Why That ‘You’ Season 4 Finale Twist Spells Bad News for Fans of the Show

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

The You season 4 finale left us with one burning question: Will the popular show return for season 5?

Sorry, loyal fans. Based on the latest installment, many believe that You season 4 could be the show’s last. The speculation was a result of Netflix releasing part 2 of the show’s fourth season. The streaming service hasn’t renewed the show for season 5—plus, the latest installment concluded with a full-circle moment that indirectly screams, “It’s over.”

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Courtesy of Netflix

In the season 4 finale, Joe (Penn Badgley) frames his student Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) for his wrongdoings in London. Through a voiceover, Joe explains what happens to the rest of his acquaintances—Roald (Ben Wiggins), Phoebe (Tilly Keeper) and Marienne (Tati Gabrielle)—including where they end up. (The final montage is brilliantly set to Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero.”)

He then sits down for a tell-all interview, where he reclaims his true identity as Joe Goldberg and explains why he went into hiding following Love’s death. How does he pull it off? Well, Kate hires a team of publicists to right Joe’s reputation. This includes scrubbing the internet of bad press and bribing the Madre Linda police chief. 

you season 4 finale reaction penn badgley
Courtesy of Netflix

So, will Netflix renew You for season 5? It doesn’t seem likely simply because it’s unnecessary. The fourth season does a great job of tying up loose ends and forcing Joe to confront the secrets he’s been running from since season 1. The full-circle ending brings us back to where we started, with Joe working at a book store and focusing his attention on one woman. The only difference is Kate accepts Joe for who he is, dark past included.

It’s important to note that series creator Sera Gamble previously teased the idea of doing a fifth season during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. At the time, she promised that You wouldn’t end until the story was complete. Maybe she was trying to throw off fans ahead of the season 4 finale.

Of course, there could always be more story line to explore. For example, another season could explore Joe’s alter ego as Rhys. Or it could focus on Marienne seeking revenge against Joe. But to us, the story feels complete as it is. And at the risk of becoming redundant, Netflix should consider ending on a high note.

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