The Best Pet Portrait Artists on Etsy

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Pets are our friends, our babies, and sometimes literally the only people (yes, people) we can count on for a mood-boosting snuggle at the end of a long day. Sure, they can be needy, but we happily oblige because they get us! Honestly, what better way to honor our Ollies and Lolas than with a customized pet portrait? Plus, a customized pet portrait is a beautiful gift for someone (yourself included) who recently lost a pet or wants to remember a pet from childhood. Etsy is full of artists with a knack for replicating animal expressions and delivering artwork that’ll last a lifetime. Here, the best pet portrait artists on Etsy.

The Best Pet Portraits on Etsy At a Glance


best pet portraits etsy roma lena

1. Roma Lena

Best Overall

Price: $150 to $240

Shipping to the U.S.: $17

The whimsical watercolor portraits offered by Roma Lena are brilliantly done. Bulgaria-based artist Elena (a star seller on Etsy) hand-draws each portrait and leaves no detail behind. She’s super transparent about her materials (high quality colored pencil, watercolor, oil and pastel), her process and her pricing. She even offers tips on how to get the best photo of your pet to best guide her as she works. Choose between a standard portrait or—and here’s where the whimsy comes in—a set of peekaboo images that makes it look like Ollie is poking his nose up over the frame. If you’ve got a few pets, a series would be CA-UTE! (Elena is also currently donating a portion of all sales to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support people in Ukraine who are in need.)

best pet portraits etsy prime design arts
Prime Design Arts/Etsy

2. Prime Design Arts

Most Over-the-Top

Price: $25 to $30

Pets with big personalities or huge egos should have their face immortalized in one of these portraits. Prime Design Arts will turn any pet into a Renaissance king or queen for less than $30. Not only do these prints have a sense of humor, they also have a sense of elegance! The shop runs out of Detroit, Michigan, and has sold more than 4,000 pet pics (and they have four out of four stars). Fans say the shop owner's response time is quick and products arrive within a few days. Colorful, regal, serious, yet incredibly silly.

best pet portraits etsy sheppard portraits
Sheppard Portraits/Etsy

3. Sheppard Portraits

Best Black and White

Price: $90, free shipping

These hand-drawn charcoal portraits are stunning. The artist, Frank, is based in Niagara Falls, New York, and captures the expressions of dogs and cats (and horses!) perfectly. These pieces are more personal than prints and would be a terrific way to memorialize a pet who recently passed away. Unlike some pet portraits, many of Frank’s portray pets lounging or looking off in another direction, a choice that reminds us of the everyday joys of having a pet, rather than a posed image where Lola is looking directly into the camera. Ideal for muted decor and a more serious vibe.

laurakg etsy pet portraits

4. Laurakg

Best Pop Art

Price: $45 to $300

Shipping: Varies based on size

Hello! Andy Warhol called, and he loves LauraKG’s pop art pet portraits! Shop owner Laura Tripp uses boldly colored acrylic paint to create custom portraits straight out of the 1960s. After receiving a pet’s photo, Laura works directly with you to decide on the background colors best suited for your décor and style. The process takes two to three weeks, so order early if you’re on a deadline. Multiple size options also exist, from 6” x 6” up to 30” x 30”. Might we recommend going full Warhol and ordering four paintings in different colors for maximum Marilyn Diptych effect?

best pet portraits etsy jessica richter art
Jessica Richter Art/Etsy

5. Jessica Richter Art

Best Oil Painting

Price: $100 to $525

Jessica Richter Art uses oil paints and museum-quality canvas to capture your pet’s image. She offers miniature portraits (just four inches by four inches) or a variety of larger sizes ranging from five by seven inches to 18 by 24 inches. What we love about these is how up close and personal they look. We’re talking neck and head and big expressions. Each portrait takes roughly two weeks to complete, and Jessica sends clients a pic of their painting before shipping, so you know what you’re getting before you unwrap it.

best pet portraits etsy great pets portraits

6. Great Pets Portraits

Best Watercolor

Price: $84 to $174

A watercolor eight by 10 of your pet is the art you never knew you needed. Alex, the painter, is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and hand-paints every item that comes out of his shop. Choose from a single pet face, two pets in one painting or a full body watercolor. Reviewers say they’ve ordered multiple paintings from Alex, who is called “absolutely amazing,” and “beyond” talented. He’ll even do custom work, like adding some Ziggy Stardust flair to your pet’s image if you ask.

best pet portraits etsy caitlin mcmenamin art
Caitlin McMenamin Art/Etsy

7. Caitlin Mcmenamin Art

Best Mixed Media

Price: $95 to $175

While canvas and paper are excellent methods for displaying a pet portrait, have you ever considered… wood? Caitlin McMenamin uses oil paints and wood panels to create magical works of art featuring your favorite furry friends. She adds details in the background to play up the joy our animals bring us. Panels range from five by seven inches to nine by 12 inches in size. You can either hang them (they come equipped to hang) or buy a separate stand to set them on. Either way, this is a very cool, unique version of the standard pet portrait.

best pet portraits etsy scottie inspired
Scottie Inspired

8. Scottie Inspired

Most Colorful

Price: $45

Looking for a little pizzazz? Have Iain McDonald out of the UK paint a brightly colored pet portrait for your home. Full disclosure: You only receive a digital file image of your painting; you do not get an actual painting. The upside is this is less pricey than a real painting and you receive four different file sizes within just five days. You can then use these files to have your portrait printed on a wrapped canvas in the size of your choice. McDonald offers 20 different background colors and will tweak the portrait as often as necessary to get it right.

best pet portraits etsy gestuel studio
Gestuel Studio/Etsy

9. Gestuel Studio

Best Minimalist

Price: $18 to $102

If your home has a minimalist vibe or you’re simply not a fan of cluttered imagery, Gestuel Studio has you covered. First of all, these portraits feel quiet and quaint while still capturing the essence of a real animal. The artist offers 24 muted and neutral background colors, plus you can choose to have multiple pets in one print. Those on a budget can simply download a file; if you want to splurge, go for the 24”x36” poster. Unlike some portraits on our list, these also come with your pup or kitty’s name printed on them. Many reviewers say they love the quality and professionalism offered by the shop and several hung the prints in their children’s nurseries (probably to remind our pets that they’re our babies, too).

best pet portraits etsy lc illustration shop
LC Illustration Shop/Etsy

10. Lc Illustration Shop

Best Pet/Parent Combo

Price: $31 to $90

Shipping: Digital files only for U.S. customers

For those of us who never go anywhere without our pets, it might make more sense to do a combo pet and pet parent portrait. This is where LC Illustration comes in. These certainly aren’t realistic images, but they beautifully and playfully capture the relationships we have with our animals. This also gives you an opportunity to daydream about things you’d like to do with your pet (like the image of a gal and her dog both in hair curlers). Turnaround time is super quick (just one week), and everyone raves about the artist’s communication and work.

best pet portraits etsy pet portrait art shop
Pet Portrait Art Shop/Etsy

11. Pet Portrait Art Shop

Best Budget

Price: $18

Trying not to spend your entire grocery budget on a pet portrait? We get it and your dog thanks you (he likes eating, too). Pet Portrait Art Shop will produce a detailed, high-resolution likeness of your pet for under $18, and the work gets done incredibly quickly (one to three days). You can then download the image and print on the canvas and in the size of your choice. There are 20 background color options and 18 font options. Attention everyone who is engaged! If you want to name a wedding signature cocktail after your pet, Pet Portrait Art Shop will design and print the sign for you, too.

best pet portraits etsy rd jewelry designs
RD Jewelry Designs/Etsy

12. Rd Jewelry Designs

Most Creative

Price: $125 to $145

Shipping to U.S.: $7

Sure, you can wear a T-shirt with your dog’s picture on it. But why stop there? RD Jewelry Designs will handcraft a beaded brooch of your dog or cat (or bird!) you can wear on anything. Made with high-quality materials like silk, gemstones, faux leather and colorful beads, these brooches have unmatched texture, flair and sparkle. Each brooch measures roughly three inches by three inches. The shop ships worldwide for a small fee.

best pet portraits etsy james cassidy art
James Cassidy Art/Etsy

13. James Cassidy Art

Best Ornament

Price: $60

How about a 3D pet portrait?! James Cassidy Art brings your pet to life as a Christmas tree ornament (though we might just keep it up year-round). Made from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paint, these look surprisingly like their subjects. They take about four to six weeks to arrive, so keep that lead time in mind come holiday season. The artist also makes pet planters if you’re a plant parent, too.

best pet portraits etsy geopersonalized

14. Geopersonalized

Best Jewelry

Price: $13 to $20

Whether you’re a ring, bracelet or necklace person, GeoPersonalized will engrave your jewelry of choice with your pet’s face. We’re partial to the signet rings, but all options are stellar and come in rose gold, gold or silver. You can add your pet’s name if you like or keep it simple with their sweet portrait. Folks with multiple pets can add additional charms onto necklaces and bracelets so all of their pets can be with them throughout the day.

best pet portraits etsy martiliosarts

15. Martiliosarts

Best Embroidery

Price: $106

No medium better captures the fur and hair on our pets than embroidery. The artist, Marta, is a pro at bringing animals to life with some fabric and thread. These are all handmade and delivered in hoops measuring almost eight inches in diameter. If you prefer your pet’s portrait embroidered on a shirt, Marta can do that, too. She’s based in Poland, so expect a little extra delivery time when ordering.

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