This Seriously Underrated Show Is Like a Cross Between 'Succession' and 'Empire'

What makes HBO's Succession so compelling—aside from its dark humor and stellar ensemble cast—is the way that it genuinely blindsides you. No one saw Kendall's shocking betrayal coming in season two, and don't even get us started on that tragic twist from the season three finale. From day one, the series lured us in with a fascinating storyline about a corrupt, wealthy family. But now, as we await the fourth and final season, we're turning our attention to an equally binge-worthy (and seriously underrated) show that can fill the Succession void: Prime Video's Riches.

The British drama revolves around the Richards family, whose patriarch, Stephen Richards, owns Flair & Glory, a massive cosmetics empire for women of color. When Stephen passes away, his family is stunned to learn that he has left the company to his estranged children, Nina and Simon. Naturally, this breeds chaos among the family as they fight for control over his lucrative business. But in the process, some disturbing family secrets come to light.

Similar to Succession, there's a problematic patriarch, a clear power struggle, a financial scandal, plenty of family tension and at least one presumed successor who struggles to prove his merit. And like Empire, it effortlessly balances serious themes with soapy elements and humor. However, it's worth noting that the show's incredibly talented, diverse cast and surprise twists are what really make it stand out.

Deborah Ayorinde shines as the no-nonsense executive-turned-CEO, who not only has to deal with her power-hungry relatives, but must find a way to save a seemingly successful business that's cracking at the seams. Another standout performer is Sarah Niles, who plays Stephen's widow and Nina's biggest nemesis, Claudia. The matriarch sets out to destroy Nina from day one, determined to keep up her luxurious lifestyle and salvage the family's reputation—but she makes for a complex villain, thanks to her dark past.

Another factor that will appeal to Succession fans is the depiction of steamy, forbidden romances. As you've noticed on the HBO series, practically every romantic relationship is toxic to some degree—and the same applies for this Prime Video series. We're talking affairs and casual hookups galore.

David Hindley/Prime Video

In addition, the series is filled with shocking twists that you don't see coming (wait until you get to the season one finale), and it does a great job of realistically portraying the Black experience, addressing issues like police brutality, institutional racism and media bias. It gives spot-on commentary on the fact that even the most privileged people of color are not immune to these things, but more importantly, it still treats these characters with dignity.

So, if you're on the lookout for new content to watch, stop what you're doing and check out the six-episode first season, now available to stream on Prime Video. (You can thank us later.)

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