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There are plenty of holidays that involve showering your child with happy surprises (Christmas presents, birthday cakes, Easter baskets) but only one that allows you to play a dirty trick on your kid. That’s right, we’re talking about April Fool’s Day. You might be nervous to prank a kid—after all pranks can be mean and kids can be sensitive, but fear not, friends: All the options in our roundup of April Fool’s pranks for kids are completely harmless and guaranteed to get a laugh from everyone involved. Enjoy.

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april fools pranks for kids water
Imgorthand/Getty Images

1. Bathroom Sink Surprise

Thankfully the mischief here is sillier than mean (i.e., a different kind of waterworks). This prank is also particularly easy to execute: Just discreetly place a small square of tape—scotch tape will do the trick, but duct tape is even better—to the underside of the faucet for an unexpected sprinkler effect.

april fools pranks for kids brownies
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2. The ‘Let ‘em Eat Brownies’ Prank

“Hey kids, I made brownies!” is music to the ears of youth everywhere...until they sit down, eagerly awaiting their sugar fix and discover that you’ve served up something a bit too, er, literal for their taste. Yep, simply cut out a couple capital letter “E’s” from brown construction paper and your brilliant prank is ready to be plated—get it? Brown E’s!

april fools pranks for kids toilet
haurashko_ksu/Getty Images


Carefully cut a ring of bubble wrap and sneak it in between the toilet bowl and seat. Suffice it to say that as soon as a tender bottom plops down, there will be fireworks—and you don’t even need to feel bad because (true story) bubble wrap always makes your kid’s day.

april fools pranks for kids breakfast
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4. Cold Breakfast

April Fool’s pranks are a dish that’s best served ice cold...literally. Prepare your kid’s breakfast cereal 12 hours in advance so you can stick it in the freezer (spoon and all) and surprise him with a lovely looking, but totally inedible block of ice in the morning. Pro tip: Have scrambled eggs on standby in case your child wakes up hangry and the joke is on you.

april fools pranks for kids sheets
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5. Short Sheets

Ahh, the old summer camp classic. Indeed, the short sheet maneuver is tried and true; it’s also fairly easy to accomplish with just five minutes of sneaky folding any time before ‘lights out.’ Make the bed with the top sheet as you normally would, except this time, instead of the tucking the top sheet at the foot of the bed, fold it back toward the headboard, essentially making a little sleep sack, or the “short sheet.” This one will work best for slightly older kids—‘cause let’s be honest, April Fool’s really isn’t worth throwing a wrench in your toddlers delicate bedtime routine.

april fools pranks for kids shoes
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Is it just us, or is it incredibly hard to get kids to put their godforsaken shoes on? (Sorry.) Good news: April Fool’s is a holiday that allows parents to find genuine delight in that oh-so familiar struggle. Hide one shoe of every pair in a secret location and stand back as your kids work hard to get out the door (for a change).

april fools pranks for kids bugs
Davide Rossi / EyeEm/Getty Images

7. Bugging Out

The age and temperament of your child will absolutely dictate how well this prank goes over—but with that in mind, you might consider putting a creepy-crawly prop on their pillow or by their bedside. (Think, plastic spider trinket.) Note: Parents—particularly bug-fearing ones—should not try this at home unless they can take what they dish out. Just sayin’.

april fools pranks for kids juice
Regina Pinto / EyeEm/Getty Images

8. Juice Jest

Your kid sure does love an ice-cold, soft beverage—fruit punch, orange juice, apple juice, any juice...Now imagine your kid’s surprise when they discover something amiss with their favorite drink. Replace fruit punch with a cup full of Jell-O, or refill an empty container of OJ with plain water and food coloring: There are many different ways to pull off this prank and it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

april fools pranks for kids candy
Stephanie Mull Photography/Getty Images

9. Snack Swap

There’s a good chance that the Easter candy season is in full swing by the time April Fool’s Day rolls around. What does that mean to you? For starters, it’s an excuse to gorge yourself on Cadbury Creme Eggs. That’s right, friends: Go ahead and indulge in any tinfoil wrapped candy you choose—just don’t destroy the evidence. Instead, use those empty wrappers to conceal grapes for the ultimate bait and switch. (But maybe set one piece of chocolate aside for your crestfallen kid.)

april fools pranks for kids remote.jpg
John Fedele/Getty Images

10. Screen Time Interference

So your kid has a bit of a Netflix habit (same). No big deal—just cover the sensor on the remote with a strip of clear tape for an easy April Fool’s prank that is unlikely to go unnoticed. Plus, being in control of screen time is a win no matter how you manage it, right?

april fools pranks for kids straw
JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

11. Faulty Straws

You don’t have to use Jell-O to trip your kid up with her sippy cup. Instead, just close off one end of a straw with a secure piece of tape and let your kid struggle for a sec—you know, before you come to the rescue and everyone shares a laugh.

april fools pranks for kids googly eyes
Carol Yepes/Getty Images

12. Googly Eye Goof

Serve your child food that stares back by putting googly eyes on each piece of fruit or snack on their plate (you can stick it on with frosting instead of glue); Or just put googly eyes on a bunch of random things in your fridge and see how long it takes your kid to notice.

april fools pranks for kids cereal
Janos Mladonyiczki / EyeEm/Getty Images

13. Cereal Switcheroo

If you have a two-cereal household, start April Fool’s day off on the right food with an easy breakfast prank. Before your child wakes up, switch the two bags of cereal so your kid ends up with a bowlful or Raisin Bran even though they reached for Lucky Charms.

april fools pranks for kids photoshop
JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

14. Photoshop-a-Friend

Find a picture of a friend or family member and use photoshop to make it look like the person is levitating. Pull the doctored photo up on your phone and feign amazement as you show your kid: “Look! Dad learned how to float!” This one is especially effective on younger kids (but don’t expect your tween to fall for it).

april fools pranks for kids pizza

15. Pizza Mishap

This prank is sure to be as frustrating for the hungry as short sheeting is for the fatigued—and all you need to do is seal an empty pizza box shut with some super glue. Set pizza prop out on the table and tell your child you ordered pizza for dinner and that they can help themselves. Now sit back and watch as your perplexed kid struggles to gain access to their dinner. (Bonus points if you actually do order pizza and eat a slice of the real thing while you watch.)


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