42 Christmas Activities for Kids to Keep Those Little Hands Occupied Until Santa Arrives

Holiday-themed crafts, games and more that kids of all ages will love

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Christmas is a special time of year for everyone, but the joy that kids experience over the holidays is unmatched. In fact, children can get so excited about the upcoming holiday (and Santa’s arrival) that they get a little—shall we say—restless. Meanwhile, you have presents to wrap, cookies to bake and cards to write. But don’t fret because we have the perfect solution. Keep those little elves occupied and make the season even more magical for them with our round up of Christmas activities for kids, which includes a festive card game to play on family game night, a 3D nativity scene that kids can assemble solo, a simple snowflake paper craft and much more. Happy holidays!

18 Fun Things to Do on Christmas Day

christmas activities for kids popcorn garland
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc./Getty Images

1. Make a Popcorn Garland

Sometimes you just need your little humans to sit and chill. And what better way to keep 'em occupied than by engaging them in a craft that's a distraction, decoration and snack all at the same time? This tutorial is a good place to start, but in order to create the perfect popcorn garland, all you need is a fresh batch of popcorn, some crafting string, a pair of scissors and a crafting needle and then you're good to go. (Note: The crafting needle makes this activity best suited for bigger kids.) Mix in some cranberries for that additional Christmas-y touch. 

Christmas Activities For Kids - The game 'Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman' is displayed on a white background. The box is green with read and white accents.

2. Play ‘Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman’

From the makers of ‘Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza’ comes this laugh-out-loud family-friendly game that asks players to lay down a card while saying the next word in ‘Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman’. Slap if it’s a match and the last person to do so gets stuck with all the cards. This one’s best suited for kids ages 8 and up and only takes about 10 minutes per round.

christmas activities for kids separation anxiety minute to win it game
Kid Friendly Things To Do

3. Play 'Separation Anxiety’ Minute to Win It Game

All you need is a cup full of various holiday candies to play this fun and surprisingly difficult minute to win it game, which consists of sorting the candies by type in under sixty seconds without dumping them out. Needless to say, the kids won’t care too much about winning or losing when they realize they get to eat the candy in the end.

christmas activities for kids check out a holiday market
Gorfer/Getty Images

4. Check Out a Holiday Market

There’s hot cocoa, treats, toys, bright shiny ornaments and lots more festive cheer to be found at your local holiday market. Check it out with your offspring and the whole fam will have a blast. (Psst: This Christmas activity for kids is a great spot to pick up kitsch holiday gifts for friends and family, too.)

christmas activities for kids christmas mad libs
Happiness is Homemade

5. Do a Christmas Mad Lib

Head to Happiness is Homemade for a printable, holiday-themed twist on the classic car game that’s perfect for playing around the fireplace and, as always, sure to have everyone in stitches.

christmas activities for kids cat
JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

6. Make Paper Snowflakes

A piece of white printer paper, plus a little folding and snipping is all that’s required to make some nifty seasonal decor. Best of all, any kid old enough to wield a pair of scissors can handle this simple craft. It won’t matter what the weather outside is doing, simply stick these pretty DIY flurries to the windows and you’ll have a white Christmas in no time.

Christmas Activities For Kids - A number of sticker sheets featuring things like elves, snowmen, gingerbread men, and other holiday motifs without faces appear on a white background.

7. Play the Christmas Sticker Game for Kids

This toddler-friendly activity allows tots to create their own Christmas figurines (Santa, elf, reindeer, etc.) using stickers. It’s simple and festive and even better? It’s portable, meaning you can bring the holiday fun with you when you need to wait in line at the post office to mail your gift to Aunt Sally.

christmas activities for kids pay a visit to santa
manonallard /Getty Images

8. Pay a Visit to Santa

Santa Claus is coming to...a shopping center near you. Pay him a visit and your child will get to rattle off his Christmas list to someone else, while you stand back and enjoy the photo op. Just don’t forget to snap a photo for the family album.

christmas activities for kids christmas stacking cups
Kid Friendly Things To Do

9. Play Christmas Stacking Cups 

Here’s another minute-to-win-it game, courtesy of Kid Friendly Things To Do, that will go over well with the kids at your holiday party. Sort of like a DIY Jenga game, just pick up some festive cardstock and a sleeve of red solo cups, and watch the fast-paced fun unfold. 

christmas activities for kids emoji christmas songs game
Happiness is Homemade

10. Try the Emoji Christmas Songs Game

Kids compete for prizes in this festive game, in which players race to identify a list of Christmas carols using only emoji clues. You can learn the rules and find the free printable at Happiness is Homemade. (Psst: This one’s actually fun for the whole family, not just littles.)

christmas activities for kids go caroling
Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

11. Go Caroling

This classic holiday activity is a joy for folks of all ages, but the performance is particularly cute when the caroling is done by a group of kids. Plus, what child wouldn’t welcome an opportunity to warm up with a mug of hot chocolate when all’s said and done?

christmas activities for kids christmas slime
The Best Ideas For Kids

12. Make Christmas Slime

The joys of slime are well-documented, so it goes without saying that kids will be thrilled to get their hands on this goo over the holidays—just be sure to make it extra festive with this recipe from The Best Ideas for Kids that turns the sticky stuff into reindeers, snowmen and even the Grinch.

christmas activities for kids bake christmas cookies
Przemyslaw Klos/EyeEm/Getty Images

13. Bake Christmas Cookies

When it comes to Christmas activities for kids, you can’t beat whipping up a festive sweet treat. From licking the bowl to decorating the cookies, holiday baking serves up kid-friendly fun at every step of the process and the reward is oh-so sweet.

14. Do a DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set

Your kid wants to help you decorate the tree and glass ornaments and toddlers don’t mix. Here’s a clever idea: Let your offspring go to town with this soft felt tree and the included detachable ornaments. All of the holiday fun, none of the tears. Now that’s a win-win.

christmas activities for kids christmas light scavenger hunt
Happiness is Homemade

15. Go on a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

A walking tour of the holiday lights in the neighborhood is a fine activity unto itself, but this free printable scavenger hunt from Happiness is Homemade promises an extra entertaining stroll for kids of all ages. See how many candy canes, wreaths, nutcrackers and more you can spot on your holiday stroll.

Build a Gingerbread House Christmas Activities for Kids

16. Build a Gingerbread House

STEAM never looked (or tasted) so good as it does with this holiday construction project. You can bake your own gingerbread or keep it simple and buy a kit—either way this engineering challenge will keep your kid busy, while satisfying their sweet tooth, to boot.

17. Play Christmas Bingo

Bingo: The lowkey game that can be adapted for pretty much any occasion. Here, a Christmas-themed iteration you can buy on the cheap and enjoy all season.

christmas activites for kids christmas guess who
Kid Friendly Things To Do

18. Play Christmas ‘Guess Who?’

This family-friendly guessing game is just like Hedbanz, but more festive. The tutorial over at Kid Friendly Things To Do has everything you need, but basically the idea is to write down a bunch of holiday-themed characters on cards, pick one at random and place it on your head, and then go around the group and try to guess who you are but only by asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. It sounds simple but you’d be surprised how tricky—and hilarious—this game can be.

christmas activites for kids watch the nutcracker
Gabriel Kuchta /Getty Images

19. Watch ‘The Nutcracker’

Get tickets to see the local ballet perform The Nutcracker this holiday season for a magical and memorable night out that older kids are sure to appreciate. (It’s a seasonal staple, so a quick Google search to find a performance near you should yield plenty of results.)

christmas activites for kids christmas word scramble
Happiness is Homemade

20. Do a Christmas Word Scramble

If you’re going to visit relatives over the holiday, be sure to pack this Christmas word scramble from Happiness is Homemade for the journey. It’s a festive activity for kids, and a boredom buster everyone will be grateful for. Get the free printable below.

christmas activites for kids write a christmas list
lacaosa/Getty Images

21. Write a Christmas List

OK, this one is kind of a no-brainer...and chances are your child has written at least ten already. That said, we’d be willing to bet that said child leaps at the opportunity to draft another.

22. Play Santa Claus ‘Go Fish’

Best suited for kids ages 4 and up, this deck of cards gives a fun holiday twist on all the classic games (think: Go Fish, Slap Jack, War, etc.). And don’t worry if your little elf doesn’t recognize numbers just yet—they can use the images instead (“do you have a Santa Claus?”).

christmas activities for kids snowman tissue box bowling
Craftaholics Anonymous

23. Try Snowman Tissue Box Bowling

File this under ‘holiday activity two-fers’ because your kid will have a blast with both the adorable snowman art project and the lively bowling game that follows, thanks to the crafts wizzes at Craftaholics Anonymous.

christmas activities for kids write a letter to santa
FG Trade/Getty Images

24. Write a Letter to Santa

Christmas lists are great and all, but how about having your kid send Santa something a little more heartfelt? Hint: The best part will be the look on your child’s face when Santa actually writes back. (Thank you, United States Postal Service.)

christmas activities for kids hot chocolate marshmallow toss
Happiness is Homemade

25. Do a Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Toss

Don’t worry, this minute to win it game from Happiness is Homemade does not involve tossing objects into hot liquid. Yep, the hot chocolate here is a ruse—but, by all means, serve the kids the real deal when the game is done.

christmas activities for kids make a wreath
Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Images

26. Make a Wreath

Depending on the age and skill-level of your child, you can opt to craft a true showstopper or just opt for a felt craft kit—either way, you’re guaranteed an engaging art project and a finished product that will inspire pride. 

christmas activities for kids santa limbo
Kid Friendly Things To Do

27. Play Santa Limbo

You already know the rules of the go-to party game, but the folks over at Kid Friendly Things To Do think limbo is even better when played in full Santa attire with Christmas lights taking the place of the usual pole, and we tend to agree.

christmas activities for kids build a model train
Anna Pekunova/Getty Images

28. Build a Model Train

Putting together a model train set is an excellent activity for kids of all ages, and the end result is a nice touch to have around the Christmas tree. Bonus points if you pair this activity with a reading of ‘The Polar Express’.

christmas activities for kids neighborhood holiday scavenger hunt
Studio DIY

29. Go on a Neighborhood Holiday Scavenger Hunt

It’s just like the Christmas light scavenger hunt, and every bit as fun, but with pictures instead of words—you know, so that even the youngest in your brood can participate. (Thanks Studio DIY for the free printable.)

30. Craft Homemade Ornaments

Get into the holiday spirit by cranking up the tunes and getting started on an ornament-making project with your child. The creative hands-on activity will appeal to kids of all ages and the finished product will be everyone’s favorite thing on the tree.

christmas activities for kids gingerbread playdough
The Best Ideas for Kids

31. Make Gingerbread Playdough

Not a fan of slime? (We get it.) Good news: This gingerbread playdough activity from The Best Ideas For Kids means you can skip the sticky stuff without robbing your child of the opportunity for some festive sensory play. And you probably have all the ingredients you need (flour, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, etc.) at home already.

32. Have an Indoor Snowball Fight

There doesn’t need to be a winter wonderland outside your window in order to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight. In fact, you don’t need to go outdoors at all if you scoop up some Floof—a mysterious, snow-like modeling substance that’s both fun to play with and easy to clean up.

33. Play Reindeer Ring Toss

This goofy, wearable ring toss game has ‘Christmas party with kids’ written all over it. Best of all, you needn’t worry about any injuries getting in the way of a jolly good time, since the inflatable rings ensure safe play.

christmas activities for kids decorate the tree
Catherine Delahaye/Getty Images

34. Decorate the Tree

This is a one-time activity, but a very special one for kids—just make sure you’re discreet when you redistribute ornaments to the upper branches.

christmas activities for kids do a christmas tree science experiment

35. Do a Christmas Tree Science Experiment

Food coloring, baking soda, vinegar and Christmas tree cookie cutters are all you need to pull off this festive ‘tree decorating’ science experiment from Fun-a-Day. It’s easy as can be and pretty darn cool, too.

christmas activities for kids visit a christmas light show
Kevin Reid/Getty Images

36. Visit a Christmas Light Show

Once you’ve seen all the Christmas lights your neighborhood has to offer, take your child to see some even more spectacular decorations. Cities and towns across the country go all out with stunning Christmas lights displays, some of which boast millions of lights to feast your eyes upon.

christmas activities for kids build a christmas village
Crafts by Amanda

37. Build a Christmas Village

So you tried the gingerbread house activity, but the materials kept disappearing. The solution? Opt for an inedible craft, like this salt dough Christmas village, courtesy of Crafts by Amanda.

38. Track Santa

You can come up with a whole host of Christmas activities for kids but your children only care about one thing—when is Santa comin? In case you missed it, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been using their GPS to help kids hone in on Santa’s whereabouts for more than 50 years. Excited kids are sure to get a kick out of this online service, which starts tracking Santa’s route on December 1 and can be accessed here

39. Host a White Elephant Gift Exchange

It works just like a regular White Elephant gift exchange, except that the attendees are kids and the gifts to be bartered and traded among friends are hand-picked toys. Get some toy inspiration here. (Psst: Try this one out with a slightly older group of kids—you know, ‘cause little ones are less likely to be on board with having their gift snatched up by a fellow partygoer.)

40. Donate Toys

Prepare for the deluge of new toys to come by having your kid make room for the loot with a playroom cleaning project that involves sending old, unwanted toys to the donation bin. The promise of gifts on the horizon, will help children of all ages come around to appreciating the holiday spirit behind the good deed, and all parties will benefit from the purge.

41. Play a Christmas Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Yes, it’s another scavenger hunt…but hear us out. This one is designed for indoor use and kids can play completely on their own, so you don’t need to bundle up and explore the neighborhood to have some fun. In fact, we strongly suggest you save it for Christmas morning, because it’s a great way to keep ‘em away from the presents while grown-ups enjoy a much-needed coffee and (if you’re lucky) a proper breakfast.

42. Assemble a 3D Nativity Scene

This nativity set is actually a 3D mechanical puzzle that older kids can assemble themselves. The reward is an engaging and oh-so festive building project that hones STEM skills and a beautiful wooden display that honors holiday tradition.

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