12 Fun Things to Do on Easter for Kids and Grown-Ups Alike

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Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start making some holiday plans. And because you’ve learned from experience that not even an ungodly amount of Easter candy is enough to keep your (hyped up) kids and the rest of the clan entertained for the whole day., you need some spring-themed activities on hand to keep everyone occupied. Here, a list of fun things to do on Easter—from birdhouse-making and gardening to brunch party-hosting and parade-going—that will help you celebrate the holiday to the fullest.

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Fun Things to Do on Easter: Cheerful family with two moms watching an Easter Movie
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1. Watch an Easter Movie

When the sugar rush wears off, it’s time for a low-key activity—like cozying up on the couch to watch a holiday-themed movie, for example. Psst: You can find some of our favorite, festive picks here.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Host an Easter Brunch
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2. Host an Easter Brunch

In case you missed it, Easter brunch is kind of a big deal…such a big deal, in fact, that there’s a good chance every table at your favorite local restaurant will be filled. Skip the crowds and spring for an at-home brunch instead. Mix up some cocktails, prepare a menu of crowd-pleasing dishes and invite a few good friends over to enjoy the feast in a setting that’s decidedly more comfortable than a chaotic eatery.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Top angle view of kids at a table Decorating Easter Eggs
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3. Decorate Easter Eggs

Whether you keep things simple with a store-bought dye kit or have a more ambitious plan to achieve a Pinterest-worthy finished product (like one of these), decorating Easter eggs is just plain fun for the whole fam. Gather your materials, dial up the creativity and get started—just remember to save a few eggs for that Easter brunch you’ll be making later.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: baby boy with rabbit ears picking easter eggs at an easter egg hunt party on grass field
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4. Plan or Attend an Easter Egg Hunt

What to do with all those beautiful eggs you just decorated? Hide ‘em, of course. This classic holiday tradition has stood the test of time because it is genuinely fun for folks of all ages. Design your own egg hunt—we recommend an outdoor one for a breath of fresh spring air and an opportunity for kids to run off all that crazy candy energy—or attend a public egg hunt in your community if you prefer a bigger, social event. Either way, an eggcellent time is guaranteed. (Sorry, we had to.)

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Large crowd of people Checking out an Easter Parade
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5. Check out an Easter Parade

Depending on where you live, a vibrant holiday celebration might be going down in the streets. New York City’s Easter Bonnet Parade (pictured above) is a family-friendly spectacle that draws big crowds, and other cities host similarly colorful events featuring floats, costumes, live music and plenty of tasty street food.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Group of kids Haveing an Egg and Spoon Race
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6. Have an Egg and Spoon Race

Kids will have a blast with this oh-so fitting field game, which involves racing to the finish line without letting your egg fall from the spoon en route. It’s easy to organize and participants are sure to crack a smile, if not an egg or two, while their speed and coordination is put to the test.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Bake a Holiday Treat
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7. Bake a Holiday Treat

Put down the Cadbury Mini Eggs for a sec (we know, it’s hard) and satisfy your sweet tooth with a festive baking project instead. Make a carrot cake, whip up a batch of hot cross buns, or stray from the traditional with any of these swoon-worthy dessert recipes that suit the occasion (and then, you know, dig in).

Fun Things to Do on Easter: girl and her mother planting flowers and Spending Some Time in the Garden
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8. Spend Some Time in the Garden

Spring is in full swing, which means the time is just right for planting flowers. Put potted ones in the ground or, if you’re patient, score some seeds at your local nursery and plant those instead. No matter which route you take, a little time spent tending to the garden promises a major reward for kids and adults alike—namely, fresh air, sunshine and a prettier patch of land to admire.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: close-up of hands Crafting Something Festive like an Easter bunny out of paper
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9. Craft Something Festive

Is it even a holiday if you haven’t invested some creative effort in at least one festive craft project? We think not. Bust out the art supplies and get started on one of these kid-friendly Easter crafts, all of which are blessedly easy to accomplish and sure to make the Easter bunny beam with pride.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Mother reading an Easter book together with her kids on couch
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10. Read an Easter Book Together

When the festivities have begun to wind down and the brunch guests have all gone home, a quiet activity is likely in order. Grab a tired kid and snuggle up together in your favorite reading nook for a short-but-sweet story (or several) that celebrates the true spirit of the holiday. We’re fans of How to Catch the Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace—a rollicking, secular read—and The Story of Easter by Patricia Pingry for a little religious education. That said, there are an array of books with positive messages and fitting, seasonal themes to browse (and the time for holiday library building is now).

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Portrait of mother and daughter painting birdhouse together
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11. Make a Birdhouse

Here, a kid-friendly project that promises a major seasonal reward (i.e., a song-filled garden and pollinators at your front porch) and a couple hours of creative, hands-on engagement. Plus, with the right raw materials—pinecones, a mason jar or any number of items that can be found in your recycling bin—and some ingenuity, you can complete a DIY bird feeder without having to entrust your kid with a hammer and nails. Find some fresh ideas here before you get started.

Fun Things to Do on Easter: Little girl outside having a Picnic with her teddy bear
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12. Have a Picnic

The greenery is making its yearly reappearance and the recently thawed ground is finally an inviting place to sit again. Celebrate the season of rebirth with an outdoor picnic—a fine alternative to both a restaurant and at-home brunch party. Of course, this idea only works if April showers don’t rain on your parade (so to speak), but if the sun is shining, all you need to do is head to a nice, scenic spot with a blanket and a sumptuous picnic spread in tow. Bottom line: Good food, plus a tranquil, natural setting spells Easter Day success.

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