Welp, Somebody Invented a Mitten for Wiping Kids Butts

You know when your kid is all, “I wiped,” and you’re all “no you didn’t,” and then you have to march into the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper and a pinched nose? Yeahus neither

Well, today in genius parenting news: Someone actually invented disposable gloves—called Shittensdesigned to help you wipe poop off your offspring’s butt without getting any on your hands. (We’ll pause so you can marvel at what an incredible feat that actually is.)

The only caveat? The cost. At $34 for 20 gloves, you’re paying just a little bit less than $2 a Shitten. Ouch.

Still, can you really put a price on poop protection? And, you know, getting to say the word shitten out loud to your children?

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