to sandy, rocky beaches. It’s also quick-drying and super-absorbent, to boot. At the end of the day, it still smelled fresh instead of carrying the whiff of salty, dirty sand. Pick one (or three) up for the amateur surfer, summer lifeguard or beach bum in your life.

Best Under-$20

46. MarJunSep Funny Cool Crazy Funky Socks


A perfect under-$20 gift that he’ll still get real use out of, this ten-pair of socks set is funny, funky and practical, all in one. “My son lives in funny socks. He has a huge collection. I don't know if he even has normal color socks,” one mom told us. “I was impressed that when I stretched the socks out, that the pattern stays nice. I really thought it would look bad when stretched out, but they look good even when they’re being worn.”

For the Team Athlete

47. GOAT USA Showtime Basketball T-Shirt


GOAT USA has taken middle schools across the country by storm, and kids seem pretty obsessed with the simple, sporty designs. Pick up a T-shirt celebrating his sport of choice, all the while knowing it’s made of a super-soft cotton-polyester blend that won’t shrink in the wash or fall apart after just a few months of wear. (P.S. They also come in sizes Youth Small to Adult XXL.)

For the Cologne Curious

48.  Le Labo Discovery Set

Le Labo

Help steer him away from the Axe body spray with this unisex fragrance sampler that comes with five of Le Labo’s best-selling scents for him to explore, including Santal 33 (with notes of Australian sandalwood, leather and iris) and Thé Noir 29 (with notes of bergamot, fig and bay leaves). If you really want to splurge, upgrade to the 17-piece set, which includes all the brand’s signature scents, for $107.

For the College Freshman

49. Cloud Slides

Cloud Slides

Swap out his grumbling shower shoes for a pair of Cloud Slides instead. They’re made of a dreamy, supportive foam that’s also waterproof and super lightweight. “My kid is obsessed with these, as are all his friends,” says one parent from Charleston that we spoke with. “They all learned about them at lacrosse camp and now they wear them constantly, even with socks in fall and winter.”

For the Kid Who Lives in Sweats

50. Overtime OT Classic Hoodie


Another brand sweeping the nation, Overtime has extremely cool basics that are sure to be the envy of all his friends. For instance, this sweatshirt comes in eight unique colors all made of an incredibly soft, cozy cotton-polyester blend that won’t shrink in the wash (although the brand does recommend laying flat to dry). If you really want to spoil your teen, add a pair of matching joggers to the gift bag, too.



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