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Pets are our friends, babies and, sometimes, the only people—yes, people—we can count on for a mood-boosting snuggle at the end of a long day. Sure, they can be needy, but we happily oblige because they get us. Honestly, what better way to honor our Ollies and Lolas than with a customized pet portrait? Etsy is full of artists with a knack for replicating pet expressions. We rounded up some of our favorites.

delphimages etsy dog portrait


Delphimages’ work is perfect for the regal pet who deserves nothing less than the royal treatment. The shop owner, Delphine, is a digital artist and photographer based in Santa Monica, California. She inserts photos of pets (namely, their faces) into images of famous historical figures like Queen Elizabeth I in full ruff collar, King Louis XV in silver armor and George Washington in a velvety coat, just to name a few. The finished product (typically a digital file, though she does offer printed versions) looks like your cat has been professionally painted in the 1700s. Très chic!

Price: $25 to $80


romalena etsy dog portraits


The whimsical watercolor portraits offered by RomaLena are brilliantly done. Bulgaria-based artist Elena hand-draws each portrait and leaves no detail behind. She’s super transparent about her materials (high-quality colored pencil, watercolor, oil and pastel), her process and her pricing. She even offers tips on how to get the best photo of your pet to guide her as she works. Choose between a standard portrait or—and here’s where the whimsy comes in—a trio of peekaboo images that makes it look like Foxy is poking her nose up over the frame. CA-UTE!

Price: $150 to $240

Shipping to the U.S.: $17


kikipettee etsy dog portraits


If quick turnaround and versatility is what you’re after, hit up Kikipettee ASAP. Artist An Ha produces brightly colored digital files of pet portraits in as little as two days (typically two to five, but let her know if you’re in a rush). The result is a joyous image of your pup (cat, bird or bunny) surrounded by your choice of flowers, phrases, name plates and more. Buyers are free to use the digital file (which, by the way, looks more like a gorgeous pencil drawing than a computer print) as many times as they like, as long as it’s for non-commercial use. Basically, you can plop your image of Leo and some sunflowers onto a cell phone case, a T-shirt or both at no extra cost. This Vietnam-based artist has rave reviews, so hit her up!

Price: $39


zileart etsy dog portraits


If your style is a little more serious, ZileArt may have exactly what you’re looking for. As a self-proclaimed lover of chaos, the artist does an exceptional job of capturing each and every hair, whisker and lash on your pet’s face in her line drawings to create an image that could very well be a photograph. She sketches the portraits by hand onto a digital device using a stylus, then sends the print as a digital file. The result is an exact likeness of your BFF in classic black and white. A color option is available, but there’s something striking we love about the neutral images.

Price: $35 to $85


laurakg etsy pet portraits


Andy Warhol called, and he loves LauraKG’s pop art pet portraits! Shop owner Laura Tripp uses boldly colored acrylic paint to create custom portraits straight out of the 1960s. Laura works directly with you to decide on the background colors best suited for your décor and style (and Lucky’s personality, of course). The process takes two to three weeks, so order early if you’re on a deadline. Multiple size options also exist, from 6” x 6” up to 30” x 30”. Might we recommend going full Warhol and ordering four paintings in different colors for maximum Marilyn Diptych effect?

Price: $45 to $300

Shipping: Varies based on size


kmdoyleembroidery etsy pet portraits


Embroidery art has made a huge comeback in the past few years, and tons of talented artists are using thread in amazing ways. Katie Doyle’s beautifully detailed pet portraits stuck out to us big-time. Doyle accurately captures pet likenesses—and expressions!—with her intricate thread work. Each made-to-order embroidered portrait arrives in its own hoop (3” to 8” diameter available) with a customized background color. It takes six to eight weeks before your hoop ships out, but the end result is totally worth it.

Price: $100 to $250

Shipping: Free in the U.S.


jessica richter art etsy pet portraits


What is jewelry if not wearable art? Ohio-based artist Jessica Richter is another gifted embroidery artist turning pets into portraits, though she works on a much smaller scale. Her miniature pet portraits fit inside hoops measuring just 1” in diameter. She turns these hoops into necklaces and pins (or keychains if for some reason you don’t like wearing your pet’s face). For a tiny image made of thread, these portraits are spot-on in their detail. All hardware comes in an antique bronze finish, but you can choose between 16 unique background fabric colors.

Price: $100

Shipping: $2.66


watercolorhappypet etsy pet portraits


Everything you need to know about this shop is in its name. The artist expertly captures playful and thoughtful pet expressions with watercolors, adding flourishes and drops of color here and there to complement the animal’s eyes, fur and collar. Truly, every pup and kitten image in this shop looks angelic. The finished product is an actual painting (not a digital file) that perfectly combines a clear portrait of your pet with the soft vibe of watercolors. This shop has a five-star rating with over 500 reviews, so you can bet you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Price: $30 to $60

Shipping: $8 to U.S.


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