Listen up, moms: You don’t have to choose between having a cool car and an SUV to tote your kids around. Whether you’re gearing up for a family road trip or need some extra space for daily driving, the freshly designed 2020 Kia Soul GT crossover is sure to turn heads (especially in this scorching-hot Inferno Red paint job). My babies are on board, but I can still rock the Kia Soul, which is nicely priced from $20,000 to about $28,000 fully loaded.

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2020 kia soul gt review model
Natalie Merola

It’s Surprisingly Fast and Efficient

The 2020 Kia Soul model will make you feel powerful. This car wants to fly with the lightest touch on the gas pedal. Since it packs a punch when you need to get around, you might want to aim for fuel efficiency by adhering to the speed limit, especially if you have kids in tow. Even zipping around to test the fuel efficiency, I’m impressed with the gas economy.

2020 kia soul gt review trunk
Natalie Merola

It Gives Your Family Room to Grow

From raising toddlers to sending your kids off to college, you’ll find great ways to utilize the Kia Soul’s massive back seat and trunk space. Moving furniture, strollers and camera gear, it’ll be there for you when transitioning through different life stages. It’ll be your second home when hitting the road. The only downside: With so much space, it’s easy to overpack.

2020 kia soul gt review steering wheel
Natalie Merola

The High-Tech Steering Wheel and CarPlay System Make Life Easier

It promotes safe driving while you and your family rock out. (This means that even if you’re blasting “Baby Shark” on your next road trip, Siri will ensure via CarPlay that you don’t miss the next exit.)

2020 kia soul gt review front seats
Natalie Merola

The Front Seats Are Extra Roomy

They’re so comfy, and there’s no elbow bumping across the armrest. When in the passenger seat, the copilot is typically the navigator on trips. While the driver focuses on the road, the navigator can also easily access the touch screen from their seat. This makes everything seamless and safer for all. (And if you need to pass the kiddos some snacks, there’s an optimal range to reach back successfully for a handoff.)

2020 kia soul gt review back seats
Natalie Merola

Installing a Car Seat Couldn’t Be Easier

There’s so much space that those little legs won’t be bumping the back of any chairs, especially when rear-facing or kicking from a front-facing car seat.

2020 kia soul gt review interior
Natalie Merola

The Sleek Interior Is Impervious to Cracker Crumbs

It’s smooth and easy to clean, especially when my son has a back seat Goldfish explosion. Both stylish and functional is a win for me.

2020 kia soul gt review speakers
Natalie Merola

The Speakers Have Great Sound

The Soul’s amplified sound system clearly blows away the competition. Harman/Kardon sets the tone for car karaoke. It’s basically a concert venue on wheels (even if the concert is Raffi).

2020 kia soul gt review tailgate trunk
Natalie Merola

It’s a Tailgater’s Dream

I want to enjoy more of the outdoors and adventures of a road trip, so I love that I felt comfortable sitting with the trunk open and jamming out. It’s fun to spend time with family and friends and turn on the stereo. If you tailgate, this could be a plus!

2020 kia soul gt review color
Natalie Merola

It Comes in Your Favorite Color

The Soul has got the aesthetic down to every last detail. (Hello, red stitching!) I’m partial to the Inferno Red, but it also comes in ten other colors and seven color combinations.

2020 kia soul gt review
Natalie Merola

You’ll Find Yourself Wanting to Drive More

If you find yourself in a Kia Soul, you get to watch the phenomena occur: Souls will park next to other Souls. Heads will turn. Smiles will broaden. Your friends will ask you to drive. And you’ll gladly say yes, because you love driving your car, even if you’re rocking it to the playground and blasting “Baby Shark.” 

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