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Got a friend who’s preggo with her second? (Or maybe you’re preggo with your second?) You’re probably at a loss as to what to get the baby who’s inheriting, well, everything. Here, nine items all moms actually need the second time around.

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Diapers and Wipes

Is it sexy? No. Is it incredibly useful? You bet. If you want your gift to feel a little more special than a package of size 1s, go for an eco-friendly set that comes in a pretty cloth chest (perfect for nursery storage) and includes diapers, wipes, diaper cream and hand sanitizer.

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Bath Toys

Squirty toys are a pain to clean. (Who has time to look up vinegar-based soaks with a crying infant and a rowdy toddler in tow?) Do everyone a favor and replace SpongeBob with this cute, mold-resistant and BPA-free submarine and rocket duo. (P.S. The rocket changes color if the water is above 98.6 degrees.)

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Bibs and Burp Cloths

While mom might be tempted to reuse old (and only partially yam-stained) bibs, she certainly won’t turn down something pristine and not yet crusted in blueberry puree.

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Crib Sheets

The easiest way to update the nursery without blowing one’s budget: new baby linens. We love this Nate Berkus for Target llama collection.

Activity Cards

Because Mom will definitely need help remembering when Child #2 first rolled over.

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Teething Toys

Because the first set is a) lost and b) disgusting.

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It’s hard out there for a second kid, forced to squeeze into her older brother’s dirt-caked Robeez. (Pro tip: Go for a toddler size, which—unlike baby shoes—will actually get worn.)

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Feeding and Storage Containers

When it comes to replenishing baby kitchen supplies, think functionality: new bottles, new placemats and new food storage bags for the never-ending stream of Goldfish.

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Stuffed Animals

With the understanding, of course, that the older child will try to slobber all over it before baby gets a turn.

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