The 20 Best Beanies for Women, According to Wearers Who Love Them

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The best beanie cap is one that can last for years and years without pilling, pulling or unravelling, all while keeping your head toasty warm and comfortable. It’s a lot to ask of such a small swatch of fabric, but a good winter hat is essential for building out your ultimate winter wardrobe in our search for the cream of the crop, we asked our friends, family, coworkers and even readers like you to weigh in on which styles and brands are best for keeping our domes warm in all kinds of weather. Turns out, everyone has pretty strong feelings about their favorite hats. Read on for 20 of the best beanies for women to buy (and wear!) in 2023.

What Are the Different Types of Beanies?

Because, yes, there are multiple styles out there for you to consider. First there’s the fisherman, which is a shorter cuffed style designed to fit snugly over the head and above the ears (think Jacques Cousteau or Steve Zissou). Then there’s a longer, no-fold beanie which was most popular in the early 2000s, with folks wearing them pulled back almost to the hairline and the excess fabric left drooping down the back. But the most popular style is the Watch Cap. This is likely what you think of when you picture a beanie—a cuffed knit cap that covers the ears for warmth. With lots of designs, the cuff can also be folded down for a longer beanie style as well. Oh, and let’s not forget about pom-pom beanies either, which feature a puffy decorative bobble at the top and can look like any of the previously mentioned silhouettes.

The Best Beanies for Women at a Glance:

carhartt best beanies for women

1. Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie

Best Overall

This beanie is so popular that it’s constantly selling out or on backorder, but according to PureWow’s senior editor, Sarah Stiefvater, this hat is worth the wait. “I can’t stop wearing this beanie. I love wearing the ultra-bright neon color in contrast with my mostly black wardrobe,” she says of the Brite Lime shade she owns. “It’s also super comfy and warm and just 20 bucks. A total no-brainer.” In fact, this beanie has a wide breadth of fans, from fashion editors to construction site workers, thanks to its classic design, supreme warmth/breathability and phenomenal price point. So if you see a color you like in stock, don’t hesitate to add to cart before someone else gets there first.

amazon top level best beanies for women

2. Top Level Beanie

Best Value

Looking for a budget option you can keep in your purse or car without worrying about it getting wrecked? Opt for this Top Level beanie. According to more than 20,000 five-star reviewers, it’s warm, flattering and comfortable, but tends to feel a bit long if you don’t cuff it. At $10 apiece, you can invest in a few different shades to match every winter coat hanging in your closet.

acne studios best beanies for women
Acne Studios

3. Acne Studios Face Logo Wool Beanie


“This is the quintessential fashion-girl hat,” says PureWow’s fashion director, Dena Silver. “It’s kind of status-y since that glum-looking face has become synonymous with the Stockholm-based brand Acne Studios.” In other words, it’s practically begging to be featured on the ‘gram. Oh, and the 100 percent wool material—Responsible Wool Standard-certified wool, we might add—will keep you nice and warm.

everlane best beanies for women

4. Everlane The Cashmere Beanie

Best Cashmere Beanie

All of Everlane’s sustainably-minded clothes, shoes and accessories are top-of-the-line, and this cashmere hat is no different. “This is one of the softest, most comfortable beanies I’ve ever purchased. Great price for the quality,” writes one reviewer. And if you’re worrying that the cashmere might be a bit itchy, don’t—multiple shoppers say it’s super soft and won’t leave your forehead itching even if you wear it for hours at a time.

colorful standard best beanies for women
Colorful Standard

5. Colorful Standard Merino Wool Beanie

Best Wool Beanie

Wool has the wonderful quality of maintaining warmth even when wet, making a wool cap a particularly good option for wetter climates. This Colorful Standard design is made from 100 percent extra-fine recycled merino wool and is also dyed with environmentally-friendly methods, for those interested in sustainability. Plus, it comes in every color a gal could want, so you can stock up on multiple options to rock all winter long. A word to the wise, however—don’t put this cap in the dryer or that lovely natural wool will shrink a lot.

the north face best beanies for women

6. The North Face Salty Dog Beanie

Best Acrylic Beanie

“Normally I’m in the ‘100 percent wool or bust’ camp when it comes to winter gear,” says senior food editor Katherine Gillen, “but I actually like that this one is acrylic because it doesn't get that wet barn animal smell if it gets snowed/rained on while you're wearing it.” The North Face’s acrylic material also has the added benefit of being machine washable so your cap can look good as new for longer, without the extra cost of dry cleaning or time investment of hand washing. The Salty Dog beanie also has a jersey lining, to protect against the potentially itchy knit and comes in just about every color under the sun

sht i knit best beanies for women
Sh*t That I Knit

7. Sh*t That I Knit Motley Merino Wool Beanie

Best Pom Pom Beanie

“My mom got me this beanie for Christmas, and I’ve been wearing it almost every day when I walk the dog. I love the pretty handmade cable-knit pattern and the merino wool keeps me super warm,” says reviewer Sarah H. Plus, All of Sh*t That I Knit’s products are handmade by artisans in Lima, Peru and the pom pom is actually removable. In fact, when you go to buy, you can opt to add extra faux-fur or yarn poms to your order so you can swap them in or out to fit your mood.

barefoot dreams best beanies for women

8. Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Beanie

Softest Beanie

Made from the same material as Barefoot Dreams’s mega popular (and Chrissy Teigen-approved) throw blankets, this hat is insanely soft. Which is part of the reason why PureWow’s executive editor, Dara Katz, wears hers on the reg. “It is so soft, so cozy, so absolutely perfect for wearing inside and never leaving your house. (Also extremely warm for when you do need to go outside to walk the dog.)” she explains.

athleta best beanies for women

9. Athleta Cozy Tugga Beanie

Best Sherpa Beanie

Looking for a fuzzy sherpa beanie to match your beloved teddy coat? Athleta has got you covered. This super-soft cap is lightweight but incredibly warm, and is long enough that you can leave it as is or cuff the hem and still have your ears covered. “Love this hat! It's warm and cozy. It stays in place but is not so tight it gives you a headache if you wear it all day!” reads one review, while another buyer says she prefers the warmth of this sherpa style over her cashmere beanies.

icewear best beanie for women

10. Icewear Skrúður Wool-Blend Nordic Hat

Best Fair Isle Beanie

For that après ski vibe, a Fair Isle print is the way to go, and this Icelandic wool topper is as practical as it is cute. Made from 65 percent wool and 35 percent nylon, it’s both breathable and warm to keep you comfortable in all sorts of conditions. Plus, there are 11 cute color combos to choose from, so you can find one to perfectly match your ski jacket or simply your ski lodge ensembles.

lululemon best beanies for women

11. lululemon Run for It All Beanie

Best Beanie for Outdoor Workouts

Just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to press pause on your neighborhood runs. And thanks to lululemon, opting to your head and ears doesn’t have to mean switching up your signature ponytail either. This fitted water-repellant beanie has a small slit at the back specifically designed for threading your hair through. Reviewer Samantha writes, “I was worried this would not cover my head totally, but it does and it's warm without making my head too hot (like a good beanie should). Love running with this cap!”

llbean beat beanies for women

12. L.L.Bean Katahdin Pom Hat

Best Retro Design

This vintage-inspired beanie is another one of Silver’s favorites, and it was the fun, colorful graphics (an OG design from 1988) that initially caught her eye. “I also love how the logo is huge, because it feels ironic, but L.L.Bean is truly the best,” she says. Indeed, this fun cap isn’t just stylish—it’s also made from a super-soft, very warm material that won’t leave you feeling itchy after just a few minutes wear.

66north best beanies for women
66 North

13. 66 North Bylur Soft Lambswool Hat

Warmest Beanie

Icelandic brand 66 North is all about creating high-quality outdoor gear that will keep you warm and comfortable, no matter the weather. This particular cap is made from cozy lambswool, which stays warm even when wet, but also has a fleece lining for bonus protection from the cold. It also comes in classic black (with the same knit detailing), but we have to say we’re partial to this natural beige hue for a true cabincore vibe.

amazon durio best beanies for women

14. Durio Fleece-Lined Beanie

Warmest Budget Beanie

This chunky knit beanie has more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon, many of which rave about how incredibly warm this hat is thanks to an acrylic outer layer combined with a fleece lining. Reviewers from Illinois, North Dakota and even Alaska say this neat little beanie works wonders for keeping their heads and ears toasty warm through all kinds of temperatures. You can even buy it in packs of two or three to ensure you always have a dry hat to reach for. A note on fit: Multiple reviews mention that the image suggests this beanie has a slouchier silhouette, but to truly cover your ears you’ll need to pull it down for a tighter, more classic fit.

kari traa best beanies for women
Kari Traa

15. Kari Traa Nora Beanie

Best for Skiing

If you’re on the hunt for a beanie you can slip on under your ski helmet for bonus warmth without an additional bulk, look no further. The moisture-wicking material is super stretchy and has a brushed inner lining to prevent any itching or scratching. It’s also long enough to cover your ears, but not so long that you’ll be annoyed by bunching or flapping fabric at the top should you decide to pull it back once you’re warmed up.

uniqlo best beanies for women

16. Uniqlo Cashmere Knitted Beanie

Best Budget Cashmere

We would spend the entire winter, from November to March, wrapped in cashmere if we could. Alas, our budget (and our schedule) doesn’t really allow for such a luxury—or so we thought. Luckily, reader Liz H. brought our attention to this cozy cashmere beanie from Uniqlo that costs less than 50 bucks. “It’s so incredibly soft and feels way more expensive than its price tag. Plus, it’s both breathable and wonderfully warm, so I don’t feel weirdly sweaty or overheated, just comfortable.” Our only gripe? The hat is dry clean only, so maybe try to be a little gentle with this one so you can limit your trips to the cleaners to once or twice per season.

patagonia best beanies for women

17. Patagonia Honeycomb Knit Beanie

Best Extra Ear Protection

PureWow’s sales and deals editor, Destinee Scott, recommends this textured knit beanie for anyone whose ears are always just a little too cold, even while wearing a hat. The reason is a hidden fleece headband tucked under the hem, which gives extra protection from Jack Frost and helps wick away sweat so you won’t overheat. “I love that the inner headband wicks moisture which keeps my hairline from soaking when I'm on the move.” (P.S. There are even more colors to choose from on the Patagonia site.)

verloop best beanies for women

18. Verloop Reversible Beanie

Best Reversible Beanie

This two-tone cap is like four hats in one thanks to the reversible, cuffable design. It comes in two different color combos (red and blue or purple and lime green). The material is also sustainably produced and is machine washable (thought you should lay it flat to dry). It also comes with a 90 day guarantee, meaning you can test this baby through the thick of winter to see how it holds up in multiple weather conditions before truly committing it to your wardrobe.

amazon jaxmonoy best beanies for women

19. Jaxmonoy Wool-Cashmere Beanie

Best Slouchy Beanie

For those who like a slouchier fit, we highly recommend this super-soft and versatile beanie by Jaxmonoy. More than 150 five-star reviewers rave about how soft the material is, plus, because the fabric is on the thinner side, you can cuff or roll the hem to switch up the fit if you like. (P.S. Don’t let the fact that this beanie isn’t made from a chunky knit fool you into thinking it’s not warm—multiple reviews mention that it keeps their ears nice and toasty all the same.) The only downside is that it needs to be either hand washed or dry cleaned.

topo designs best beanies for women
Topo Designs

20. Topo Designs Global Wool Beanie

Best Fisherman Beanie

We’d argue that the Fisherman silhouette is definitely more for fashion over function (long hair can only protect your ears from the cold so much), but that won’t stop us from rocking the cute style on warmer afternoons. Reader Jihan A. recommends this unisex Topo Designs cap because “it looks super cool, but is also made from merino wool so it actually keeps the top of my head warm, too.” She adds, “I love that it’s not too bulky either, if I want to stick it in a pocket or bag when I go indoors.”