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Did You Know All Parents Are Essentially Entitled to an Extra Free Checked Bag When They Fly?
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Reality check: Babies don't travel light. Between the clothes and the gear and the stroller, the amount of baggage they require can put a real damper on your efforts to plan a relaxing getaway, not to mention the cost of the flight. 

That's where this smart mom trick comes in: The next time you're boarding a plane with your infant, don't forget about the airline perk that allows you to check a carseat for free. 

But here's the genius part: You can essentially use it as a checked suitcase. How? Before you leave it at the bag drop-off point, open up the protective car seat bag and stuff it to the gills with all the lightweight baby items you had a hard time fitting in your luggage. (Think diapers, extra clothes, even toys.)

It's precious real estate, after all—and the airline won't mind as long as you're not smuggling liquids or other prohibited items. 

Less to schlep through the airport and a chance to save $25 on a bag fee? 

Your load feels lighter already.

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